Silver Phoenix

*Sakura's Pov*

''I hate you too!.'' I yelled,''I never want to see you again!''

''Then go you little bastard! Run away and never come back you little emo!'' Father yelled

''I guess I will pack my bags then.'' I snarked.

''Smartass!'' My mother yelled as I ran up the stairs to pack all my clothes.

My name is Sakura Phoenix and my life is a living hell hole! It started when I was five and my parents started taking drugs, smoking, and drinking. And the abuse started getting worse over the years. And when I was 11 years old I started cutting. Now I probably have bruises and cuts that will never heal. And I am bullied at school. I get beaten up at school and then come and get beaten up again. My life is shit...

With my small bag packed with makeup, clothes, blankets, shoes, hygiene products, and money. I confidently marched down the stairs. With my chin held high I walked passed the bastards. I came to a halt at the portal to a better life (the door), and turned too my tormenters.

''Fuck you, you Mother Fucking bastards, rot in the pits of hell!'' I shouted and gave them both the middle finger on each hand, one finger for each of them. And then I turned on my heal and marched out the door.

Free at last, Free at last, Thank you God almighty,I am free at last. I thought.

''I wish I did not live in this messed world!'' I yelled into the night sky. Then I started seeing black. Slowly my vision went dark. " DamnIt..." I slurred before I passed on the sidewalk.