Kimberly Hawke stood looking into the fire. Her black hair shimmered in the firelight, still drying from the bath she took earlier. Fenris came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. The tall elf was dressed in silk finery that Kimberly had given him when he moved in. He rested his chin on her shoulder and his white hair fell over one eye.

"I never thought I would wear this, but it is surprisingly comfortable."

"Don't get used to it," she replied, sharper than she intended.

Fenris instantly let go and backed away, a wary look in his eye. "What is that supposed to mean?"

She spun around to face him. Her blue eyes met his green. "We just killed Meridith. The templars will be after us."

Fenris relaxed, realizing this wasn't a threat to their relationship. "True. Perhaps we should leave tonight."

"Or before dawn. I want to pack a few things and I desperately need some sleep."

"Are you sure the delay is wise?"

Tears prickled her eyes. "No. I'm not sure of anything now." She turned away from him and began to pace. Her hands moved with her words, speaking a language all their own, emphasizing the right word at the right time. "I worked so hard for everything. I wanted to clean up this city. And I did, and made plenty of gold to go with it. Now all is lost. My sister, my mother…. I'll never see Carver again." Tears began to fall down her cheeks. "I have a comfortable, yet overly large house. But Bodhan's given notice and I couldn't keep the place up by myself even if we could stay here." She shook her head. "There will be a war. Anders saw to that." She nearly spat the mage's name.

"Good riddance to Anders," Fenris growled.

She threw her hands up in the air, then put them on the sides of her head. "Please don't start in on the subject of Anders, I'm not ready to deal with that now."

"He's dead, Kimberly."

"Yes, by my hand!" She shouted. "Maker forgive me!"

"You meted out justice. That is all."

Kimberly turned and faced the elf. She shook her head as tears streamed down her face. "No, I don't want to talk about Anders now."

"I will be happy if I never hear his name again."

"Fine! Then it won't be you that I talk to about him!"

"Why must you always make things so difficult?"

"Why must you?" She stood defiantly with her hands on her hips. This infuriating elf would be the death of her, just as he had claimed once that she would be the death of him. They loved with great depth but fought just as deeply. They stared at each other, neither one blinking. Finally, she let out a breath and dropped her arms. Fenris took a step toward her but stopped as she shook her head. The clock on the mantle chimed ten times.

"So do we leave tonight or in the morning?" Fenris asked neutrally. He looked out of place without his armor, Kimberly noticed, but she also knew the silk was soothing against his tattoos.

"I don't know. I wish Isabela hadn't left us. She could have at least sailed us out of this blasted city."

"Isabela left three years ago."

"I know. It doesn't mean I don't miss her company. She was damned handy with a blade."

Fenris began to prowl the room. "I say we leave tonight. Gather what you need."

Kimberly rubbed her temples. She was so tired. The battle with Meridith had drained her. Using so much magic was exhausting. She could only imagine what Anders went through every day, all day at his clinic. No, she wouldn't think of Anders now. It was not the time. She sat down on the edge of the bed. All she wanted was sleep.

Suddenly, she heard a commotion downstairs. Kimberly rushed out to the balcony overlooking the great room to see Carver pushing past Bodhan. "Kim! Kim! Are you all right?"

She met him on the stairs, embracing her little brother. "I'm fine, Carver."

"You must get out of the city. The templars have sent for reinforcements from Ferelden."

"What about you? You fought with us."

He shook his head. "Cullen stood with me against Meridith and he will stand with me now. I'll be fine."

Carver took her hand and opened it, pressing a few coins into her palm. "There's a ship leaving tomorrow morning for Antivan City."

"Antiva isn't the safest place in Thedas."

"You could go to the Tevinter Imperium. As a mage you would be safe there."

"No," came a voice from the balcony. Fenris strode forward, fully dressed in his armor with his sword strapped to his back.

Carver glared at the elf. "Who are you?"

Kimberly put her hand on Carver's. "It's all right. Where he goes, I go. And we will not go to the Tevinter Imperium. Elves are kept as slaves there. Nor will we go back to Fereldan."

The young templar turned to his sister. He searched her face, memorizing it in case he never saw her again. "Is this what you truly want?"

She smiled. Then she brushed his hair out of his eyes, the way mother used to do. "Yes, it is. Now the house is yours. Bodhan will make sure you get the key after we leave." Kimberly stifled a yawn. "How much time do you think we have?"

Carver shook his head. "No one will move against you yet, so catch a few hours of sleep. Then take the cellar entrance to Darktown. The sewers run out of the city."

"I know. Unfortunately."

The young man looked up to the balcony once more. He had seen the tall, lean elf in his sister's company before but they had not been introduced. And he never would have guessed they were a couple. "Can I at least know your name?"

"I am called Fenris."

"Well, Fenris, take care of my sister." The elf only nodded once in reply.

Turning his attention back to Kimberly, Carver embraced her again and kissed her cheek. "May the Maker watch over you, Sister."

"And may the Maker watch over you too, little brother."

Carver made his way out of the house. Bodhan began making apologies for the interruption as Kimberly walked down the stairs. She held up her hand. "We are leaving in the morning. I want you to make sure my brother gets the key to the house. Anything that isn't yours, belongs to him. She pressed Carver's few coins into his palm. Keep this." She turned to leave when she thought of something else. "Go to Varric at the Hanged Man. Tell him it's time to leave and to meet us at the sewer entrance before dawn. He'll know which one. Go now, and speak to him yourself. I trust no one else."

"Yes Messier."

"And Bodhan?" She paused while the bearded dwarf turned back to her. "It's been an honor having you in our home."

"The honor has been all mine," he replied with a bow before leaving for the Hanged Man.

Kimberly walked back up the stairs and took Fenris' hand, pulling him into the bedroom. "This may be our last night with a proper bed for a while. Let's make the most of it. I have most everything packed anyway."

When he started to protest, she raised up on her toes and silenced him with a kiss. "No, we will make the best of it."