Dedicated to mothers everywhere. Even though your not here anymore, I love you so much mommy!

Dedicated to: Adannaya Onyejekwe ; who, before going crazy, told me she loved me every day.

Tohru gasped and wriggled herself into her husbands arms. "Kyoooo. Kyooo, I don't like thunderstorms." she whispered, being careful not to wake up the children.

"Tohru, dammit, what time is it? Your like, what, 26?"

"24! I'm not that old!"

"Mhmm. Says the wrinkles on your face." he said tiredly, turning away from her voice.

"Kyooo, I don't like thunderstorms." she repeated, ignoring his earlier remark. "If you don't get up, I'll jump on you. Which will wake up the children. And once their awake, there's no turning back."

Kyo sighed and sat up in bed, pulling Tohru's small bodice into his warm ones. "Ok, how bout we tell a story? Maybe you'll get bored and go to sleep." he said with another sigh, looking at the clock sadly.

Tohru nodded and snuggled herself deeper into his warmth. "Hmm...oh! I remember! It was the time my bond with my mother was strengthened. It was when I was about 10 or 9..."


A ten year old Tohru ran into the nice scented kitchen, filled with the smells of cooked fish and rice.

"MOOMMMYY!" she yelled loudly, grabbing Kyoko's apron and pulling it until she stopped ignoring her. "Yes dear?"


"For what dear?"

Tohru simply handed her a piece of paper, and Kyoko skimmed through it.

For mowing the yard $5

And for making up my own bed this week $1

For going to the store $.50

And making sure nobody came to the house while you were at the store $.25

Taking out the trash $1

And for getting a good report card $5

And for raking the yard $2

Total owed $14.75

Kyoko smiled at her daughter's eagerness. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Tohru tapping her foot impatiently, waiting for her mother to finish.

Kyoko simply smiled and turned the paper over; Sitting at the table, she grabbed a pen and thought for a moment, her old eyes showing much wisdom.

For the 9 months I carried you

Holding inside me, no charge

For the nights I sat up with you

Doctored you, prayed for you, no charge

For the time and the tears and the costs through the years

There is no charge

For the nights filled with gray

And the worries ahead, no charge

For the advice and the knowledge

And the costs of your college, no charge

For the toys, food and clothes

And for wiping your nose there's no charge Tohru

When you add it all up the full cost of my love

Is no charge

And Tohru looked up, with big teared filled eyes, she turned the back of the paper, to her own list, and in her little red marker she wrote in big letters


"Mama, I love you so much."

"As do I Tohru. As do I."

After hugging for a few moments, Tohru sniffled and looked into her mother's big orange eyes.

"Hey Mommy, when can I get a boyfriend?"

Kyoko, completly surprised by the question, blinked and thought for a moment.

"When your age is off the clock."

And Kyoko walked into the living room, and put a military clock on top of the wall.

Tohru had snuggled into her husbands arms, small beads of tears streaming down her face.



"The cost of my love for no charge."

And she silently fell asleep into her husbands arms, their 3 year old children watching from the doorway with brown and orange eyes.

"Yeah...I love you to." he whispered, and kissed her hair, a smile flitting across his face before he fell asleep completely content with his wife lying protectively in his arms.