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Chapter 10- Shatter

-Galuna Island, Makeshift Camp: Noon-

Gray groggily opened his eyes as he woke up in the middle of a small supply tent, his torso, arms, and forehead were bandaged up. He looked around to gather his bearings. "Where am I?" He stepped through the curtain, seeing the villagers walking about amongst the many tents.

"Oh, thanks goodness. It seems you're awake." He turned to his left to see a young village girl with short dark hair and a demonic left leg.

"What is this place?" he asked.

"It's a storage area not too far from the village. It was destroyed in the attack last night, so we came here for shelter." She sadly told him.

"The whole village?! It's gone?!" He then recalled Lyon ordering his men to destroy the village. 'I can't believe it… They actually went and did it.'

"But thanks to your friends, no one was hurt." she spoke up.

"So, are they still around here somewhere?" Gray inquired.

"Yes. They wanted me to take you to their tent as soon as you woke up."

"Which tent?"

"They're waiting for you in that big one right over there." she pointed off to the side.

Gray walked to the large tent, as he walked in he saw Erza glaring at him on a wooden box. Tied up behind her were Lucy, Happy, Levy, Lisanna, and Elfman. "You made me wait. Not smart."

"Erza!" he gasped. "Why are they tied up?"

"Lucy has gotten me up to speed on what's happened." she said stoically as she stood up. "I thought you, Mira, and Elfman were supposed to stop them? Needless to say, I'm disappointed."

"Wasn't Natsu supposed to be with you? And where is Mira?" he asked.

"Natsu went off somewhere, so I can't say. As for Mira, just take a look." Erza turned her head to her left. Gray turned his head to his right and his eyes widened. Laying down on one of the two cots was Mira, passed out and heavily injured, her wounds being treated by Virgo with her hands waving over her. Next to her laid Sabe, bandaged like a mummy.

"Mira?!" he gasped. "Wh-what the hell happened to her?!"

"It seems her opponent was too much for her to handle. It's reasons like this that we have rules on who are allowed to go on certain missions." She told him flat out.

"Nee-san…" Elfman groaned with his head hunched over. Lisanna's head had the same sad expression on her face.

"Natsu apparently found her and brought her hear for Virgo to heal her." Lucy informed him. "When Erza found me, she told me to take her to where everyone was, so I went to where the village used to be. The only ones there were Elfman and Sabe-san."

"She then had me look for where everyone went to from the sky." Happy added. "When we got here, Lisanna and Mira were already inside the tent."

"Now that you have been informed, as soon as we find Natsu, we're heading back to the guild." Erza said as she marched past the ice mage.

"Wait! We can't leave the island just yet!" Gray objected. "If Lucy told you what happened, then you know exactly what these villagers are going through right now!"

Erza slowly turned her head to face him with her stoic expression. "And what is your point?" Gray looked at her in desperate confusion. "I came here to apprehend the fools that broke the rules of the guild. I have no interest in anything other than that."

"Rules?! Have you seen what has been going on to the people on this island?!"

"I have."

"And you're still going to turn your back on them?!" he questioned.

Erza averted her gaze from Gray.

"Their request was posted on the boards on every guild hall and would have been served by mages that have been cleared for S-class. Since Mira can no longer fight, you're not qualified to continue on."

"How can you be so heartless?!"

Erza leered at him with a slight shadow over her face. "What was that?"

"How dare you disrespect Erza-sama!?" Happy shouted from his confines.

"Sellout." Lucy whispered under her breath.

"Have you decided to go against the guild's rules as well?" Erza then requipped a sword and pointed it at Gray's chest. "You'll face the same punishment!"

A few seconds passed until Erza was surprised to see Gray grasp on to the sword's blade with his right hand, drawing out trickles of blood. The two stared at one another with equally dark expressions. "Do what you must." he spoke up. "For me, there is no other choice to be made. I can't walk away from what I know is right." He then lowered the blade from his chest a walked towards the veiled exit. "I'm seeing this through to the end, and you can't stop me."

Erza gritted her teeth in frustration as he left. The hearts of the others were beating like crazy. Erza then turned her attention back to them.

"Hiiiee!" Lucy shrieked.

"We have no control over him!" Levy shouted.

"Take it like men!" chanted Elfman.

"We're women!" Lisanna protested.

"And I'm a cat!" Happy cried.


Their rope bindings were now cut off, falling to the ground. "These events are intolerable. We'll deal with the immediate problems for now." Erza said in an angered tone.

"Thank you!" they cheered.

"This doesn't change anything. You will all still face punishment." Erza shot down their hopes.

"R-right…" they sulked.

"… Hold on!" Everyone turned their heads to see Mira pushing herself up with her arms, struggling to get up. "If you're planning to fight against those guys, you're gonna need me as well."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Erza barked. "Just look at the condition you're in! You would only get in the way!"


"I don't want to hear it. I might not know firsthand what the enemy is capable of, if I just think streti-"

"THAT WON'T WORK!" Mira shouted at the top of her lungs. Erza stopped talking and looked at Mira with her full attention. "The one I lost to… If you try to think of a patter, tell, or any other way to predict his movements,… you'll just end up dead."


-Moon Temple-

Inside a wide, stone room, Lyon was seated on a throne raised on the top of a pedestal with his arms crossed as he stared at Pawn and Tobi, the later standing as stiff as a board. "How pathetic. To think you would be so easily defeated?"

"Oooon." groaned Toby in disappointment.


Lyon shifted his gaze towards Pawn, who was oddly chuckling to himself. "Do you find this amusing?" There was clear distain in his voice. "You may have won your fight against one of their stronger members, but to simply run away at the mere thought of Salamander hardly puts you in any position to make light of your situation."

"Hey~, hey~. Don't get the wrong idea~." He waved his hands in front of himself back and forth, still maintaining his cheery attitude. "As things stand between me and Salamander~, I assure you I fully intend on fighting him… eventually~."

"Eventually?" Lyon asked.

"Salamander and I have a history together~. Though~, I don't think he's even aware of it~." Pawn lowered his arms as he explained to Lyon, staring through his hood. "All you need to know is that the time for use to fight has yet to come~. To provoke him now before I can overcome him as his current level of magic would ruin all of my hard work up till this point~." His tilted his head to the side. "But don't worry~. I won't let that get in the way of your long-awaited plan. I'll follow your orders~, because you're the 'king' in this game of strategy~… and I~… am your 'pawn'~."

"THIS GUY IS CREEPY!" Tobi shouted.

Having grown tired of the conversation, Zalty chimed in as he walked into the room. "This turn of events can put the resurrection of Deliora at jeopardy, Reitei-sama. If all goes as plan, the demon should awaken at some point tonight, but we will need to keep an eye on those mages." he went on with his warning. "If they were to interrupt the Moon Drip ceremony, then Deliora would forever be entombed in ice. Salamander and Titania are both quite powerful. They could easily foil our plans, even with Demon Mirajane removed from the equation."


"AN EARTHQUAKE!" Toby screamed as the temple began to shake. The ground then started to sway from one direction to the other.

"What is this?" Lyon questioned. The ruins suddenly tilted to one side, sending countless followers tumbling across the halls. His eyes widened when a pillar of raging flames erupted from the center of the throne room. "What is the meaning of this?!"

"I should have known he would make the first move." Zalty chuckled as he stared down the newly formed hole. "It seems we have a visitor." Down past the many broken floors stood the infamous Salamander, staring back at them with a cocky grin.

"Hello, morons! This is not a fire drill, it's the real thing! So by all means, panic!" he shouted up at them.

"What are you doing here!?" Lyon demanded to know.

"The idea was for me to stop that moonlight from freeing that thing in your basement and to annoy the living shit out of you! How am I doing so for?!" Natsu cackled back.

"You dare to challenge me, insolent fool!? Who do you think you are!?"

"Just a mage passing through." he smirked.


"It appears he has tilted the building." Zalty began to explain. "I assume he must have destroyed all of the support pillars on one side of the temple, causing it to turn to in one direction. This in turn prevents any moonlight from pouring directly onto Deliora. I'm actually surprised he managed to think of something like this."

Flames ignited on Natsu's feet. "Alright, enough talk! Time to get this party started!"

Lyon was perplexed by what he was seeing. "Fire from his feet?"

"Is this what you meant by his magic being a problem to you?" Toby asked as he turned his head to face Pawn.

*Blinking Character Outline*


"Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!" Natsu shot up with his body covered by flames and struck Lyon in his gut, who then shattered into bits of ice. "Ice?"

"Ice-Make: Eagles!" Lyon fired a flock of ice birds at Natsu from behind. "You can't dodge them in midair!"

"Who said anything about dodging?" Natsu turned his body around and raised his right hand up. "Doll Play: Puppeteer!" The birds then changed direction, curving back at Lyon.

"Wha-!" The eagles slammed into him from multiple directions, hitting him with enough force to knock him back against the wall behind him. "Ga-! He can use Sherry's magic as well?!"

"Great. Not only are you the bastard I need to take out, but you even use the same magic as that stripper." Natsu groaned as he stared down his opponent. "Now, hold still so we can get this done wi-" *Floor shattering* "AAAAHH!" The ground below him crumbled, causing his to plummet down.

"Luck appears to be on your side, Reitei-sama." Zalty spoke up as he approached the new hole.

Lyon glared at the man. "What did you do?"

"Whatever do you mean?" Zalty feigned ignorance.

"Don't play dumb, your magic had to have caused the floor to crumble." He demanded to know.

"You could tell? You truly are impressive." The masked man praised him. "But please understand. We cannot afford to lose you before defeating Deliora."

"Are you suggesting I would fall by the hands of such feeble magic?" Ice exploded from where he was standing, enveloping the room. "Leave! I can handle this myself!" he ordered as Natsu jumped back out from the previous hole. "Once I vanquish the demon, everyone will worship my name, Reitei Lyon. I've worked too hard to let some fool tarnish it."

Zalty bowed his head. "As you wish."

"Defeat Deliora?!" Natsu spoke up. "The reason you want to release that demon from the ice is so you can fight it? Did you freeze your brain with your magic or something?!"

"It is all so I can surpass Ur's legacy." Lyon said as he sent another flock of ice eagles at Natsu. "I will not rest until I have fulfilled my dream!"

Natsu raised a hand once again and took control of the birds. "If you want to prove your worth, just settle it with her instead of wrecking the lives of innocent lives!"

"I would if I could, but Ur has been dead for years!"

Those words caused Natsu to remember the conversation he had with Gray before. 'So that's what he was moping about.'

"And she would still be alive if it wasn't for Gray!" Lyon shouted before his previous attack struck him once again.

"I'm not going to lie. I have no idea what exactly happened between the two of you in the past, but what I do know is that what you're doing now is causing a lot of innocent people to suffer. And since words won't seem to get through,..." He ignited his hands on fire. "I'll just have to beat it into you!"

"You aggravating bastard!" the ice mage roared out as he threw his coat and mantel off. "I will end you for this!"

"You do it too?!" Natsu objected. "Is that some kind of side effect of your type of Molding Magic or is being an exhibitionist a requirement?!"



Gray and the others ran up the dirt path to the temple.

"Are you kidding me?! He seriously wants to fight that demon?!" Lucy gawked.

After a few seconds, Gray slowed down to a stop, followed by the rest. "Even back when we were kids, Lyon's dream was always to surpass Ur's magic ability. But since she's gone, he can't challenge her directly, so he plans to defeat Deliora, because it was the only thing she couldn't do.

"Makes sense, a man needs to prove his worth." Elfman reasoned with his arms crossed.


"No. There's something he needs to know." Gray turned his head to the side to the others. "Ur made me promise to never tell him, but I have to." The others looked at him with building suspense. "Ur might be gone, but she is still alive." Everyone's jaws dropped at this revelation.

"What do you mean?" Erza inquired.

"It's been ten years…" Gray spoke up. "Deliora attacked my home town. I'd never seen such destruction. The whole place was destroyed." The tone of his voice was solemn. "Ur and Lyon were passing through after the attack and found me, the only survivor. She took me in and agreed to teach me magic. All that time, the only thing I wanted was to get strong enough to defeat Deliora."

"Umm, guys?" Lucy interrupted as she looked off into the distance, her head tilting to the left. "Does the temple look… weird?"

"It's tilted?" Lisanna looked at it in confusion.

"Is it collapsing?" Levy wondered.

"Most likely, Natsu had something to do with this." Erza reasoned.

"I have no idea how he did it, but he's the only person who could do something so crazy." Gray spoke up. "But since the temple is now tilted like that, light can't pour down on Deliora."

"Do all of his plans have to be so bizarre?" Lucy asked as she straightened her head back up.

Their conversation was abruptly cut short as Erza knocked Lucy and Happy into the trees as blades flew through the air, the others crouched down and dove out of the way in time to avoid getting harmed. "We found you, Fairy Tail!" A group of masked followers appeared from down the road. "We won't let you interfere!"

"Not these guys." Gray groaned.

"Lyon's minions." Erza assumed.

"They're all around us!" Lucy shrieked as she saw more come out from behind the trees.

"I can handle this myself." Erza affirmed them as she requipped a sword into her hand.

"Real men stand and fight!" Elfman roared with his fists in the air.

"We're not men!" Levy and Lissana shouted in unison.

Gray was about to take his stance until he heard Erza say to him "Go."


"Go and finish things with Lyon." She told him without turning away from the oncoming minions. Gray stood there stunned for a moment before nodding his head and dashing towards the temple.

'I have to tell Lyon that Ur is still alive. The only person who can stop him… is me!'


-Temple, Night-

Within the iced over room, Lyon was crouched down breathing heavily with various small bruises covering his body. Across from him stood Natsu, waiting idly by. "Are you done yet?" Natsu hollered out to him in boredom. "This is getting to be really repetitive."

"Shut your insolent mouth!" Lyon shouted as he got back up and lifted his arm forward. "Ice-Make: Ape!" An ice simian charged forth before coming to a dead halt when taken over by Salamander's possession, keeping it still as he kept one arm extended forward. "Ice-Make: Panther!" Another beast flanked in from his left side but stopped as it as well fell under Natsu's control. "Ice-Make: Snow Dragon!" The sculpted dragon shot out towards the pink haired mage. With a quick swipe of his arms, the two beasts swerved around, the ape sideswiping the dragon's midsection as the panther struck the face, causing the beast to thrash against the temple room before shattering into shards of ice.

"Nice try, but you'll have to do better than that." he lectured the irritated ice mage. "Your moving form of MoldingMagic might be more advanced than Gray's, but it's also more susceptible to being manipulated by others, especially when put up against this one I got from that puppet broad."

"This is only a minor setback." Lyon retorted as he glared daggers at the man.

Seconds later, one of the ice walls shattered into piece, revealing Gray on the other side. "Gray?!"

The ice mage kept his gaze locked on her fellow student as he walked into the room, not bothering to turn towards the dragon slayer. "Leave this to me, Natsu. I need to be the one to settle this once and for all."

Natsu turned his head to look at Lyon, then back to Gray. Then back to Lyon, then back to Gray. Lyon, Gray. Lyon. Gray. "I know I've knocked him around a bit, but I'm pretty sure you're in no condition to fight."

"You were right, Lyon. I'm the reason Ur is gone." He ignored the dragon slayer. "But that doesn't excuse the mistakes you're making now. You've hurt the villagers, my friends, and now you want to bring back the monster Ur gave up her life to stop." He crossed his arms over each other. "It's time we both answer for what has been done."

Lyon's eyes widened in shock. "That stance!... You can't possibly be thinking of actually using Iced Shell!"

"If you want to walk away from this, change the villagers back to the way they were before and leave this island for good." Magical energy began to build up around Gray's body. "Either you agree or we both meet our end."

Lyon suddenly smirked. "You're bluffing. You're too big of a coward to go through all this."

He was then sent hurling backwards as the magic around Gray created a massive burst. "I have been a coward. All this time, I've been running from the fact I was the reason Ur is gone. But I'm done running!" His body began to breakdown into ice as the blizzard of magic around him intensified, building up to-*BAM!*

"REJECTED!" Natsu fire-kicked Gray into the side wall, stopping the spell instantly.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Gray shouted as he pulled himself back up. "I told you, this is my fight. I need to be the one to finish this! Even if I have to die!"

"So now you're paying attention to me." Natsu just looked at him skeptically. "I not going to pretend I know every detail to this little back story the two of you have going on, but if you really are so committed to putting an end to this then do it the way that has you alive afterwards instead of running away in death." He waited a second to let the realization sink in for Gray. "Don't just throw your life away and expect it to fix your problem. What will doing that solve? What would your teacher think about you doing something so stupid?" Natsu stopped again. He looked at the walls of the room, the ceiling, and the floor. "What happened to the slant I put on the temple?"


-Back in the forest-

The others had just finished dispatching the last of the followers when they heard quaking sounds coming from the temple, seeing it back upright. "The temple! Its back in working order?!" Levy was the first to speak up.

"How could that have happened?!" Lisanna was in shock, though not nearly as much as Happy was.


Lucy deadpanned at the cat. "I don't think that's what you need to be worried about."

Some of the followers steadily tried to lift themselves up off the ground. "Deliora must die… Deliora must pay for his sins…"

"These guys are real persistent." Elfman commented, bashing his fists together.

Erza observed the enemy's behavior. "This hatred for the demon..." She turned to address them. "You're all victims from when Deliora was free, aren't you?"

"Deliora… he destroyed our homes… he killed our loved ones…" They continued to get up. "We can't just do nothing when that monster still lives… We deserve our retribution… We…"

"Well~, that was disappointing~."

Suddenly, green sparks appeared and covered their bodies. The next moment, their bodies twisted like rubber before rippling through the air past the team.

"THE HELL?! Elfman shouted. The original trio quickly grabbed hold of one another in terror.

Erza watched as the enemy tore through the air, screaming in agony. "What's going on?!" Her question was answered as the followers flew past them, converging into one spot between the group and the temple, twisting together until they faded into the body of a white cloaked figure.

"So disappointing~." Pawn sighed.

"You!" Erza gritted her teeth in rage. "What have you done?!"

"Bastard!" Elfman transformed his arm, turning into its reptile form. "You hurt Nee-san!" He was about to charge at him when Lisanna jumped on his back, pulling him back.

"Elf-niichan, no! You'll get hurt!"

Erza turned her head to the two. "What?" She turned back to the new enemy. "So this is the guy."

Levy and Lucy had their hands raised, each ready to cast their spells.

"Solid Script: Stone!"

"Open, Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!"

The stone words and spirit shot towards Pawn as he stood idly by. "Hmm~. Rock~. Scissors~." He crossed one arm over his chest. "Origami Katana~." He swung his arm out with a paper sword in hand, slicing both the stones and spirit in half, causing both to break down into clouds of magic. "Paper wins~!"

"He took out both at once?!" Lucy and Levy's jaws dropped. It wasn't until Lucy felt a small object hit the back of her head that she came back to reality. Turning around, she was again knocking at the door of insanity as she found the cloaked figure crouched behind her, rummaging through her Gate Keys, and tossing them back at her one at a time.

"Boring~. Boring~. Boring~." He kept tossing the keys over his shoulder and back at Lucy. "Oh~, found a good one~!" he cheered as he raised Plue's key into the air.

"Stop that and give me back my keys!" Lucy scolded the man the same way she would to someone not her enemy.

Levy was looking back and forth between where he was before and where he was now. "When did he have time to get from there to here?!"

"Fufu~." Pawn chuckled to himself as he stood back up. "I thought about just letting you go and wait for you to develop more~, but now I want something from you now and can't wait~." He turned towards Lucy with his hands making groping motions. "It looks like you've reached the climax of your life~, Busty Blondie~."

"Pervert!" she shrieked with her arms crossed over her chest. She was shaking in fear when Erza stepped between them. "Erza-san!"

Erza pointed her sword at the man. "You, explain yourself! What have you done to those people?!"

"Them~?" He asked in a bored tone. "Not much to say~. They wanted power to fight for themselves~, and I thought they could prove to be interesting~, so I lent them a bit of mine for some entertainment~. But since they couldn't make any use of it during your fight~, I took the loan back~, along with some… 'collateral' for my compensation~." He pat his chest at the end of his sentence for emphasis.

Erza narrowed her eyes. "You killed your own men, innocent people, for such a selfish reason?!"

"Innocent~?" Pawn tilted his head in confusion. "It not like I did it to some random toddlers~. Those sorry excuses for people were all old enough to know right from wrong and weren't against wiping you all out for their own goal~. If anything~, you should be thanking me for getting them out of your way~."

Elfman felt his skin crawl. "This bastard… He's acting like what he did was an everyday task."

Erza drew the line between her commands and the psychopath. "Everyone, stay back. I'll be the one to face this monster."

"You~?" Pawn asked again. "From what I've heard~, you're definitely worth my time~. But fight me alone~? Sounds like a bad idea~." They could hear the laughter he tried to fight off at the end.

"Mira told me two important details she managed to learn from your fight with her. Based on that information, it would be best if I was the one to fight you, by myself." She told the man, determination clear in her voice.

"Fine~. Have it your way~." He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head condescendingly. "Just be sure you~-" He stopped as he looked into her eyes. She was clearly focused… but not on him. She was alert, her guard up, seemingly ready to streak down anything around her instead of on him. "Hey~…"

She didn't make any response to him.


Still nothing.



His shoulders tensed and his hands balled into fists, shaking in rage before jumping at her. "DON'T IGNORE ME!~!"


-Back at the temple-

"What's going on? The temple is back in place?" Gray asked aloud in confusion while Natsu rolled around on fire in frustration over his destruction being gone.

They were interrupted by the sounds of footsteps, followed by Zalty prancing into the room through the hole in the wall. "Excuse the interruption."

Lyon turned to him. "Zalty, I assume this was your doing."

"Indeed. The moon will be out soon, so I've made sure the preparations are all in order." He explained.

Gray and Natsu overheard what was going on. "That old geezer managed to fix the temple?"

"Hey, old bastard! How'd you do that?!" Natsu yelled at the masked man, but all the man did was trot back out the hole without even acknowledging Natsu.

This caused Natsu's head to literally catch on fire with rage before making a mad dash after him.


Lyon just stared at him as he ran further out of sight. "That man is difficult to comprehend."

Gray decided to speak up. "Tell me, when I was about seal us both, you were sure Natsu would stop me before it was too late, right?"

"Not in the slightest, I never imagined someone would be foolish enough to get so close to such magic." Lyon crossed his arms as he addressed him. "With the power of Moon Drip, even if you had trapped me in the Iced Shell, my allies would surely come to free me with it. You would be gone and I would be able to complete my objective without any more of your interference."

"I hadn't thought of that." Gray looked down dejected.

"So, do you still intend to fight?" Lyon asked. "There is no conceivable way for you to beat me."

"Just stop this. Please, you need to give up on Deliora." Gray told him.

"Begging now?" he smirked. "Have your really become so pathetic?"

"You need to listen to what I need to say…" Gray took one last breath. "Ur is alive." Lyon flinched. "Iced Shell doesn't kill the user, it transforms the user's body into the ice, the same ice you've been trying to destroy." Gray looked down in shame. "Ur told me to keep it a secret all this time, but with everything that has happened since, you need to kno-!"

Gray was knocked back against to wall by an ice construct before he could finish speaking.

"Was that all you had to say?" Lyon asked with venom in his voice. "I already know what the full effects of Ice Shell are. If you truly think that means Ur is actually alive, then that just makes you a bigger idiot than I thought."

Gray struggled as he tried to stand back up. "You knew?" He grit his teeth. "You knew this whole time?! And went through all this?!"

"What difference does it make?" Lyon brushed off Gray's words.

Gray slowly began to walk forward. "I wanted to save you. But it looks like the only way I'll be able to get through to you is with force." He brought both hands together. "Ice-Make: Sword!"

"Seriously?" Lyon formed an ice sword of his own in one hand. "No matter how many injuries I may have sustained from your friend, you can never stand a chance against me." They charged at one another, clashing sword against sword with Lyon steadily forcing Gray using one arm to swing his blade while Gray struggled while using both of his. "Do you have any idea the lengths I've gone to make this moment happen? You couldn't fathom the difficulty there was trying to move Deliora to the island. And for the past three years, I have been left to wait for the Moon Drip to gain enough power to break him free."

They locked there sword, trying to force the other back. "You've wasted three years over this?!"

"Wasted?!" Lyon conjured another sword from his free hand. "Don't you dare belittle me when what you have only done is waste the last ten years in some worthless guild!"

Gray lunged out of the way from Lyon's second sword swipe. "I've been trying my best to move forward, the thing Ur wanted from us."

"You call that moving on?" Lyon charged towards him, swiping his swords relentlessly. "Without Ur, how are we supposed to achieve what she could not?! The only way is to defeat Deliora, the one thing Ur could never accomplish!"

"That might sound admirable, but can't you see where you went wrong?!" With one swing, Gray shattered Lyon's left blade. "Someone as blind as you could never come close to Ur!"

Lyon retaliated with another sword clash, sending Gray against the wall once again. "Ice-Make: Snow Dragon!"

Gray brought his hands back together, ice magic building up around him. "Ice-Make…"

"Enough of your pointless interfering!" Lyon sent his construct at Gray.

"UNLIMITED!" In an instant, a raging blizzard tore through the room, only for all traces if it left vanishing in the next second. It was then that the dragon and room shattered as ice instantly filled in the gaps in the temple's structure and Lyon was shot backwards.

"H-how…" Lyon collapsed onto the floor.

Gray sank down against the wall, breathing heavily. "It might not be near complete,… but it's something I've been working on… to keep up with my current rival."


-With Natsu-

"GET BACK HERE!" Natsu shouted as he chased down the masked man.

Zalty just laughed as he continued to flee from the literal flame-head.

"To hell with this!" Natsu then used Jet's High-Speed magic and shot past Zalty before turning back to face him down. "I'm officially bored chasing you now, so hurry up and start by telling how you undid my rampage on the temple's foundation."

Zalty smirked. The floor beneath them suddenly collapsed.

"Shit!" Natsu jumped in the air, reaching the ceiling before kicking off from there, diving towards Zalty as he fell through the rubble. "You're not going anywher-"*SLAM!* He was stopped as the floor was back to how it was moments ago. "I… hate… you…"


-Back with the Fairy Tail Team-


Pawn tumbled down the side of the hill as a blubbering mess. "Gah! Goh! Guh! Bah! Boh!" He stopped on his back with his head spinning.

"Stay down!" Erza commanded as she stood up hill in her Heaven's Wheel Armor with minimal injury to herself.

Back behind her, the other looked on dumbstruck.

"I don't know what's more confusing." Lucy spoke up.

"This guy's fighting?" Lisanna spoke next

"Or Erza countering it?" Levy added on.

Elfman was equally baffled. "Man?"

"Aye!" Happy cheered out of the blue.

From on the ground, Pawn disappeared in a dark flicker, reappearing just above Erza with his black lance, only to be blocked by Erza's circle of swords. In that moment, Erza switched to her Black Wing Armor, swinging her sword back towards Pawn, knocking him into the woods. "Octopus-Squid~." From there, a spout of black ink shot out at Erza, who then requipped into her Sea Empress Armor and countered with a water coated slash. "Fungus Guardian~." As the water cleared, a golem twice her size made of mushrooms appeared above her. Erza changed to her Flame Empress Armor, cutting the creature in half and lighting it on fire. Suddenly, the ground below them began to shake, tearing apart into a large circle that rose into the air. The borders of the platform converged together, forming a sphere above the island covered in the debris and trees that were previously present.

"HE CAN MAKE PLANETS?!" the grouped shouted in disbelief from the sidelines.

Back on the orbiting piece of land, a wave of white gloves came flying from one side of the land mass, enclosing on Erza on the opposite half "Stage Hands~."

"Requip!" Light enveloped her, now in her Morning Star Armor. She spun with her sabers in hand, eradicating the hands in blinding light. "Photon Slicer!" She raised her blades above her, swinging them straight down at the small planet, blasting it into rubble and sending the two of them falling towards the island. Erza landed on her feet, crouching on impact, while pawn fell on his head.

"Fufufufu~! Wow~!" Pawn flipped back up. "You really are insanely good~. This is the longest fight I've had~."

"This isn't a game." Erza stared down the man.

"Oh~, relax~. Will ya~?" he whined like a child with his upper body flailing around. "Hang on~!" He stopped in place. "You said the other girl told two things about me~, right~? How did she manage to only find two words to describe me and still have it be helpful~?"

"The first was your magic." she told the man. "While your way of extraction is different, you do have a form of magic similar to Natsu's, magic that lets you acquire the magic of others."

"Magic like Natsu's Wanderer?" Lisanna tried to hold her gasp.

"There are others like that?" Levy pondered over this new information.

Erza continued. "I've spared with Natsu plenty of time in the past to know a critical thing when fight someone with that kind of magic. While all the attacks might originate from one person, the experience in closer to fighting an army battalion where you can only see on combatant at a time."

Lucy questioned that logic. "Is there really a difference between the two?"

"I think I get it." Elf spoke up. "If you fight him thinking he's just one person, you'll get thrown off when he uses a different fighting style, but if you can see him as multiple enemies, you'll know to be on guard when something unexpected happens and better able to react." He turned to the blonde. "Out of all of us here, Erza's probably the only one capable of keeping that in mind in the heat of battle."

"Wow." Lucy looked back at the fight. "No wonder she didn't want us to get involved."

"Blah~. Blah~. Blah~." Pawn flouted in the air, rotating counterclockwise as he stared Erza down. "I don't really care so long as I get a good fight~."

"Enough!" She gripped her swords. "Whatever your reason is for freeing Deliora, I will stop it from happening. Either you accept defeat or I'll slice you open and get those people out with my bare hands."

"Deliora~? I'm just here to see a good fight~?" He started doing poses as he rotated.

"Don't think you can hide your motives! Mira told me what you truly are under that cloak!" Erza shouted back.

Pawn stopped his rotating and posing.

"What he really is?" Lucy asked aloud.

"The second detail Mira warned me about." Erza told them. "While she might not have been able to act on it during the fight, when she grabbed a hold of you she was able to sense it. That body of yours… is that of a demon."

"A DEMON?!" the girls shrieked.

Elfman growled in rage. "He isn't a man at all!"

"I don't think that's how it works." Happy corrected him.

Pawn stood back on the ground. "It seems I underestimated that woman."

Erza was caught off guard. 'He changed his tone.'

He widened his stance. "If you want me to take this seriously, then so be it." With those words, an inferno of crimson flames erupted from his body, tearing apart the ground around him.

The group tried to shield themselves with their arms from the blowback of the outburst. "Shit!" Erza cursed under her breath. "He had this type of power all along?"

"Help me!"

Their eyes shot open as the raging flames took the shape of human faces. Men, women, young, old, all contorted in agony as their screams all came out at once.

"Please, stop this!" "Mother!" "Get me out!" "Save me!"

"Wha-What is this?!" Erza looked on in dread.

"You spoke of liberating those disappointments from my body." Pawn spoke with malice in his voice. "I merely did that for. Once they are used for kindling, they are set free into the next life." He raised his right hand, blasting a stream of fire at Erza. In the blink of an eye, the forest was cut open in a path of ashes.

"ERZA!" the others shouted as they lost sight of their friend.

Seconds passed when Erza reappeared to Pawn's left in her Flight Armor, ready to attack when he brought his left hand in front of her. She leaped away to the side before his attack could reach her, incinerating what laid past her in a flash. He continued to fire blast after blast as Erza crisscrossed around him. Pawn then shot a blast out from each hand pointed in opposite directions, later curving forward, spiraling together into a ring around Erza, trapping her in a tornado of raging flames.

"Can you escape from this?" He taunted her.

A chain of shockwaves started at the base of the fire prison, soon bursting apart. Erza pounced at him in her Purgatory Armor, ready to cleave him in two with her mace when he rocketed towards her with his body covered in flames, colliding with the lower half of her body, sending her tumbling down to the base of the hill.

Pawn stumbled back onto the ground. He attempted to stand, but soon fell to one knee, the intensity of the flames dropping rapidly.

'His flames… His body can't handle them for long.' Erza dug her mace into the ground, pushing herself up. 'If I can land one final strike while he's weakened…' She fell to the ground. 'Damn… My legs…"

Pawn was panting heavily as he finally managed to stand. "So this is the current extent of my abilities." He turned back towards Erza, limping with one hand blazing reaching out towards her. "More… I need more!"

"This is bad!" Levy cried out.

"Erza can't move!" Lisanna was trembling.

"Happy, can't you go and pick her up?!" Lucy grabbed the cat, shaking him back and forth.


Elfman clenched his fists. 'DAMN IT!' He gritted his teeth. 'A monster… My team is in danger… This keeps happening to me.'


-Flashback: 2 Years Ago-

"Lisanna! Get away from him!" Mirajane shouted at her sister, doing her best to get up despite her injuries. On the outskirts of a devastated village, the three Strauss siblings had been equally overwhelmed by their mission. Mira was heavily injured and unable to move while her sister stood before the beast that had taken over their brother.

"Come on, Elf-niichan." She opened her arms warmly. "Let's go back home."

"BBBBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!" The Beast roared, clawed hand raised in the air ready to strike.


"Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!"

Out of nowhere, Natsu bashed into the Beast's torso, knocking him back.

"Natsu-UUU!" Before she could greet her friend, he grabbed by the waist, slung her over his shoulder, and dashed her to Mira, dropping her next to her sister.

"One." He pointed to Mira. "Two." He pointed to Lisanna. He pointed to the empty space next to her. "Where's Elfman? I just got something really cool and wanted to show you guys first."

Mira struggled to sit up. "Natsu… Elfman… He tried to use Take Over on the Beast but got possessed instead… I tried to snap him out of it…"

"So that's Elfman?" Natsu pointed over his shoulder. "This. Is. Perfect!" he cheered at the end.

"… What?" the sisters were not expecting that response.

"Now I get to show off my latest Burning Soul addition, save two damsels in distress, and have a giant monster fight!"

Large beads of sweet ran down back of the two girls' heads. "Uh, Natsu? I think you might be forgetting something important." Lisanna's words fell on deaf ears as Natsu sprinted, almost skipping, straight back to the Beast.

*Clap!* "Okay, big guy! Time to smack some sense back into you!" A maelstrom of fire enveloped Natsu's body. "Burning Soul: Blazing Nightmare". The flames unraveled to show another monster, large black figure, long trident-tipped tail, clawed hands and hind legs, red masked face with a crown of five horns curving down the sides of its head, and a mane of fire.



The two monsters howled at one another as they charged at one another, the Beast on two legs and Nightmare on all fours. They soon collided, head to head. Nightmare started thrashing his claws at the Beast, repeatedly beating and slashing at him, knocking him back inch by inch with each blow. The Beast grabbed Nightmare's arms, forcing them to stay at his sides. Nightmare retaliated by rapping his tail around the Beast's neck, pulling him down and then slinging him across the field. Staring the Beast down, Nightmare's mask caught fire, the flames growing out, overshadowing the body in the shape of a face made of fire. The fire mass shot out at the beast head on, the mouth of the face opening before biting down when it reached the Beast, causing a massive explosion.


The smoke cleared to show Nightmare standing above the Beast, whose body dissolved in magic to reveal an unconscious Elfman.


-Sometime Later-

"LISANNA!" a heavily bandaged Elfman shouted as he shot up from his bed before cringing from the pain running throughout his body. It took him a moment to realize where he was, which seemed to be a small infirmary room.

"Looks like you're thinking like yourself again!" Natsu surprised him by pulling open the privacy curtain.

Elfman didn't even flinch. He only looked down.

Natsu took the hint. "It also looks like you remember what happened to you."

"Lisanna and Mira-nee, they're alright, right?" Elfman begrudging asked.

"They're fine. They actually went out to get ingredients to fix you up something to eat when you woke up." Natsu watched as Elfman rubbed the bandage over the right side of his face. "It looks you'll be getting a scar from this. Kind of good news and bad news at the same time. Bad news, it's a reminder of when you failed your mission, in every sense." Elfman gripped the sheets. "Good news, it's a reminder to make sure you get stronger, strong enough to protect your family." It took him a moment, but he smiled at the prospect. "And it gives me an excuse to be perverted to your sister, and you can't say crap about it."


-End of Flashback-


"I made a promise." Light began to envelope Elfman's body. "And I intend to keep it!"

Pawn continued to get closer to Erza when he heard loud thumping rushing behind him. "Beast Soul!" Elfman appeared behind in the form of the Beast.

"When did-?!" Pawn was cut off as Elfman threw a savage punch at him, flinging him down the hill. "Disapear!" Pawn pointed both hands at Elfman with the intent to incinerating him out of existence, only for Erza to tear him in half diagonally with her mace when he tumble at her, landing in two behind her.

Elfman landed in front of her, still in his Beast Soul. "You saved me there." Erza looked up at him.

"I couldn't call myself a man if I didn't do anything." He chuckled back to her.


Everyone's heads snapped back at Pawn's body, his top half fidgeting as he laughed.

"How is he still laughing?!" Lucy shrieked with the rest of the group.

"Fufufu~! You think is my conclusion~? That this is the end~?" He stuck his one arm into the air, reaching out towards the purple moon. "Only for this piece of me~." The dark flames respawned around him, this time burning away his body. "This was only one chapter compared to my life's true story~. I will be back~. I will be complete~! And when I am~…" The flames broke his body down until he turned to ash. "I will be your true end~."

The team was left silent. His words engraved into their minds. Their victory… turned hollow.


-Under the Temple-

In the cave, purple light poured down over Deliora's ice encased body. At the base of the mass, Zalty looked up gleefully. "It's almost time."

"PEEK-A-BOO!" From behind him, Natsu came barging in, striking his sword at the old man. "I FOUND YOU!"

Before the sword could reach him, Zalty managed to leap away from the attack and onto a large bolder nearby, while the sword strike tore his former spot in half. "I'm surprised you managed to track me down."

"I have a good nose, and you just so happen to be the second guy I've come across to smell so much life perfume." Natsu requipped his sword away as he looked up at the man. "Now, before I burn you into a crisp, how about you tell me how you- WHA-?!" Natsu was distracted when he noticed the Moon Drip being used on Deliora. "What the hell? I thought the others would have stopped the ceremony by now?"

Zalty grinned. "Your friends might have preoccupied most of them, but so long there is at least one person left, the ceremony can still be completed."

(Too lazy to cut to Toby for this bit)

Natsu responded with a fierce fire punch, only for Zalty to dodge again and move to a higher location. "Careful now. You wouldn't want your flames to melt the ice keeping Deliora trapped, now would you?"

"Cut the bluffing!" He followed up with a blazing kick, again dodged with Zalty gaining further distance. "If that was true, you'd be egging me on so the Iced Shell would be gone sooner."

"Fair argument." With a flick of the wrist, a crystal call shot out of nowhere, bashing Natsu upside his head. "But then again, I needn't worry since none of your attacks will reach me."

With another hand gesture, the orb shot back towards Natsu head on. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" The orb smashed into piece, then suddenly coming back together and slamming into Natsu's gut, knocking the air out of him. 'This earth-fixing magic again?' Head pulled back, he took in what little air he could. "Fire Dragon's Roar!" The stream of fire directed at Zalty suddenly turned to smoke before it could reach him. "It works on fire, too?!"

"Indeed." He taunted him. "Like you, I too use Lost Magic. With my Arc of Time, I can control the flow of time of anything with a physical form, moving them to the future, the past, or stopping it all together." He shot his crystal ball back at Natsu in an erratic pattern, getting destroyed and reforming after each attempt to counter it.

"Quit your damn bluffing already!" Natsu's body ignited in purple flames, stretching out, causing the orb to get stuck in its attempt to strike him. "If you could really change the flow of time on things like you say, then why not just use it to age me to death and make yourself less wrinkled?"

*Sigh* "You truly enjoy poking holes in my fun." he digressed. "If you must know, my magic doesn't affect the time of living creatures." He snapped his fingers, turning the orb to dust. "And before you decide to make another sny comment, since the Iced Shell was created from Ur's body, my magic can't alter the time of the ice to remove it from Deliora. That's why we need the Moon Drip so badly."

"That reminds me." Natsu dropped his flames. "I get the jist of why Lyon and everyone else wants that thing freed, but what the hell do you get out of it?"

"It's rather simple, once those fools let Deliora loose, I'll take action to control it." Zalty began to gloat. "In this world we live in lie spells that grant the caster control over immortal creatures like this one. With it, I'll be able aim Deliora's destructive power and become unstoppable!"

"…" Natsu stared skeptically at the man. "Seriously?"


"Are you seriously that cliché? The 'Monster Puppeteer' plan that's been done countless times?" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm disappointed. I think I might be embarrassed for you."

A vein bulged on the back of Zalty's head. "Belittle it all you want. None of that changes the fact you can't hope to win against me."

"That so?" Natsu put his hands together. "Wood-Make: Gift of Betrayal!" A wooden sculpture of a warrior grew from his hands, leaping towards Zalty before rotting away half way between them, then revealing a wooden horse that galloped out from the withering husk. Zalty thrust his arm at the horse, rotting the horse in time before it collided with him. Natsu then pulled out two Silver Gate Keys. "Caelum, open fire." A Caelum spirit in Cannon Form appeared on either side of the old man in the air.

"Parallel Worlds!" Multiple crystal balls appeared around the man in time to shield him from the bombardment from the two spirits.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu sent another stream of fire at Zalty, only to be turned to smoke before it could connect once again.

"Try all you want, but you will never reach me!"

"Smoke Prison!" The cloud of smoke rapidly wrapped around into a sphere around the old man.

"He can control the smoke as well?" He moved his hand to shift the flow of the smoke's time when it started burning up.

"Smoke Grenade!" The smoke set off into an instant explosion. In the next moment, Zalty could be seen with his appearance torn up and breathing heavily. In his weakened state, his body turned to light, contorting its shape before reverting back to his previous appearance. "Transformation magic? So, the mask was just a red herring?... Okay, now that was innovative."

Zalty's breathing evened out. "I have to admit, I'm impressed at you as well." He dusted himself off. "Still, once Deliora is released, you'll stand no chance. Do you think you can end this before that can happen?"

"Oh, I intend to. Especially now that I've seen through your other tricks." He put the keys back in his pocket, sending the two spirits back to the Celestial Realm. "As far as organic life goes, plant life like wood seems to be vulnerable to your magic, but spirits, even mechanical ones, don't seem to be affected, otherwise you'd have used it on mine instead of shielding yourself. I also got a basic understanding of your reaction time."

The masked man tapped his foot, waiting for Natsu to stop talking. "So, what? You think you can use your spirits to keep my attention so you can catch me by surprise?" He laughed at the idea. "I might have brushed the thought aside in the fight if you kept your mouth shut, giving you an actual chance. But I'm afraid you openly telling me wasn't the best course of action to doing it."

"It doesn't matter if I tell you, considering how I know you'll react to how I do it." He pulled out a black Gate Key from his pocket. "Open! Gate of the Snake Charmer! Ophiuchus!" In a dark flash, a colossal black snake was summoned, covered in dark scales that looked as though they were forged from steel, blocking off its side of the cave with the sheer size of its body.

"A spirit like this exists?!"

"Remember when I said your idea about controlling an immortal behemoth was done before?" Natsu grinned darkly with a twinkle in his eye. "Now you know what I meant by that."

The colossal serpent charged towards Zalty. The man was barely able to jump out of the way, nearly getting swallowed whole by the beast, which lashed its body as it traveled past the man, knocking him across the cave as its head coiled around to strike again. He released his orb at the spirit. "Flash Forward!" The crystal ball multiplied in the air, all sent directly at the beast, shattering as they stuck its face with no noticeable effect. As Ophiuchus shot out for its next strike, Zalty tossed another orb above its path. "Luminous Minute!" Another bombardment of crystal balls rained down on its body, failing to slow its approach entirely, causing Zalty to jump away and getting knocked aside again. "Damn it! My attacks can't seem to reach past its hide." he gasped out as he regained his balance. The man raised his arm above him, casting his magic onto the ceiling above them, shifting its time to when it would give out, breaking apart with several boulders falling down onto Ophiuchus's body, burying it from view.

Zalty breathed a breath of fresh air. "Was it sent back?" Just then, the ground below him burst open to reveal Ophiuchus coming up from under him, falling backwards to avoid being eaten. "Enough of this!" He brought his hands together. "Ice-Make: Rose Krone!" Giant roses and thorned vines made from ice surrounded the creature, binding it in place. Zalty kept his hands together, concentrating on keeping the monster imprisoned when a glowing light from behind erupted behind him.

"Fire Dragon's Lance Dive!"

"When did he-!" He was struck by a flaming dropkick by Natsu, launching him through the air and crashing into the cave wall.

"Told ya! I didn't expect the ice magic, but I still called the outcome." Natsu put the key away, sending Ophiuchus back. Seconds after, Zalty's body turned to light, changing shape before fading to reveal a curvaceous woman with raven hair in a white robe missing its right sleeve and showed off her slender legs. "Wow! I seriously didn't expect you to look like that! Though, then again, the perfume should have been a giveaway." He slowly walked towards her, his eyes looking up and down her body. "I think you might even be the one Ice-Make user I actually hope has that stripping habit." He made groping motions with his hands.


"What the-?!" The cave shook violently, parts of the ceiling caving in as parts of the ground began to shift. During the time it took their fight to finish, the Moon Drip had attained enough energy to final breath through the Iced Shell. The ice chipped away from the mass until Deliora's body was no longer confined.

"Hmph!" The woman started to laugh. "You thought you won? You thought fighting me would save you from this?" She pulled herself out of the wall, tearing apart pieces of her robe. "This is my victory. I've waited so long for this moment, and now-"


A soon as Deliora's face was free, a large crack appeared before his head started to shatter, followed with the rest of his body as they became exposed.

"… Well,… that was anticlimactic."

The woman looked on in shock, biting her lip as she brought her head down. "All these years… Deliroa's been dead for all these years… Ur's magic depleted the demon's life-force."

"Is that what this is?" Natsu tilted his head. "I was chalking this up to everything dying when buried in ice for a long time." As the last of Deliora's body turned to dust, he turned back to the woman. "Now that that is all settled, how about you-" She was gone. "I hate being cut off so much."


-Outside the temple-

[So, this was all for nothing. Is that right, Ultear?]

Just outside the cave, the woman was crouched down, speaking to Siegrain via her crystal ball. "Sadly, yes."

[To think your mother was capable of defeating that demon, even in death. It makes me truly grateful to have her daughter working alongside me.]

She glared at the man. "My mother was a waist as a person. The only benefit in being her daughter is that I managed to inherit her talent for magic." There was a pause, followed by her looking down at her hand. "But even that wasn't enough to best Salamander."

[Honestly, I'm not surprised. It would only make sense that the person with two forms of Lost Magic would overcome the person with one, even if one of those is merely a cluster of common varieties.] Siegrain's image started to fade. [Simply be more mindful of this in the future.]

"… He's right. Only having one won't be enough." The back of her robe fell apart, revealing the guild mark on her back. "I must overcome this gap."


-Hours Later, Back in the village-


In the center of the village, Lyon, Sherry, Toby, and Yuka were tied up with the Fairy Tail team standing in front of them with the villagers observing from the side.

Lyon addressed the group. "Like I said, I haven't the slightest idea why the villagers where cursed. For the three years we've spent using the Moon Drip, none of us were affected. We made sure any long-term exposure to the magic would have no negative effects on humans."

Elfman pointed to Toby's face. "You mean he just naturally looks like this?"


Yuka grumbled under his breath. "Please, be quite."

"This is bad!" Lucy was pulling her own hair in panic. "If we go back to the guild, telling them that not only did we steal a mission without permission, but left it without fixing the problem, we'll be in so much trouble!"

Lisanna rapidly looked back and forth around the village. "I'm still confused over how the village is back to how it was when we first arrived despite it being destroyed last night."

"I'm not sure how it happened either." Mira told her sister, placing a hand on her shoulder. Her wounds were seemingly gone with the exception of some light bandaging. "Some of the villages came back here to look for anything that could still be savaged and came back saying it was back together."

She smiled. "I'm just glad you're feeling better so soon."

"That's our sister! A real man!" Elfman cheered before Mira bopped him on the head.

"Hmm." Natsu pondered for a moment. "It must have been that time woman. She probably restored the place to shift our attention back on the villagers."

"Time woman?" Gray asked.

"Yeah. That masked guy I was chasing was using transformation magic to disguise himself as a man when he was really a she." He tried to picture her in his mind. "She was pretty damn sexy, though, I can't help but feel I've seen her somewhere before."

"We need to focus on the mission!" Erza ordered. "If this wasn't from the Moon Drip or Deliora, then what could it be?"

Natsu turned towards her. "Oh, that? I know the reason for it."


Everyone stared him down. "What? Didn't you guys read the temple walls telling the island's history?"

"Natsu." Lucy asked. "When the hell did you have the time to read any of that?"

"Back when I was chasing the mystery woman." He spoke casually to her as his eyes lit up with magic. "So long as it remains in my peripheral vision, any writing I see gets conveyed to me. It's kind of like having a museum docent whenever I visit ruins on missions."

Gray sweat-dropped. "Your perverted mind can remember writing on the walls you pasted while chasing after someone, but not who the woman you were chasing was?"

"Aye! That's Natsu." Aye cheered.

"I could have sworn you figured it out." The dragon slayer told Levy."

She pouted. "I only had time to read a small part before everything went crazy."

"Focus!" Erza got their attention back. "If you don't mind, please explain how the curse works."

"It's not a curse." Natsu pointed to the villagers. "These people were demons from the beginning."

"EEEHHH?!" the villagers gasped.

Mocha protested. "What are you blathering about?! Do you honestly believe we wouldn't recognize our own bodies and what's been pledging us?!"

"That's a side effect of the Moon Drip." He went on. "While it doesn't do anything to humans, over exposure tampers with the minds of demons. It was all explained, from your ancestors discovering the moon's power, them building the temple, experiencing the effects, putting an enchantment that would prevent any of you from going back to the temple for your protection, and that your human appearances were made to make you look less intimidation to any travels you'd come across."

"Hey, that's right." Lucy remembered. "The light gathering from the temple was obvious, but you never mentioned it before."

Gray couldn't believe the crap Natsu was rambling on about. "You're seriously saying these people forgot being demons? That doesn't make any sense"

"Just look at you and Mira." He gestured to the two. "Both of you were severely injured and given their local remedies, yet Mira is almost completely healed while you're still bruised up." The two looked at their injuries. "Since Mira has demons stored inside her, she was able to heal much faster since it was made with demon bodies in mind."

"All correct." From the gate of the village, everyone heard a new voice. The team gasped when they saw who was speaking. "It looks like my faith in you was right."

"GHOST!" the girls cried, hugging each other. In front of them was the sailor, now turned into a red demon.

Tears appeared in the chief's eyes. "Bobo…"

The other villagers were stunned. "Bobo? You're alive?"

"Ahahaha!" he laughed it off. "Getting stabbed in the chest hurt, but it wasn't enough to kill a demon."

Elfman stuttered. "M-Man."

"But, on the boat, you disappeared." Gray managed to ask the man, who then disappeared again.

"Sorry for not telling you kids sooner." Looking up, Bobo was flying in the air, revealing a pair of wings. "I was the only one to keep my memories intact, so I needed to be the one to go for help."

"Bobo…" the chief cried.

"Now that that is all settled,…" Natsu interrupted the reunion. "all that's left is to break the lens over the island and everyone's memories should start to go back."

"Lens?" Happy asked.

"Yeah." Natsu pointed to the purple moon. "The Moon Drip leaked magic into the sky and later turned into a massive lens, making the moon seem to be purple when you look at it from the island but not anywhere else." An evil smirk formed on his face. "After that, we can take the reward and head back home."

"Absolutely not!" Erza shouted in his ear. "This mission was taken without permission and, as such, we can't accept the reward for completing it."

"WHAT?!" The group yelled in unision.

Erza glared back at them. "You broke the guild's rules, end of discussion! Accept it and be prepared for whatever punishment Master deems fit."

Levy cringed. "I hope he doesn't decide on 'that'."

"'That'?" Lucy asked.

"Knowing the old man, he'll definitely end up doing 'that'." Gray groaned.

"What do you mean 'that'?"

Elfman clenched his hands. "We just need to me men and have to endure 'that'."

"What is 'that'?!"

Happy snickered as he looked at Lucy. "You'll probably get the worst of it."


Lisanna hardened her gaze as she looked down at the cat. "Happy, since you started all this, you'll be the first to get punished."


"Punishment?" Natsu remembered something. "That's right." He looked over at Lyon's group. "We still need to decide what to do with you." He stood intimidating over them. He pointed at Lyon. "I don't care." He pointed at Yuka. "I don't care." He pointed at Toby. "I don't care." He pointed at Sherry. "You." His figure went from pointing at her to himself, then at a nearby hut, and then gave his pelvis a thrust.

"Love?!" she gasped.





Natsu was flat on his back unconscious with four massive, smoking lumps on his head, twitching every few seconds with Gray and Lucy crouched above him. "You deserved that."

Mira sighed, dejected.

"Is something wrong?" Lisanna turned and asked her sister.

"Mmm." She mauled over her thoughts. "It just feels like didn't do as much as a should have."

"Don't worry." Natsu said, his head still spinning from his previous beating. "You're sure to get more out of this adventure in the other version."

"Other version?" she was confused. "What are you talking about?"

"You'll see."

The chief walked up to the group. "Excuse me. If you won't accept it as a reward, then could you accept it as a gift, to express our gratitude for helping us?"

Erza sighed. "If you put it that way, it's hard to say no, but accepting the money would go against our guild's principals. Still, we'd be happy to take the Gate Key you offered along with it."

"Yes! Sagittarius is mine!" Lucy cheered while the others were left depressed.

"Sagittarius? That's the archer one, right?" Natsu asked, trying his best to get off the ground. "I still have a key ring full of Sagitt the Arrow, and they supposedly go best with Sagittarius. I'd be willing to trade them all for one of your keys."

The blonde huffed. "Even if I'm still mad about Aquarius leaving me high and dry in my fight, I'm not going to be bribed into giving up her key.

"I want Plue's key."

That was something she did not expect. "Plue? What happened to you trying to go after Aquarius?"

"The newer-me will most likely handle that desire for me." He told her with a straight face.

Lucy looked dryly at him. "You're stating to make less sense than usual."

"I think we might have hit him a little too hard." Mira wondered.

The chief talked to his people before addressing the group again. "About the reward, does your decision apply to your other companion as well?"

"Other companion?" Erza asked. "I could have sworn everyone was here."

"I believe his name was Sa… Sad… Sal…" He couldn't think of the name.

"Sabe-san!" Lucy gasped.

"That's it!"

"Sabe?" Natsu overheard the conversation. "Sounds like the name of a 'joke character' who won't be seen again or just to be made fun of. If he was a martial artist, he'd be the one in the pink gi, or change his name to make himself sound more badass than he actually is! If he was in a food adventure reality, he'd be the idiot whose only useful moment would be one scene at the end of the series that could have been done with anyone else and was just used to fill in for the rushed ending! If he was a clown-!"

And so, the mission was completed. Giving the group a well earned sense of triumph, unaware of the despair awaiting them back home.


"Hold it! I'm not done!"

To be…

"Stop that! I won't be flamed for you half-assing this!"

To be cont-

"No! Not again!"



Guild Card

Name: Elfman Strauss

Magic: Take Over: Beast Arm/Beast Soul

Likes: Manliness Dislikes: Studying

Info: Strong and determined, he endeavors to uphold what it means to be a man. He cares dearly for his sisters, but after one previous mission went wrong, he has been made to endure watching Natsu make passes at them.

Affiliation: Fairy Tail


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"Hold it!"

What is it now?

"Is that it? After being gone for so long, that's all there is?"

I wanted to finish up the arc. What else do you want from me?

"How about an omake? You know, something extra."

Oh! I can actually do that. One second…



-Magical Encyclopedia Time-

"Aye! Welcome to the Magical Encyclopedia! During this time, we'll be having guests try to learn a new type of magic from the lead character of the segment."

Natsu looked around. "Seriously? This is the omake?" He notices Gray standing in front. "And we're doing his magic first?!"

"Okay, listen up!" Gray shouted to him, Erza, Mira, and Lucy. "Once you figure out how to form ice, the next step is to give it shape, something that represents yourself!"

"Nope! Not doing it." Natsu shook his head.

Erza put her hands together. "Ice-Make: Knight!" Revealing ice armor covered her body.

Mira put her hands together. "Ice-Make: Demon!" A massive monster made of ice appeared before her.

Lucy put her hands together. "Ice-Make: Star!" A star made of ice formed in the palm of her hand. She sighed. "Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected that much on my first try-EYAHHHH!" she shrieked, crossing her arms over herself when she realized she was completely naked. "NO ONE MENTIONED THIS BEING APART OF THE DEAL!"

It was at that same time Mira and Erza realized they were left nude as well.

"Hey! I won the bet with Jenny! This shouldn't be happening!"

"Th-This-s… a-a-a-arm-m-m-m-or-r-r-r… w-w-w-w-w-a-a-a-a-a-s-s-s-s… a… b-b-b-b-b-b-a-a-a-a-d-d-d-d… ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-o-o-o-o-i-i-i-ic-c-c-c-c-e…"

Back with Natsu. "Okay, I like this part."


How was that?

"That's it?! That was mediocre!"

You said you liked it!

"Only the last part. We need something with more action, get the blood pumping."

Like what?

"I got it! The ladies of the series fighting ladies from other franchises in epic battles to the death! Femme Fatal Finale!"

Okay, but who would you have fight?

"Easy. A contest between the two top beauties of their respective universes, known for their stern demeanor, hidden pasts as former slaves at a young age, flaunting their sexiness, and given royal monikers in respect to their vast power. Erza Scarlet, Titania of Fairy Tail vs. Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress of One Piece!"

I can't do that.

"What? Why?"

Not enough information on Hancock to properly gage her abilities.

"Fine… How about this? Both seemingly innocent beauties when you first meat them, but provoke them and you face their inner demons, literally. Fierce, sexy, and silver hair. Mirajane Strauss the Demon vs. Moka Akashiya the Vampire!"

Mmmm, no. The contrast between the manga and anime will piss people off.

"Seriously?! Then, Wendy Marvel vs. Ruby Rose.



"I believe I have the answer!"

Out from the distance, a man in a black and red latex suit galloped in on the back of small pink horse. "That's right! It's me!"

"… Who are you?"

"That's not funny."

Actually, there is probably at least one person reading this who has no idea who you are.

"You cannot be serious right now."

I am.

"That's annoying to know." He looks at you. "I'm Deadpool. If for some strange reason you don't have a clue who I am, look me up on Youtube."

"Why are you here?"

"Right, that." *Coughs in hand!* "You! You've been breaking the Fourth Wall, complaining about not getting with enough sexy ladies, demanding satisfaction from insane crossover battles to the death, and being overly confusing to understand. That's my job!"

"Like hell it is. This is my story, and I'm going to act how I want in it."

"You wanna bet?" *Pulls out swords!*

"Do you wanna lose?" *Lights hands on fire*

No! Not hear! I'll never get things done if you fight here!

"If not here, then where?!"

"Oh, you poor, poor amateur. You challenge me to a fight without realizing the limitless potential of breaking the Fourth Wall."

They both look at you

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"