Artemis fowl

Love changes all

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Chapter 29: returning

Artemis and Holly had been sitting there for what felt like hours, Artemis was finaly clear of deaths embrace once again, the damage the slight bit of magic he had around him had been healed by No.1 after an excrutiating 12 hour waiting period to make sure the effects caused by the blaster the gnome had had faded completly, Artemis wasnt too lucky though, as he did actualy feel everything while out, the reason being that his mind had retreated to the mindscape room which was created when Orion was around, so Artemis had to deal with the whole 12 hours of pain, he almost gave up after 3 hours however that was when Holly Arrived, he could hear her voice, he heard the sadness from Holly's voice "I would never leave him so why would he leave me, i love him" that rang through Artemis's mind like church bells, he couldnt leave Holly, he loved Holly and Holly loved him, why was he so fixated on the plan in the first place, if he had just told Holly about his feelings for her he was sure she would tell him her feelings, they would have made it work no matter what, but if he dies now then Holly will never hear him say those words, this was Artemis's thought that kept him alive for those 12 hours and right now those are the thoughts that are keeping him quite, until he decided, it was time.

"Holly, I love you" Artemis said as he was overcome by the feeling of love, he knew he must of looked pretty wierd, but this needed to be said.

Holly sat there in a daze, she wasnt sure if she heard Artemis right or not, or perhaps she had started hallucinating, Artemis couldnt had said those words, could he?

"Wh...what was that?" Holly asked.

"I love you Holly short." Artemis said again.

"You...Love me? as in... love love?" Holly asked, now feeling like a kid after saying 'love love'.

Holly's mind was racing to all sort of thoughts so she didnt manage to notice Artemis leaning in until his lips were pressed agienst hers, at which point all brain function had stopped for Holly and she imagined Artemis's brain did the same, they were like that for only a moment however in that moment they managed to memorize the feeling of the kiss, it was warm and yet it sent shivers down their spines, it was an odd feeling, however it was not unwelcome.

"perhaps that got the point across." Artemis stated as he leaned back.

"Yes, yes it did." was all Holly could say as she brought her hand to her lips.

"If you need more proof then simply look me in my eyes, i know you've noticed it by now, i have reclaimed the hazel eye you so unwillingly gave me, i couldnt feel right with out it and now that i have it back, i feel whole again." Artemis stated as he locked eyes with Holly.

Holly looked deeply into Artemis's now mismatched eyes, she could see everything, the true feelings he had for her, the respect he gave her, all the joy and sorrow they had shared, Holly managed to finaly see the old Artemis again, and Holly knew that her eyes were telling Artemis the exact same thing.

"Artemis Fowl...i love you too." Holly said as she closed the distance between them for their third true kiss.

After Artemis and Holly had seperated from the kiss they talked about how it was going to work between them, Artemis had simply stated that for now it was enough that they loved each other, he had decided to refrain from spilling everything in one go, he would save the other for later, right now he simply wanted to enjoy the company of the one he loved, he got that company for about 30 minutes until everyone else showed up to heck in on Artemis, Foaly, Caballine and Terra were the first 3 to enter, followed by Trouble and Mulch who finally decided to show himself.

"Artemis are you better now?" Terra asked as she took the spot beside Holly.

"Yes, im all fine now Terra, in act i think im better then i was before." Artemis stated, Holly tried to conceal the slight blush in her cheeks as she relised why Artemis would say that.

"Thats good, Holly would have been super sad if you died." Terra exclaimed to Holly's horror.

"I know Terra, thats why i lived, i knew Holly couldnt do without me." Artemis stated as he bent closer to Terra to whisper it, despite that though everyone else in the room heard it aswell.

"Isnt it more like you cant do without me healing you all the time." Holly exclaimed

"yes, thats true, however its not just about the healings you know." Artemis stated, this only deepend the red on Holly's cheeks, while Artemis grew some tinge of his own.

Now Foaly wasnt an idiot, by far he wasnt an idiot, so when he noticed the change in Artemis and Holly he had already guessed the cause, he had decided to keep this to himself for a few reasons, the 1st was to leave it to Artemis and Holly to tell everyone, the 2nd was that Artemis decerved a little peace and quite, and if a certain dwarf caught wind of this then Artemis and Holly would never hear the end of it while around Mulch, and the 3rd was because he wanted to see how long it took everyone else to notice as the two didnt seem to mind displaying the fact that they now knew each others feelings.

"By the way Artemis." Foaly cut in to Artemis's conversation with his daughter "you will be able to return to the surface whenever you feel ready, the LEP has decided to give you a ride to the surface, call it a thank you gift for helping out"

"Thank you Foaly, Commander" Artemis stated as he nodded to the two, he knew that Trouble would have had a part in the gift aswell.

"Well, Arty, before ya head up let me just ask for you to leave your life threatening event magnet at home, dont you think you've had enough near death experiances." Mulch asked.

"I will hope that i will have lost that magnet during this incident." Artemis stated with a slight smile.

"Your going to head out now? But what about resting for a while, you must be tired, do you have yo leave now?" Terra asked with big wide eyes, Artemis however would not fall so easily this time.

"Im sorry Terra, but i believe if i stayed any longer then we might have a world ending crisis on our hands, Fate likes to do that to Holly and I." Artemis exclaimed as he moved to get out of the bed, he stumbled for a second however Holly was there to catch him.

"See you can hardly walk, please stay a little longer." Terra pleaded.

"Dont worry Terra, Artemis has already been cleared to leave, and his legs are just asleep." Foaly exclaimed

"Im sorry to you all though, just waking up and already leaving, however i would appreciate it if you all walked with us to the shuttle." Artemis exclaimed as he stood up on his own, everyone gave a nod in response.

It wasnt a lon walk to the shuttle as the LEP had sent it over after they had recieved the news of Artemis's recovery, Luckly for Artemis and Holly someone had went to Holly's place and picked up their suitcases, it wasnt to hard to guess who as Holly usualy kept her door locked and they knew of only one person who was gifted at breaking all manner of locks, but Holly didnt mind, it just meant that they would have one less stop to make, one they reached the shuttle everyone had said their goodbyes, Terra had cried a little but she was still young so she was aloud to cry, Foaly on the other hand was just being a baby, after goodbyes were said the two boarded the shuttle and prepared to leave, Trouble had boarded once the two were strapped into their seats, he told them that he would be the one flying them back, Artemis and Holly both felt a little relived by this and a little anxious, they didnt really want to tell anyone about their current relationship and with one of them flying them to the surface it was possible that something might slip out, fortunatly no one said anything until they were close to the halfway point.

"You know Holly, Clair Told me that she is a friend of yours, and that it was you who gave her the courage to tell me her feelings." Trouble stated as he turned the auto pilot on and turned to face the two.

"Yeah, i told her that i would be cheering her on and i gave her the idea to show up to No.1's party, i didnt think she would actually confess." Holly stated.

"yeah, well, im going to try to make it work, i cant live in the past anymore, besides you have Artemis there." Trouble stated with a slight smile as Artemis and Holly turned red.

"What, what are you talking about Trouble, i have no-" Holly was cut off

"I'm not an idiot, i noticed that there was something different when i entered the hospital room, and when i saw how you two were acting towards each other, well, it wasnt hard to peice together." Trouble stated, Holly looked to Artemis for an idea about what to do, he eventualy sighed and gave her the go ahead.

"You caught us, we actually wanted to keep it a secret for awhile, we were going to talk about where we were going in a relationship once we were alone, so we didnt want everyone to expect us to be a couple right off the bat" Holly stated.

"I see, if thats the case i wont pry any further, its your buisness, not mine." Trouble exclaimed as he turned to fly once again.

It was 30 minutes untill they had reached the surface and from there it was another 15 minutes to reach fowl manor, most of the way was spent in silence, the few times they did talk was about Artemis and Hollys plans for the week, they had about 4 days now until Minerva's wedding, it would have been 5 however with the loss of 12 hours it was closer to 4 hours now, Artemis had decided to spend atleast 2 days recovering, No.1 had fully healed him, however Artemis still felt exhaustion kick in, after all his body still thought it needed sleep, so sleep it would get, the only reason Artemis isnt sleeping now was that he had applied an adrenaline patch to his shoulder, he figured it would run out by the time they reached fowl manor, giving him enough time to crawl into bed, Holly was planning on sleeping for quite a while aswell, all the emotional stress had caught up with her again, it didnt seem to want to leave, however she believed that once she had settled down knowing that Artemis was alive that the stress would dissapear, atleast she hoped.

Artemis had started to feel the adrenaline patch wearing off just as they flew over Fowl manor, Artemis knew his parents wouldnt be home as they had another trip planned at this time, so it would just be himself and Holly, Artemis grew a little excited at that thought, however right now all he was hoping for was to make it to his room before he passed out on his feet, Trouble landed close to the house to make it a little easier for them and as soon as they were out Trouble had yelled his regards and took off back to Haven, Artemis and Holly waved as Trouble left and once he was out of sight the two quickly rushed into the house, after Artemis unlocked it of coarse, Artemis and Holly now just wanted to sleep in peace for awhile, they managed to make it up the stairs and were about to part ways to go to their separate rooms when.

"Holly, where are you going?" Artemis asked with slight confusion.

"To my room, to sleep." Holly answered.

"I would prefer it if you s..slept with my room." Artemis stated as his face grew red.

"I...In your room...with you." Holly repeated.


"I guess it doest matter that much, seeing as we've been sleeping in the same bed for the past week." Holly stated.

Holly was a little nervous at the idea because during that week they hadnt known each others feelings but now, sleeping together seemed more...intimate, she had started down the hall now in the opposite way of her room to Artemis's room, once they entered Artemis had rushed to his walk in closet to change into some pajama's, before he entered he had advised Holly to do the same however in the bathroom, once they had both changed into their pajama's they crawled into Artemis's bed together, it wasnt long until they had been moved into each others arms, Holly was snugged right into Artemis's chest, she enjoyed the feeling of hearing his heart beat, it reasured her that he was alive, and that was the most conforting thing to her right now, Artemis however was nose deep into Holly's auburn hair, he felt at ease now that he could hold her like this after revieling his feelings towards her, with this the two had fallen into a peaceful slumber.

11:00 am ST (Surface time):

The sun glistened in through a slight gap in the curtains, enough light was let through to bath the two on the bed in sunlight, or atleast their heads were bathed in sunlight, Holly was the first to wake from the sunlight in her eyes, she was planning on closing the curtains completly however she was stopped by Artemis's hold on her, they had seemed to have slept in each others embrace for the whole night, Holly decided to just leave it be and enjoy the moment, it also offered her time to think, Artemis had confessed to her and she returned it with her own confession but now what? Holly had no clue about what to do now, there was the normal stuff couples do like Hold hands and kiss but would that be all? they didnt exactly do normal, Holding hands would be nice though, and cuddling like this more often would be more then nice, and kissing...Hollys face grew red at the thought, they had kissed twice when they confessed but that was an in the moment deal, now..Holly wondered if she would be abe to do it, she looked up to catch a glimps of Artemis's face and she was greeted by a pair of mismatched eyes that sent her heart a thumping.

"Good morning...sweetie" Artemis whispered, he seemed to be unsure about saying sweetie.

"Morning Arty." Holly replied.

"What time is it?" Artemis asked as he looked at the clock. "11?, might as well get up for breakfast."

"Breakfast would be nice." Holly stated as she and Artemis finaly pulled away from each other .

"I'm glad you agree, what would you like?" Artemis asked while getting up.

"Fruit would be nice, something with fruit in it." Holly replied as she simply sat up.

"Ok, and would you like me to prepare it or would you like to go out for it?" Artemis asked as he made his way to his closet

"Hmm seeing as neither of us knows how to make breakfast with fruit i think going out would be easier, however that might take too long to reach." Holly exclaimed as she thought about it.

"We could just make a fruit salad, we just chop a bunch of fruit up, mix it all together and then serve." Artemis suggested from the closet.

"That could work, it does sound nice." Holly stated as she got off the bed.

"Then its decided." Artemis stated as he walked out of the closet "I will meet you in the kitchen after you have changed."

"I dont need to change, breakfast is best enjoyed while in pajama's" Artemis gave a light chuckle to Holly's wisdom.

"Wise words indeed Holly, however i prefer to be dressed while eating."

"One day i'll teach you the enjoyment of eating breakfast while wearing pajama's"

"Im sure if anyone could it would be you."

After the two gave each other a warm smile they walked down to the kitchen hand in hand, Artemis would make sure to erase the footage in fear of Juliet discovering it, however besides the fear of Juliet's taunting, he quite enjoyed Holding Holly's hand, if he focused hard enough he could even feel her pulse, the sign that she is alive, the sign of her heartbeating, and now he knew that only he could make her heart flutter, he was the only one who could make her feel more then she's ever felt before, he was the one she loved, and she was the one he loved, and now they shared that love together.

Holly was also able to feel a heartbeat, Artemis's heartbeat, it could sooth her more then ever now, with the recent events his heartbeat meant more to Holly then anything for it showed that he was alive, he was alive and he loved her, this was more then what Holly could have hoped for within these past 12 hours and now it was a reality as they walked to the kitchen hand in hand with fingers interlocking, Holly couldnt be happier, at this moment Holly felt the happiest that she's felt in a long time, the last time she had felt this happy was when her parents were still alive, she hoped that they were watching, watching her find the love of her life, and she hoped she had their approval, besides her parents approval she would have wanted one others aswell, she could practicly hear his remark already, 'you took my final mission a bit to far, but im still proud of you' that was te remark she would hope to get from Root, but the one she would have got would probably be his heart finally exploding from yelling to hard, it didnt matter though, she and Artemis were now together and they hopefully would be for a long time, they walked into the kitchen shortly after this thought.

"Same as the smoothies." Artemis exclaimed as he went to the fridge to gather the ingredeants.

"Maybe not exactly, grab some apples, peaches, strawberries, and anything else fruity like that." Holly exclaimed as she took a seat at the kitchens island.

"Ok, i believe i have everything." Artemis stated as he set the fruit down infront of Holly, he then handed her a knife and they proceeded to cut the fruits Artemis had collected.

"Im glad you guys keep a fresh supply of fruit around, its pretty much my favorite food group." Holly excliamed as she skinned a peach.

"That is why we keep a fresh supply, ever since you started staying here we have made sure to keep fresh stock, that and Butler told my parents that it would help with the twins growth and my training, they couldnt refuse."

"Well it's good that your parents are trying to help with your muscle build aswell as help with the twins growth, it means they care about you and the twins." Holly exclaimed as she dumped the peach slices into a big bowl Artemis had got out.

"Yes, it is good, and i do enjoy fruit, but...thank you Holly, without you i wouldnt have this, careing parents, little brothers, my life, you've done more for me then you can imagine, and from now on i will try to repay you with the same love and happiness that you have given me. Artemis stated while staring deep into Holly's eyes, Holly couldnt think of anything to say so she just shared his smile before leaning in for a kiss, it wasnt a passionate kiss, however it left the two with a warm tingling sensation on their lips.

"Holly, believe me right now when i say, i will not leave you, ever, i will find a way to live as long as you as to increase our time together,and i will allways Love you." Artemis stated as he leaned in for another kiss, there will be many moments he would have to erase from the camara's, or perhaps he should leave them to be discovered, it might prove ammusing to see Juliets reaction.

"And i will allways love you, and if anyone could do it it would be you." Holly stated.

Artemis decided it was best to leave his plan a secret to Holly until he had solid evidence that it would work, so far there had been no luck, but when he found a solution he would tell Holly as soon as possible, the reason most likely being that he would be too happy to keep it a secret for long.

After that the two had completed making their breakfast and had decided to enjoy it on the living room couch, Holly snuggled deep into Artemis's side as the two enjoyed eating their meals and their company, once breakfast was done they had decided to go for a walk, they just couldnt break the lovey dovey feeling yet, they walked all around the manor, Holly was of coarse wearing her transformation ring so she looked human, they had taken a few stops along the walk to simply get a break from walking or to reminisce, once they had returned to the manor they decided that it was best to have a wok out session, after all they didnt get much exercise while in Haven so they might as well do it now, they went through the usual rutine and Holly even taught Artemis a couple stances from a fairy martial art, since most of the fairy races are passive it was more like Chinese chi gong, a health care system from ancient china that uses physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention to help better ones life, Artemis knew of chi gong from none other then Butler, Madam ko liked using the techniques to help her students grow, Butler had even taught Artemis a few steps of chi gong in hopes to attract Atemis into doing some kind of manual labor, at that time he passed it of as some mumbo jumbo, however now he was quite interested in learning, he wondered if his pride could take the blow in asking for Butler's teachings after he made it clear how usless he thought it was.

The two had decided to just snuggle up and watch a movie, to ease their way into the thought that they are now a couple and they are allowed to act like one now, thats what this day had mostly been about, however tomorow they will start to get very busy again, seeing as they lost a day due to Artemis almost dying, they now only had this day all to themselves, they had only three days now to prepare for Minerva's wedding in Paris, they would have had 5 if they left when they were planned to, but seeing as the circumstances they were giving prevented that they now only had 3 days left, not including what was left of today, today the two were just going to relax and adjust to being a couple, which is why their watching a movie, it gave them a chance to adjust to how close they could now be, dispite the fact that Holly had snuggled Into Artemis's side before they actually became a couple but now she was allowed to do it without feeling weird afterwards, It still felt weird afterwards but that would fade after they got used to it. After the movie Artemis noticed it was right around dinner time.

"How about we go out for dinner? Love." Artemis asked while trying another nickname.

"Hmm, a romantic dinner?" Holly asked while showing no signs of hearing the nickname.

"If you want, i know of a place, its not to fancy, and by that i mean you wont need to dress up." Artemis stated as he wondered if Holly heard him call hre Love.

"Sounds good then, i honestly hate dressing up fancy for something like dinner, it just seems like a waste." Holly stated as she stood up "However i will go and shower to get nice and fresh, and i might aswell put on something nice, nothing to fancy, but something nice, for our first dinner as a couple." A red tinge could be seen on Hollys face as she said that.

"I Understand, i will be waiting here for your return." Artemis stated as he watched Holly leave the room, he couldnt help but think about whether Holly had heard him or not, he decided to try again on that name.

Meanwhile Holly was making her way back to her room, the only thing on her mind was what Artemis had called her, he called her Love, it just sounded so right coming from his mouth, Holly couldnt help but glow red when she thought about it, she felt a little embarrased about how happy it made her to be called Love from Artemis, it helped convince Holly that they were now a couple.

After Holly had finished her quick shower and had dressed up a little, the two made their way into Dublin, the losest city, Holly did give Artemis a slightly worried look when she remembered that since Butler was away Artemis would have to drive himself everywhere now, her fears were quelled though when Artemis reminded her that he had driven before and that he had his full license which he optained legally of coarse, with that Holly's fears were fewer, she was still a little tense about it however untill she obtained her own license there was nothing she could do about it, and she did think of getting her own license however with the years it takes to get one she decided to leave it for now, so right now the two were driving into Dublin for dinner, a romantic dinner, Holly thought about it all the way to the restaurant, this was the first romantic dinner they would have, more inportantly, this was their first official date, this night is a huge leap for the two, it will be the final point to drive home the fact that yes, they are a couple now, Holly couldnt help but blush most of the way, she was just way too happy about the date that it became embarrasing for Holly.

Artemis noticed Holly's change right away and of coarse he was able to tell what was the cause of said reaction, he couldnt help but smile at Holly's reaction, it was cute and completly unlike Holly, Artemis couldnt wait to discover a side of Holly which he assumed no one had really seen first hand, and that was the side of her that came out when she was in love, he guessed it could be cliched and that she would act all madly in love like some do, but he doubted that Holly was that boring, he could see Holly with a different way of showing love, after all she wasnt like most other people, neither of them were.

The two arrived at the restaurant shortly after, like Artemis had said it wasnt fancy, most of the people in the restaurant werent dressed to fancy, the most fancy seemed to be a buisness group in the back who seemed to be having a meeting of sorts, Holly didnt feel too out or sorts, besides being a different species that was in disguise as a human, she felt like she was dinning in a restaurant in Haven, she had spent so much time on the surface with Artemis that she didnt feel out of place anymore, she wished all of the Fairy races could experiance this, the experiance could change alot of peoples pereptions of Humans, but that was a problem for another day, right now she just wanted to have a nice dinner with the man that she loved.

Artemis and Holly enjoyed their meal mostly in a slightly awkward silence, they couldnt help it after all it was their first date, they had talked a little of their friends in Haven however decided it best to stop before anyone over heard any damaging information, so now they sat in silence, enjoying their meal, it would be during the car ride home when one of them finaly spoke.

"That was a pleasant dinner wasnt it? love." Artemis asked while trying out the nickname again.

"yeah, it was good, the food was nice and the place looked nice aswell, the conversation could have been better but i guess that happens on first dates." Holly said while giving Artemis a smile and a slight blush.

"I can only imagine, that was my Very first date, and im glad it was with you." Artemis stated with a blush of his own.

"I thought you would have gone on a date by now, even if it was Minerva." Holly stated a little shocked.

"Nope, Minerva had visited the house plenty of times and we had gone out for lunch's but there was hardly anything romantic behind them, esspecialy when i just tagged along with her and Butler who had seemed to have befriend her while we were on Hybras." Artemis stated.

"Wow, well then, im sorta happy i got to be your first date, your first girlfriend, its another achivement i will hold dear." Holly said with another big smile and with an even brighter red tinge to her cheeks.

Artemis thought how that was very much Holly, to make something she really wants achivement worthy, he knew she had done the same for her LEP training, that she wanted the achievment of being the first ever female in Recon, she had wanted to change the feminist outlook of the LEP, and she had, now she had confessed her love and accepted Artemis's love to achieve the feat of becoming Artemis's girlfriend, it might even be a greater achivement then the first, if Artemis hadnt known Holly however he would have taken it as an insult, that he was just a simple goal, however he knows that Holly only does that with the things see is most passionate about, so it was actually a complement.

The two had made their way home shortly after their small conversation, by now it was getting late, dispite being the closest city Dublin was still a ways away, Artemis and Holly decided to call it a day, they did have to start preparing for Minerva's wedding and a good nights sleep would prove usefull. so without much thought Artemis and Holly made their way back to Artemis's room, After Holly had quickly ran to her room for pajama's, once there Artemis decided to have a shower seeing as he hadnt had one today, leaving Holly to change into her pajama's, shortly after Holly had jumped into Artemis's bed Artemis had came out of the bathroom in his own pajama's, he was soon beside Holly on the bed, the two then quickly fell into a deep slumber while in each others embrace, something that would be happening alot more from now on.

Authors notes: there you go, ch 29, just one away from yeah, honestly thought i would have ended it by now but we're still going, anyways, hope you've enjoyed, untill next time


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