Authors Explanation

So this is it. The final nail in the coffin. I have tried, gods know I have tried to continue this story but other then a few assorted scenes I thought were fun or multiple aborted chapters, it's just not going to happen my friends.

I am happy, I know that that doesn't make sense. But I only write when I'm depressed and trying to escape from the world and/or when I've been struck by inspiration. Which is why, if you follow me, you have noticed several one shots and attempted other stories. In a wide variety of fandoms.

But I have a job, own my own ice cream shop. I have a wife, a house, friends and family I'm surrounded by. I'm a long shot away from the lonely, anti social college student I was when I first started writing so many years ago.

So let me regale you where I wanted this story to go.

The war with the Turians and the Batarians would be won. The Batarians subjugated (couldn't happen to a lovelier civilization) and the Turians would sue for peace, led by our lovely co-conspirators featured in the last few chapters.

This would lead to the Empire bringing the two Civs into the fold while the rest of the council has collective panic attacks.

Meanwhile Sovereign shows up and activates the Citadel relay bringing in the reapers.

The Starforge gets fully brought on line. Massive Galactic wide war of extermination begins. With Harry brining all of the Milky Way species under his banner to fight against the Reapers, information supplied by Virgil, the geth and other sources reveals that the Citadel is the source of the Reapers.

Having learned how difficult it is to destroy relays, let alone the Citadel, Harry and Co come up with a plan.

Mass Shadow Generator time.

With 5 fleets of Interdictor ships, these would be escorted to the five petals of the Citadel. Then once the Reapers have been forced away, the fleets would activate and create a massive gravity well.

This would create a localized black hole, shutting down the Citadel relay, preventing reinforcements for the Reapers, and thus unknowingly destroying the central intelligence that guided the Cycles and led the Reapers.

Leaving the Infinite Empire to consolidate the galaxy under their command.

Then to everyone's surprise, one of the ships lost to the Citadel black hole returns, revealing that the black hole was truly a wormhole, one that connected to the Maw in the Star Wars galaxy. And they brought back a tale of a massive galactic war taking place. Clones on one side, droids on the other.

Learning that his Dream to return to Revans galaxy is now possible, Harry returns the Empire to a war time footing.

My thoughts for this 3rd and final arc would be similar to Star Wars, the Old Republic. With the third empire entering the fray between the Jedi and the Sith. This one led by the student of Revan, with the might of a fully operational Starforge at his back and an entire galaxy untied under his control.

This final arc was the least planned as I was more focused on the reaper war. And my ideas for it were more scenes and epic battles. Anakin vs Harry. Things like that. So sadly, I don't have a big data dump for this arc so much as the idea behind it.

Well, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed what I had for you so far. Anyone that wishes to continue this, please do. Adopt it, rewrite it. Just let me know so I can read and lurk on it. I'm sure someone out there could do more justice to this idea then I could considering it was literally inspired by the opening scene to Gurren Lagann and a couple of Darth Marr's stories.

Thank you,

Wise Silver