Life had taught her to be cautious, to be wary; there were only so many times that allowed a person to have their life threatened before survival instinct reared its head and alerted the body into the constant state of hypersensitivity. Her body had long since gotten used to small amounts of sleep, her paranoia still strong from her childhood years; being surrounded by enemies for two years did not help.

But the eyes and ears in the wooden walls of each room on the ship was for a different kind of peace of mind, rather than just knowing that she wasn't in danger.

It was a peaceful night, but rather cold. A shame, almost, for some—the moon was full and shone brilliantly in the dark sea of the night, with enough light for her being able to see the pages of her book if she truly wanted to go outside. But the night sky and the dark horizon of the sapphire sea were now nothing more than days of longing for two whole years, and she rather preferred the smell of books and candle wax of Sunny's library that told her she was home.

One of her countless ears strains suddenly, and she stops mid-turn of the page even though it is unnecessary to do so; she hears the sound again, clearer, louder, and an eye appears next to the ear on the wall of the boys' bedroom, her heart pounding and breaking.

Another eyes appears above one of the bunk beds, staring down at the bundle of blankets while her soul howls, not entirely sure what kind of emotion it was wailing in. Anger, perhaps, at whoever did this; sadness, at knowing who it was; pain, because her captain's pain was her pain.

A third eye appears, on the wooden beam surrounding the bed (because sometimes the boys fell out of the beds when the ship rocked to much. Her eye slowly moved, slowly moving across the bags under her captain's eyes, the downward tilt of the mouth, the first escaping tears clinging to the long black eye lashes, the furrowed brows. She glances at the hand beside her captain's head, clutching the white sheets so tightly that, if he were not made of rubber, his bones would break.

A flurry of arms appeared, efficiently moving about; one hand grabbed the nearly falling sheet and flung it over her captain, another tucked the sheet under her captain to make a small cocoon, a third hand gently, slowly strokes his hear as the last one throws an extra blanket to the hands on the bed, who all place it on him.

Three hands and the eye under the bunk bed disappear in small clouds of pink petals, the only remaining limb an arm that was still weaving its fingers soothingly through the wild black hair. The eye beside her captain remained, watched as the face slowly relaxed into a peaceful expression, relieved when his lips twitched into a small smile in sleep.

The eyes and ears were there for a reason.

Sweet dreams, Sencho.


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