"Space Sword!" Sokka screamed enthusiastically, practically bouncing up and down in an effort to reach his lost weapon. Yanking it out of the hands of the merchant, he clutched it to his chest and spun around with it in a clich├ęd balletic motion. "You and Boomerang must have been tighter bros than I thought. He told you to always come back?" he said in his witty voice, holding it out with one arm and pointing knowingly at it with the other.

"Oh! Hey To-ahkka!" called a familiar voice. As Toph and Sokka turned to look, a sheepish Avatar greeted them. "I meant Toph, Sokka, but it kind of came out as one word. Hey is that Space Sword?" Aang ran up to his friend Sokka, laying an eager hand on it in inspection.

"Tokka," Sokka mused, ignoring Aang's fussing and stroking a non-existent beard. "I kind of like that. Tokka, the amazingly awesome fighting team of earth and sword. Kick-a-pow!"

Toph scoffed, punching him in the arm. "You dolt. Don't you think Suki would be jealous?"

"Tokka, the unstoppable team-" Sokka paused in his glamorous idealizing. "Hey, you're right! She should be part of the team. Team Tosuka! The incredible-"

"Ew, Sokka. First you made us sound like a couple, now we're a threesome," Toph interrupted.

Sokka went bright red, clutching Space Sword to his chest. "I-I didn't mean-"

"Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch Blubberbutt. I was only teasing," Toph laughed, slapping Sokka on the back so hard that some spittle flew out of his mouth.

"Are you gonna-" The shopkeeper interjected feebly. No one was paying attention.

Aang chuckled. "It was kind of funny," he offered. Sokka glared at him.

"And what's this about Blubberbutt?! I thought you agreed to call me Captain Boomerang," Sokka continued whinally, turning toward Toph. Unfortunately the effectiveness of his puppy-dog eyes were lost on her milky-white ones.

"Sorry, Sock. I can feel you doing that, but I am immune to cuteness. Anyway, be thankful I don't call you Blubberballs."

Aang burst out laughing, curling over double and slapping his thigh. "It's so wrong, its funny," he breathed between forceful giggles. Sokka turned purple.

"I'll show you both Blubberballs!" he raged, brandishing his sword. Laughing, his two friends scattered into the busy market, and he followed closely on their heels.

The merchant shrieked, throwing one of his other swords at a nearby stand in fury. "Come back here and pay for that you miscreants!" he screamed at the retreating forms.

"My cabbages!" cried the unfortunate merchant who found his cart at the sharp end of the thrown sword.