AN: Hello and Welcome to my newest story "To Break Thy Chains and Cycles". This is a Harry Potter, Star Wars and Mass effect Crossover in which Harry Potter went through the Veil after his Godfather Sirius Black during the OOTP. A Year later he reappeared as physically the same age as when he went through but with the mentality of one years older. During his time away he had become the student of Revan and studied under him and Kreia in both the Star Forge and the Trayus Academy, where later he faced his death when Darth Malak betrayed his Master. This story takes place two hundred years later, where Harry has become Emperor of the new Infinite Empire. This is a Grey Harry, there will be dark moments along with light. There will also not be any harems, Harry in this is a one gal kinda guy.

I owe inspiration of this story to Darth Marrs and his story "Broken Chains" Which I highly recommend to any who read this.

The Actual story leading up to this and Harry's rise to power will be written at a later date once I can work out exactly what I wish to happen during the events of the his rise. For now I will be giving into the temptation of a action packed story filled with the awesomeness of Starwars, the magic of the Harry Potter universe and the fun of utterly throwing the Mass Effect universe into chaos. I hope any who read this will enjoy the story as much as I will enjoy writing it.

I do not own Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Mass Effect... Sadly. Now onto the beginnings of my little story!

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Prologue: The Infinite Empire

A dark figure stood still as stone as he gazed out into the depths of space. His emerald eyes shone in the dark lighting as he watched the stars far off in the distance, millions of parsecs from where he stood. His gaze was resolute, but soft and wise as one who had lived far beyond the years that his apparent youth belied. All around him the Bridge crew went about their duties, many out right ignoring his presence as a common occurrence; others made side long glances filled with awe. To the casual observer he didn't appear far over thirty years old, his messy black hair made him appear even younger. He wasn't the tallest of men, but his aura rang with the sense of power beyond the norms of his kin. His dark uniform appeared to be much the same as the other officers, except for the half cloak that hung from his shoulders, leaving the silver shoulder plate visible on his right side and the left side of his body hidden in folds of shadows. His right hand rested on the silver cylindrical object which hung attached to his belt, whilst his left sat securely across the small of his back.

Many upon the Bridge pondered upon his thoughts as he stared off literally into space, his eyes still as the stars that shone in through the observation deck. Though one would take note of the blue orb that his eyes seemed to be focused upon, its beauty unparalleled as it drifted through the solar winds of space whilst on its solar cycle. The object of his attention was Earth, his home world, the center of what many claimed to be the most powerful force in the Galaxy. The Infinite Sith Empire.

Behind the dark figure, another approached the center of the observation deck of the ships Bridge. He wore the black uniform of a officer, rust orange boulder plates adorned his uniform and a three red lines of his rank adorned his breast. His walk was steady as his hands, which held a glowing data pad and if one paid careful attention, they would notice a holster on his wrist and see just a hint of a wooden stick within its confines. The officer had bright blonde hair which was uniformly cut short and straight, his broad shoulders made him appear larger than he was and his blue eyes were locked onto the caped figure before him. A cough broke the silence.

"My Lord..." The caped Lord turned his head slightly, bringing the officer into view, his emerald eyes piercing in their curiosity.

"How can I be of service today, Admiral?" Was the slow, steady reply. The Admiral stood firm beneath the withering attention of his Lord, many years of working under him had proven that he was merely human to the Admiral long ago. A few taps upon the data pad and a nod later the Admiral spoke.

"The Fortieth Scout Flotilla has reported sightings of another... Relay." The sneer upon the mention of the object was just barely contained by Admiral Holmes as his glanced once more upon the image on his data pad. His Lord merely cocked an eyebrow at this proclamation, his curiosity awoken as to why this would be reported to him. For two hundred years Humanity has been amongst the stars, she now held hundreds of colonies, the expansive Empire controlled and organized by the massive fleets commissioned by Humanities' Emperor. But one constant that they noticed upon reaching the stars were series of pre-placed Relays, which would have guided any space faring species into relying upon their networks. Humanity neither needed this luxury nor would it use such frivolous means to transverse the stars. So throughout the two hundred years of space travel and exploration, Humanity left the relays alone, leaving them inactive within their territories but closely monitored. In fact the one found at the very edge of the Sol System had been moved deep into the dark space between the various clusters leading into the Local Cluster. So the green eyes of the Human lord gazed at the offered data pad with more than just object curiosity.

"What makes this Relay so special it must be brought to my attention?" His voice came out in a well mannered drawl, soft and well practiced.

"Well it appears my Lord, that this Relay is active." This caused the Lord's eyebrows to rise just so slightly in surprise. Since the discovery of Element Zero and the Relays, none have ever been discovered activated. There had been tests done upon them, but in the end it was determined by Imperial researchers that Hyperspace was a far better mode of transportation and that it would allow them to spread unhindered whilst the Relays would force them into the constraints of the Relay network. This, the Emperor decided, was a fools game and ordered all Relays deactivated and carefully monitored.

The Emperor now looked upon the image of a active and fully functioning Relay and just as before when he came upon one, he could feel the echoes within the Force screaming out to him. It all came down to one feeling, Fear. The green eyed, messy haired Emperor knew fear like a brother and he knew when it was telling him that there was danger afoot. The fact that just this image of an active Relay was causing the Force to echo out from it made the hair on the back of his neck stand out and his spine to stiffen.

"Where was this discovered Admiral?" His green eyes suddenly locked upon the blue of the officer before him. The Bridge was eerily silent as the officers felt the disturbance coming off their beloved Emperor.

"The Fortieth discovered it while scouting a detected garden world on the edge of the Exodus Cluster, My Lord. It shocked the Commander of the Flotilla as well, I assure you." Holmes said dryly. The Emperor chuckled lightly at the attempt at humor.

"Holmes, we have known each other for how long now?" The Emperor cocked an eyebrow, his lips twitching upward. The Admiral let out a long suffering sigh.

"Over thirty years, Potter. Each and everyone has been... A spectacular pleasure." The Admiral's eyes flashed with dark humor, causing the Emperor to chuckle humorously.

"Yes, and you remind me of your bastard of a grandfather more so every day. Shame his name died with him all those years ago, you would have made a wonderful Snape." Severus Holmes merely chuckled dryly having heard this proclamation many times in the past.

"Now if you would be so kind my Lord, I would like to return to the matter at hand before I turn fifty..." The two now eyeing each other familiarly before the Emperor chuckled and nodded.

"But of course, what measures have been taken Admiral?" Harry now fully focused upon the data pad once more, reaching out with the Force in the hopes of finding some wisdom upon its shores.

"The Fortieth has remained in position in system and I have taken the liberty in ordering the Seventy-first out of the Voyeur Cluster to secure the system in their stead." Harry nodded and scrolled down the screen before answering.

"Good, they should be able to handle anything that might come out of that bloody thing. I also want the Fifth Research Flotilla to make way to their location; they are between assignments at the moment and should be able to change enroute." Holmes nodded and waved his hand slightly.

"Tempus." Before him the time and date appeared in blue wavering letters '12:46pm, December 15th 2199'. With another nod he bowed slightly to Emperor Harry Potter of the Infinite Empire and spoke.

"By your leave, my Lord I shall attend to your orders. Give my best to Fleur." Admiral Severus Holmes turned about smartly and calmly walked across the Bridge of the Veil, the Emperor's Flagship and left through the large blast doors on the other side of the active Bridge.

Once more alone with his thoughts, Harry ran a hand through his hair and continued to search the Force for answers and when he couldn't find any, he knew that a new challenge lay ahead for his beautiful Empire.

"Well Revan, I hope you are happy. Nothing can ever be easy..."

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