I'm not completely sure where I am headed, but here is what I know so far.

This story is all Klaine and features an eventually dark, protective Blaine, and a vulnerable, recovering Kurt. It's rated M for gay sex, gun violence, drug sales/use, language, heavy BDSM themes and sex toys. I will be sure to warn accordingly.

Just to be clear, while this Blaine is dark, he is not the same Blaine from A Political Romance/A Legal Romance. He doesn't have any supernatural powers. At least I don't think he does.

This chapter introduces Blaine's world and the forces trying to control his life.

Chapter One

"Okay guys. That was pretty good, but I think we can get it even tighter. Let's run it through one more time."

An audible groan rippled through the music room as the Warblers glared at Wes. Jeff spoke up.

"Dude, its 4:00 pm on a Friday. A Friday, Wes. Some of us actually want to go home for the weekend. Some of us have a social life and plans to...relax...unwind...get laid."

Several Warblers laughed and nodded. Wes huffed in annoyance. He had hoped to run practice until at least 4:30 pm. Okay, truth be told, 4:45 pm at the very latest.

"Guys, we can't afford to be lazy. Regionals will be here before we know it." Everyone continued to glare at him. He turned to Blaine.

"Okay, we'll let Blaine decide since he's the one you guys are gonna make look bad. Blaine, do you wanna run it through one more time?"

Blaine looked around the room at the pleading faces. Normally he would agree with Wes, but tonight was the monthly family dinner. He and Telio really needed to hit the road. Being late was not an option.

"I think you're right that we can get it tighter, but not today. We'll work on it Monday. We'll run half an hour extra."

He smiled as exclamations of, "Yes!" could be heard from several of the guys. Wes sighed in annoyed resignation. "Fine, but be here on time Monday, and plan to stay late. We have an audition."

Several of the Warblers looked up in surprise. Trent was very curious. "Really? Who?" It was strange to have an audition in the middle of the school year. Auditions always took place in late August so the group could be set by September.

Wes's mood improved as he grinned with knowing excitement. "His name is Kurt Hummel. He's a transfer student. I met him at the last open house. He was in the glee club at his old school, and get this, he's a countertenor. He'll be a great addition."

Trent frowned a little. "Sounds like you've already made up your mind."

Wes nodded. "Trust me. You're going to want him."

Blaine had only been half listening to this exchange, his mind already preoccupied with thoughts of that evening's dinner. He threw his book bag over his shoulder, said a general goodbye to everyone and headed out. Telio was waiting for him in the hall, their bags sitting at his feet.

"Do you wanna change before we hit the road?"

Blaine nodded and handed him his book bag. Telio took it and gave him a small bag containing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Blaine slipped into the boy's restroom and quickly changed. He draped his Dalton uniform over his arm and headed down the hall and out the large main doors of the school. Telio was waiting out front in a black Mercedes sedan with dark tinted windows. Blaine laid his uniform across the back seat before sliding into the passenger seat. He buckled himself in and Telio pulled off.

They rode in silence for several minutes before Telio glanced over at Blaine. Usually Blaine immediately plugged his iPod into the stereo system, filling the car with music for the drive home, but today he simply stared out the window at the passing landscape.

"You're quiet. What are you worrying about?"

Blaine sighed. "Grandfather is supposed to attend tonight." Telio nodded and said nothing else.

By the time they reached the large security gates of the Anderson Family compound, it was 5:45 pm. Usually the electronic passcode system was on, but tonight heavily armed guards stood at alert. Telio slowed up as the guards manually swung the gates open. He guided the car down the half mile driveway and parked in the circle behind another black Mercedes, leaving the keys in the ignition. Blaine got out of the car and stretched his arms and legs. He glanced up at the two armed men sitting on the roof of the mansion. There were also several men hanging out by the garage, AK-47s slung over their backs. A few of the usual guards waved and nodded at him. He nodded and waved back. Telio looked around.

"Lots of extra men tonight."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "My Grandfather's paranoia."

"He's smart to be careful, Blaine."

"Careful of what? He's not in charge anymore. If anyone's coming after someone, they'll be gunning for my father. Not him."

The boys grabbed their bags and entered the house. Telio headed towards his basement bedroom while Blaine dropped his bags in the hall and headed towards the kitchen. The aroma of spices, baked bread and chocolate chip cookies mixed and swirled through the air creating a delicious warm feeling of home.



Anastasia Anderson smiled and wrapped her son in a warm embrace. Blaine hugged her tight and inhaled deeply. He loved the way his mother smelled. A mixture of baby powder and sweet perfume.

Anastasia cupped his cheek. "How are you my darling boy?"

"I'm fine, mom. How are you?"

"Wonderful now that you're home. It really is a shame you aren't here. I miss you."

Blaine smiled. His mother always made him feel so loved. "You'd get sick of me if I was here all the time."

Anastasia shook her head. "Never. I could never get sick of you."

Blaine accepted hugs and kisses from his aunts and spoke to the other women in the kitchen preparing dinner. With the exception of baking cookies, his mother never cooked for the monthly family dinner. Instead she concentrated on making sure the house was spotless, the dining room perfectly set, and the guest rooms prepared. It didn't matter that the house staff always kept everything in perfect condition. Anastasia insisted on extra oversight of their efforts when it was time for the monthly family dinner.

Blaine leaned against the kitchen counter and watched his mother take a tray of cookies out of the oven.

"So, I saw the small army outside. I assume Grandfather's still coming tonight?"

Anastasia sighed. "I'm afraid so, darling." Blaine frowned and looked at the floor. Anastasia placed two fingers under his chin and gently lifted his head.

"Don't worry. If necessary, I'll try to play interference, okay?" Blaine nodded and gave her a grateful smile. "You should go get changed. Everyone will be here soon."

"Is dad home?"

"Yes. He's speaking with Luther and a few others in the library. You'll see him at dinner."

Blaine snagged a warm cookie and headed towards the stairs. He glanced down the hall towards the library and spotted his brother, Cooper, loitering outside the closed library doors looking nervous and fidgety. He didn't bother to speak to him.

Blaine took a quick shower and changed into a pair of gray pants, a white shirt, a gray and white striped sweater and a matching bowtie. He meticulously gelled and styled his hair and mentally prepared himself for dinner. Who would be there? Mom, Dad, Cooper, Telio, Grandfather Julio, his father's best friend and consigliere, Luther, the head crew members, his aunts, and a few cousins. Blaine stared at his reflection in the mirror. How was it possible to be surrounded by so many people, and yet feel so totally and completely alone?

At 6:50 pm, Blaine took one last look in the mirror and left his room. As he closed the door behind him, Cooper came down the hall. Blaine ran his eyes up and down his brother's too thin frame. He was wearing black jeans, a t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. His hair was messy and his eyes looked a little glazed.

"Hey, squirt. Have you seen Grandfather yet?"

"Don't call me that, and no I haven't. You better change before he or dad sees you."

"I'm undercover."

"As what? A drug addict?"

Cooper tensed a bit. Blaine looked at him a little harder. "Shit! Are you high?"

"No! Don't be stupid." Cooper shoved Blaine against the wall and hurried towards the stairs. Blaine quickly followed him.

"Cooper! Dad is gonna kill you if you show up to dinner high! What's wrong with you? And Grandfather..."

Cooper stopped abruptly at the bottom of the stairs and turned causing Blaine to almost run smack into him.

"I'm not high, Blaine. Jeez. What kind of idiot do you think I am?"

Blaine decided not to answer.

"Well, you should at least change your clothes. You look homeless."

Cooper took a small step back and laughed, but there was no humor in the sound. He looked directly into Blaine's eyes.

"But I am homeless...aren't I?"

Blaine shook his head. "That's not true. That will never be true. This will always be your home."

Cooper laughed again. "Sure. Right little brother. Whatever you say."

Blaine watched Cooper walk down the hall. Telio stepped from behind the wall where he'd been eavesdropping.

Blaine glanced at him. He had changed into dark navy pants and a white button down shirt with the first two buttons undone. "You look nice."

Telio shrugged. "What's up with Cooper?"

Blaine shook his head. "The usual stupidity. Come on. Let's get this over with."


An hour and a half later Blaine sat at the grand dining room table feeling full and sleepy. He was sure he'd eaten way too much, but he couldn't help it. Dalton food wasn't bad, but it didn't compare to a delicious home-cooked meal.

So far dinner had been uneventful. His father had seemed pleased to see him, greeting him with a firm handshake and approving smile. "Your grades last quarter were outstanding. Glad to see my money isn't going to waste. I assume everything's going well?"

"Yes sir. Everything's fine."

"Good, good." Mario Anderson nodded and placed a hand on Blaine's shoulder. He looked at Blaine thoughtfully for a moment before cupping his cheek like his mother had earlier. You're a good young man, Blaine. I'm proud of you."

Blaine's heart swelled with pride. This was all he wanted. For his grades to be enough to make his father proud.

"Thank you, sir."

If only that would always be enough.

Grandfather Julio ignored him completely, barely glancing in his direction. Blaine didn't bother to speak to him. He hoped his Grandfather ignored him forever. Cooper on the other hand spent most of dinner trying to engage their Grandfather in conversation. Blaine found it strangely painful to watch his brother pestering the man like a toddler demanding attention. Finally fed up, Grandfather turned to him. "My God, Cooper! Enough! Let me eat my got damn meal in peace!" Cooper turned red as others around the table snickered. He stared sulkily at his plate for the rest of dinner. Blaine glanced at Telio and shook his head. Telio suppressed a smile and said nothing.

Once it was clear that everyone was finished eating, Grandfather looked around the table and spoke, his voice booming with command and authority.

"So, Carmello, how are things in Florida?"

On cue the women around the table stood up and began to quickly clear plates and collect the leftover food. It was time for family discussion, or rather, family business. Blaine stood up, grateful to have made it through dinner without incident. He was tired and ready to go relax in his room. Telio glanced at him and reluctantly stood up as well.


Blaine looked at his father.

Cooper sat up with rapt attention.

Telio held his breath.

"I'd like you to stay."


Please no.

He didn't want to stay.

He knew what this meant, and he didn't want it.

He glanced at his Grandfather, waiting for his objection, but it didn't come.

Anastasia entered the room. She looked around, her eyes coming to rest on Blaine. His expression told her everything she needed to know. She moved next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Mario, Blaine is tired. He's been working hard in school all week and then he had to drive home this evening."

Mario Anderson kept his eyes on his son. "Tomorrow's Saturday. He can sleep all day."


"Anastasia, please."

Blaine recognized his father's tone. It was over before it even began. His mother gave his shoulder a light squeeze and left the room.

"Blaine, please take your seat."

Blaine sat down.

Telio waited with bated breath.

Mario nodded.

Telio practically slammed himself down in his chair.


They were in.

Telio tried to curb his enthusiasm when he saw the miserable expression on Blaine's face. He knew Blaine didn't want this. As Blaine put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his folded hands, setting his face in a bored expression, Telio wished for the thousandth time that he had been born an Anderson. He would take Blaine's place in a heartbeat, but that wasn't how it worked. Blaine was Mario Anderson's son. Grandson of Julio Anderson. Blaine was blood. Telio was not. Only through Blaine would he earn a place in the family, and Telio desperately wanted that place.

Cooper scowled at both of them from across the table as his paranoia rose to a new level. What was his father up to? Blaine had made it clear on more than one occasion that all he wanted to do was run around singing stupid songs and dancing on stage, so why was their father trying to drag him in? Cooper was the oldest. He was automatically next in line. It was his birthright. Just like those royal kids in Britain. Besides, Blaine was still in high school and he was gay. He had no business being there. Cooper glanced at Grandfather, but his expression was unreadable. Why wasn't he stopping this? He had made it quite clear after Blaine came out that he would never be allowed to handle family business. "Fags are the worst. At least women can have inner strength. Make tough decisions and handle business when necessary. But fags...fags have nothing but the weakness of women combined with the weakness of men. They are weak creatures through and through. Being weak makes you worthless in the world, and worthless to this family."

Their father's reaction had been more muted. He was deeply disappointed in Blaine's "decision" to be gay, but Blaine was still his son. Nothing would ever change that. At least it wouldn't affect the family business. Cooper was the eldest. He would take over when the time came.

Cooper had been secretly thrilled by Blaine's announcement. It confirmed and guaranteed his birthright to be head of the family one day.

But that had been five years ago.

A lot can change in five years.

The Anderson Family have been involved in organized crime for three generations, beginning with Blaine's great-grandfather, Ethan Anderson. Ethan started out as a small time hood. He mostly focused on bookmaking, shaking down small businesses, and theft. But Ethan was ambitious, fearless and greedy. He wanted more. Much more. And he had no hesitations about murdering others to get what he wanted. He expanded into prostitution and casino gambling, slowly working his way up by systematically killing off the competition. By the time he was killed in a revenge hit, Ethan had built an impressive crime operation spanning four states with a trail of bodies behind him. Almost no one grieved his death except for his only son, Julio. Julio was devastated by the loss of his father, but his mourning was cut short. His father's brother, Evan, was quickly making moves to take over and declare himself the new head of the empire his brother had built. Julio refused to accept this. If anyone was going to take his father place, it was him. Like his father, murder came easily to Julio. He wasted no time murdering his uncle and those loyal to him. At age 27, Julio Anderson became head of the Anderson crime family.

Like his father, Julio Anderson was ambitious, but he was smarter than his father. He dumped the prostitution business and took steps to steer the family towards "cleaner" operations. He kept the casinos, but added importing and exporting goods, weapons, and construction. He avoided a mob war by renewing a treaty established by his father with the powerful east coast family, the Chartussi's. The Andersons would run the Midwest and South. The Chartussi's would own New York and the east coast. Neither family would ever intrude on the other's territory.

He also established two additional rules for the family.

No business in Ohio. Ohio was their home. Their safe place. The criminal side of the business was to never take place in the state of Ohio. The only Ohio business was Anderson Construction.

No drugs. Ever. The Andersons would never participate in the drug trade. The risks weren't worth the costs or the money. Not when there were other ways to make a fortune.

By the time Julio retired and declared his son, Mario, the new head of the family, the Anderson criminal empire had tripled in size and ruled the Midwest and South. The family had a strong reputation built on both fear and respect, but mostly fear.

The other crime families accepted their dominance and respected their territory and authority. In return the Anderson's made sure everyone made enough money to feel content and to maintain the peace. Every once in a while a young upstart thug and his crew would challenge Mario Anderson's authority. Mario always reacted with swift efficiency, often choosing to handle executions personally to send a message. Like his father and grandfather before, murder came easily to him. It was an inherited trait.

Mario Anderson was starting to think about the future. He wasn't getting any younger, and while he didn't plan to step down anytime soon, it was important that he begin preparing his successor. Everyone assumed this would be Cooper because he was the eldest.

But he wasn't the brightest.

It wasn't that Cooper was a complete idiot, although one could make that argument. It was more that he failed to slow down and think things through, and he had a bad habit of partnering with the wrong people on side deals behind his father's back. He was constantly getting in over his head, threatening the family's reputation along with his life. Mario's patience had reached the point of non-existent, and he found himself being forced to reevaluate the assumption that Cooper would take over one day. If Cooper wasn't a suitable successor...

That left Blaine.