Five Hugs Of Company

"Luffy," Robin called out, walking towards the head of the Thousand Sunny with silent steps. "It is late. We should go inside."

"Hm," Luffy acknowledged, but he did not turn around to face Robin, nor did he say anything else. He sat there, silent.

Robin walked forwards, climbing onto the railing with the help of her Devil Fruit powers. She stood beside her captain, looking out at the vastness of the ocean.

The seas were calm that night and everything was dipped into darkness, almost as if someone had dunked a painting of the sea into a bucket of black ink. The stars were especially bright that day, or maybe it was just Robin thinking that.

"You know," her captain suddenly said, startling her, his tone amused and somewhat nostalgic. "Ace and I used to watch the stars together until we fell asleep."

Robin looked at her captain, still seeing his eyes despite the lack of light, and something in her breaks at the sight.

Trails of salty liquid were flowing down his face and onto his pants, staining the material with dark dots.

Robin had seen countries fall and had seen people die in front of her without so much as a blink, but the sight of her jovial, vibrant captain in so much pain...

For the first time since Enies Lobby, Robin felt like crying.

And so, she did the only thing she could do. She crossed her arms, and muttered 'Diez Fleur' under her breath.

In an instant, ten arms sprouted from around Luffy, five on each side. The hands gently encircled her confused captain in a secure hold, two of them ruffling his hair and wiping the tears off his face.

"I may not be Ace-san," Robin said gently, sitting down besides her captain and leaning her head on his left shoulder. "But I am here, Sencho-san. We're all here."

It is not much; a hug and silent company that didn't even remotely compare to what Ace was. But the smile Luffy gave her in return made her feel appreciated.

It wasn't much, but if her captain needed comfort then she would give it even if she didn't know how to.

"Thank you, Robin."

She smiled to herself, making her arms clutch Luffy slightly harder before loosening them again. She refuses to accept his thanks.

He had, after all, given her the whole world back.

This was the least she could do.


Author Note:

Yay, Robin! I think Robin would be the kind of person you'd like around when you need the sort of silent, understanding silence; sort of like Zoro. But the differenc eis thatg Robin would probably give amazing hugs with her Hana Hana No Mi powers.

I tried to make her a bit more maternal here, because she seems to sort of be the 'mother' of the crew. Dunno if that came out right.

Anyway, hope enjoyed and thanks for reading! Please review!