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Chapter 2: A Warm Welcome

-Magic Council HQ: Era-

"Those idiots from Fairy Tail have gone and done it again. This time they have gone as far as to destroy an entire port!"

Within a dark, stone from, ten figures that compose the head of the Magic Council stand on top of a large, magic circle.

"What is wrong with them?" another voice rang out.

"I'm actually quite fond of those fools." said a young man wearing a white jacket with black trimmings and matching pants. He had short azure hair and an intricate, red tattoo over his right eye."

"Hm, they might be on the wild side, but they proven themselves to a valued asset time and time again." came from a short old man with thick, faded brown eyebrows and a small toothbrush mustache. He wore a brown long sleeve shirt with black vertical stripes and a black three-spiked hat,

"They do prove to be a rather big quandary."



"Whoa!" was all Lucy could say as she stared up at the wooden, three story building with the sign over head reading 'FAIRY TAIL'.

"Not too bad a place we got here, huh?" Natsu commented, standing next to her.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail!" Happy chirped.

The three then entered through the front door with Natsu yelling out "We're back!" Inside was a collection of various types of characters having a good time.

"Yo! Natsu!" a short haired man with buck teeth, sitting at one table called out. "How was Hargeon? I heard you did a really number to the plac-"

He was cut thanks to a certain fist jabbing him in the face. "Your lead was utter shit! The only reason I'm not going to burn you up is because I managed to take out an identity thief and acquired Prominence Fire!"

"Hey, don't go blaming me! It was just some rumor!"




"Easy, Natsu. Just cool dawn a bi-waAH!" Happy tried to calm his partner down before being sent flying from the brawl that somehow enveloped about the whole guild.

"I don't believe it." Lucy, still in awe from her arrival. "I'm actually standing in the Fairy Tail guild hall."

"So, Natsu finally made it back, huh?" exclaimed the voice of a young man with short black hair. The only things on his body were a silver necklace in the shape of a sword, a black Fairy Tail symbol on his right peck, and black boxers. "Time to settle things once and for all!"

"Gray, your clothes." came a voice from the bar.

"Damn it! Not again?"

The owner of the voice was a beautiful, woman with an ample bust holding a glass of wine in her hand. She has long, brown hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, two long strands of hair framing her face. Her outfit consisted of a blue bikini top, a pair of calf-length brown pants, and high-heeled sandals. She also had a pair of metal bracelets adorning her biceps. On her left was the Fairy Tail logo in black. "There are too many annoying men in this guild." she said as she stared to drink directly from a booze barrel, causing Lucy's eye's to pop out of her head.

"It's only noon an already everyone's acting like a bunch of children." came the booming voice of a large, muscular man with tan colored skin, whose height causing him to tower over most of his fellow guild members. His long white hair was kept styled upwards in long, wavy spikes, and his rectangular, elongated face had a stitched scar running down its right side, crossing his right eye. His black Fairy Tail stamp was located on the left part of his neck. His outfit consists of a dark blue jacket held closed on the front by a line of large buttons with matching jeans. "If you're a man, then you're a man!" he shouted.

"Was that supposed to make sense?" Lucy deadpanned.

"If it's a fight you want, fight me!" the man said as he entered the brawl, only to be knocked like a rag doll from Natsu.

"Man, it's so noisy around here." This belonged to the man Lucy new from articles as Loke, ranked high on the most eligible mages bachelor's list. He was a handsome young man of average height, his hair kept in a mildly short, spiky cut. Loke wore a green coat with a wide collar, complete with prominent, spiky, brownish white fur trimming lining the hood, over a orange shirt bearing on the front a menacing skull, with its eyes being hidden by a pair of bands crossing its face, black, loose pants, complete with many pockets reminiscent of small bags, and similarly, and donning black shoes.

As he was sitting down with a beautiful girl draped under each arm, a glass flew from the brawl, striking him strait in the head.

"Are you okay?" one of the girls asked.

This prompted the playboy to get up and walk towards the fight, but first turned his attention to the two girls, giving them a cool pose. "I'm going to go fight, but only to protect you two."

Lucy then took out an issue of Sorcerer's Weekly and crossed out his face with a black marker.

"I haven't seen you before. Are you a new recruit?"

Lucy turned around to see who was talking to her. She instantly recognized her as the guild's pin-up model, Mirajane.

"Mira…" her vision then focused on the gothic attire the woman was sporting. "-SAN!?" The model was now wearing a dark, skimpy sleeveless shirt adorned with some light curved motifs on the chest, a pair of leather shorts held up by a studded belt with a demonic-looking buckle and thigh-high boots with stiletto heels, each bearing a skull adorned by a flower on their upper front parts. She also sported a bracelet shaped like a demonic arm around her right wrist, and a ring on the same hand's middle finger.

Mira narrowed her eyes at the blonde, a little peeved. "Hey, you listening? I'm asking if you're a new member."

"AH- Yes, I am!" she said nervously. "N-nice to meet you!"

"I see."

"Um…" Lucy tried to think of a topic to talk about, but her focus was locked onto the pandemonium within the guild hall. "Shouldn't we try to stop them"

"That's alright, this always happens." Mira answered with a smile gracing her face. "Besides,-" she raised he hand in time to stop an empty bottle from hitting her in the face, causing a tick mark to appear on her forehead. "It's kind of fun, don't you think? Excuse me."

She then made her way toward the direction from where the object was thrown. "Alright! Who the hell threw this bottle just now?!"

Lucy was left speechless as the beauty she admired now revealed her true character, groveling on the floor in despair.

"Are you not feeling good?"

She looked up and saw who appeared to be a slightly younger, short haired version of Mirajane. The most notable difference between the two was that this one was wearing a light-blue striped shirt, with green short-shorts and sneakers.

"Huh? Oh, no. I was just surprised to see Mirajane in person." Lucy responded as she was just brought out of her daze.

"Yeah. Mira-nee has been known to do that from time to time." The girl smiled as she sweat dropped.


"Yep! My name is Lisanna, Mirajane's little sister." She said with a bright smile as she then pointed to the person shouting 'MAN' from within the brawl. "And that person there if Elf-niichan."

"Heh?" Lucy looked at her, processing the information she just heard. "HEH?!"

"This is getting to be insufferable." The booze drinker said before turning around to face the fighting with a card in her hand, followed by a magic seal materializing in front of it. "Hey guys, I think it's about time you knock it off." This in turn signaled the others into invoking their own magic. The exhibitionist placing a fist over one of his palms, Loki creating a seal over one of his rings, Elfman raising his right arm as pieces of stone formed around it, Mira enveloping herself in a dark aura, and Natsu enveloping his fists with fire.

"Do they always fight like this?" Lucy asked as she held Happy up as a meet shield.

"Aye!" he chirped

"You don't seem concerned!

Before the fight could escalate, a giant, shadowy figure from out of nowhere stomped its foot, gaining everyone's attention. "WOULD YOU FOOLS STOP BICKERING LIKE CHILDREN!"

"He's enormous!" Lucy cried as she looked up at the figure, eyes wide and jaw dropped.

This prompted all of the members stop what they were doing. The hall was dead silent until a certain fire eater remembered an urgent matter. "Hey, Master. I almost forgot, I brought back a new set of ti-" he was cut off as the giant stepped on him like a bug.

"What the hell was that you were gonna say?!" Lucy snapped at the mage before reinterpreting his opening statement. "Wait, that thing is the Master?!"

"SO, WE HAVE A NEW RECRUIT." The giant bellow out before he shrank down to a small old man. He was dressed in a casual manners which consist of a white shirt with black Fairy Tail stamp in the middle which covered by an orange hoodie. His attire was completed with matching orange shorts and an orange and blue stripes designed jester hat. "Hey, there."

"He's tiny!"

"Welcome back, Master." Lisanna smiled.

The old man then flipped up onto the top floor, hitting the back of his head on the railing in the process.

"Listen up, you fools have done it again." He said as he held a stack of paper in one hand. "Look at these documents I received from the Magic Council."

"First, Gray. Good job on sweeping out the smuggling organization, but you walked around town naked afterwards and ran away after stealing underwear that was drying."

"But… wouldn't it be worse if I was naked" He asked, shaking.

"Then don't be naked in the first place." Elfman interjected.

"Elfman! You had a mission to escort a VIP, but assaulted him during the mission."

"He said "Men are about education," so…"

"Cana. Drinking fifteen barrels of alcohol and charging it to the Council."

"They found out." She said under his breathe.

"Loke. Flirting with Council member Elder Reiji's granddaughter. A certain talent agency charged us for damages, too."

"And Natsu, you destroyed the Devon Family, but took out four other houses that belonged to the towns people. There is also word of you ubducting women at Hargeon and wrecking their port."

"Hold on!" Natsu cut in. "I admit to what happened to those houses, but the incident with the women was done by a guy impersonating me. As for the port,-" he pointed to Lucy. "That was her doing, not mine."

"How was that my fault!?"

"I was prepared to fight those creeps in the ocean far away from town and turn the ship back to free the girls, but you had the ship sent back to shore via a huge wave! And worst yet, you cost me the chance of being the valiant hero who saves the damsel and possibly getting the bedding go ahead as thanks, all on a royal harem level! Do you have any idea how rare that is?!"

"That last part just erased all guilt I had." She said dryly as Loke nodded his head in sympathy for his fellow ladies man.

The Master went on. "Alzack, Levi, Reedus, Warren, Bisca, and everyone else. The Council members are angry at me all the time." He stared to shake from frustration.

"But… forget about the council." He then lit the paper on fire and threw them to Natsu, who proceeded to eat them. "The power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle. When the spirit flows within us and the spirit flow in nature connects, they will form an embodiment for the first time. You will need a strong mentality and a lot of concentration for that. I mean pouring all of your soul into whatever you do is the magic. If you keep worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher-ups, your magic will never improve. Do not fear the fools of the Council. Do whatever you think is right! That's the way of Fairy Tail."

The hall then erupted in a roar of cheers. Lucy could not help but smile at the scene.


"Alright, now you're an official member." Lisanna said after removing the Guild Marker* from the back of Lucy's right hand, now sporting a pink Fairy Tail symbol.

"Natsu, look!" she turned to the man who was sitting at the bar to show off her new mark.

"Oh! Good for you, Rookie." He said as he took a sip from his glass of Fire Whiskey. Next to him was Cana, drinking from a barrel.

"Should you two really be drinking so much?" Lucy asked, a little appalled at the sight.

"So, Natsu!" the group turned their attention to Wakaba, staring at Lucy's figure with the smoke from his pipe forming a heart. "Where did you find such a cutey?"

"Take it easy you old perv." Mira said as she approached the group. "Besides," she was then enveloped in a bright light before reappearing as some middle age woman. "you already have a wife."

"Gaah! Don't change into her! Especially in that outfit!" he cried before falling backwards from his seat.

"Has my dad come back yet?"

The group's attention was then turned to the conversation happening at the left edge of the bar, between Master Makarov and a small boy of equal size. He had short black hair and wore a green shirt, brown shorts, and sandals.

"You're annoying, Romeo." Makarov said dryly. "If you are the son of a mage, trust your father, be a good boy, and wait for him at home."

"He said he would be back in three days, but it's been a week since then." The boy said on the verge of tears.

"Macao's job is at Mt. Hakobe, right?" one of the members asked another.

"That's right! It's not that far from hear so why can't you have someone go look for him?!"

"Listen kid, your dad is a mage! That means he can take care of himself just like every other mage here! Now go home and drink some milk or something!"

"JERK!" Romeo yelled before punching Makarov square in the face and then running out the door. "I HATE YOU ALL!"

"That was a pretty strict, wasn't it?" Lucy asked after seeing what happened.

"Master says that, but he's worried about Macao, too." Lisanna said a little depressed.

*THUD* Natsu slammed his now empty glass onto the counter, followed by him making his way to the door.

"Master, Natsu is going to do something." Nab said

"I bet he went to help Macao" another member joined in.

"Stupid kid."

"If he does that, it will only hurt Macao's pride."

"No one can decide what he should do." The master said with a small grin on his face. "Just leave him alone."

"Why did Natsu get so upset?" Lucy asked.

"It's probably because Natsu knows what it's like to be in that position." Lisanna said with a hint of sadness in her voice. "Maybe he saw himself in Romeo-kun."

"Natsu's father hasn't come back ever since he left." Mira joined in, her face showed the same look of sadness before giving an uneven smile. "Though, it wasn't his real father, but his foster parent. He was a dragon."

"A WHAT?!" the blonde shrieked. "He was really raised by a dragon?!"

He was found by that dragon in a forest when he was little." Mira continued. "He taught him words, cultures, and magic. But one day, the dragon vanished."

"So, that dragon must have been Igneel." Lucy deduced.

"That's right. Natsu hopes to one day find Igneel. It's kind of cute, isn't it?" she finished as the new member simply listened.


-Later on a carriage going to Mt. Hakobe-

"And so, I'll visit Mira-san and Lisanna's house next time~!" Lucy said with a daydreaming face.

"Don't go stealing their underwear and stuff, okay?" Happy warned her, making her snap back at him.

"Who the hell would do that?!"

"Ugh, so... why did y-ou come with us?" Natsu asked as he laid down on his seat, trying not to blow chunks.

"I thought I could help." she answered as she saw Natsu's 'condition' for the first time. "You really do have a serious chase of motion sickness, huh?"

'She just wants to build a reputation.' Happy thought to himself.

The conversation came to an abrupt halt as the carriage stopped, much to the delight of the dragon slayer. "Final, this hell is over."

"We're here?" Lucy asked.

"I'm sorry." The carriage driver said before they stepped outside into the roaring blizzard. "This is as far as I can take you."

"What the hell?!" she yelled. "This is supposed to be summer, so how the hell is there a snowstorm this bad?"

"I will be heading back to town." The driver said as he was already on the move.

"Hey, how are we going to go back?!" The blonde yelled at the retreating image.

"Damn, she is noisy."


The group then proceeded to make their way through the mountain range, only one of them was having issues.

"It's cold" Lucy complained.

"That's to be expected when you dress like that in the mountains." Natsu commented.

"Shut up and give me that jacket!" she snapped as she started tugging on said article of clothing.

"You whine as much as a spoiled child, you know that?" he dead panned.

"Oh, I know what to do!" she said before pulling out a silver key. "Open, Gate of the Clock, Horologium!" The next moment, a grandfather-clock with thin black stick arms and legs appeared.

"A clock?" Natsu tilted his head.

"So cool." Happy chirped.

Lucy began to talk from within the clock, but no sound could be heard.

"Wait, I can't hear you."

""She says, "I'm staying in here and I'm not coming out."" Horologium said. ""What kind of crazy job would cause Macao to come to a place like this?" she inquirers."

"You should have asked that before you tagged along." Natsu responded with a tick mark on his head. "He came here to exterminate some monster, they're called Vulcans."

This caused Lucy to cower a bit in fear. ""I want to go back to the guild" she proclaims."

"Fine by me. I say back" Natsu said as he made his way through the blizzard with Happy.


""Great. Not only do I have to get out of this place and find a way back to the guild, but now I'm all alone." she says sadly." Horologium narrated as he walked back down the trail. He continued to walk until a large gorilla-like creature with white fur and black spots crashed down in front of them, kicking up a small cloud of smoke. ""The hell is this thing." She asks in shock."

The Vulcan then grabbed Horologium's sides and looked at the person inside with a perverted smile. "Human woman." He then hoisted the spirit up above his head and ran off.

""Somebody save me." she yells furiously."


-Near the summit of Mt. Hakobe, in an ice covered cave-

""How did I get myself into this mess? And what's with this giant monkey? Why is he so excited?"" she asks tearfully." Horologium said as the beast did an odd dance around him.

"Woman" the Vulcan said as he put his face to the glass, sending chills down Lucy's spine. The situation went further downhill as the spirit disappeared in a puff of smoke.


"Sorry, but my time is up. Take care."


The creature leaned in closer with a perverted grin still on his face. He then felt a quick tug on his tail before being thrown backwards into a column of ice. Lucy was dumbstruck at this until recognize the person now standing between her and the Vulcan.


"This is a surprise." Natsu said nonchalantly. "Seems you got here ahead of me, Rookie."

"How did you know where to find me?"

"I was actually following Macao's sent, you just happened to be here." he said as he continue to stare at the beast get back on its feet. *sniff, sniff* "Well, this is going to be a nuisance. It would be best if you prepared yourself now if you don't want to get hurt."

As soon as the Vulcan got up, more came through the nearby pillars of ice.

"How many of these things are there?" Lucy shriek.

"Including the first one, I count twenty." Natsu answered, still calm. "Listen carefully, I'm going draw the other nineteen's attention away from here. Until I finish them off, do your best to keep the one that brought you here preoccupied until I come back."

"You want me to fight that thing alone?!" she snapped.

"Relax. Happy." he called out to his small friend now hovering above them. "Provide Rookie support if needed."

"Aye, sir!" he saluted at the order.

"Wait, how is Happy going to-" Her complaints fell on deaf-ears as Natsu dashed away with the nineteen Vulcans Chasing after him.

"Time too break in my new spells." Natsu said with a crooked smile as he came to an abrupt stop and raised his hands above his shoulders. "Prominence Typhoon!" Out shot a vortex of violet flames that collided with almost half of the beasts as the rest scurried around.

"Alright, you pervy monkey! You're going down!" Lucy shouted with a newly found resolve and holding a golden key. "Open! Gate of the Golden Bull, Taurus!" Out appeared a tall, heavily muscular humanoid whose physical features are highly reminiscent of a cow, wearing dark swimming briefs, boots, and a gold bell hanging from held around his neck. On his back was a large battle-axe.

"Cow?" the Vulcan asked.

"I should warn you, monkey boy. Taurus is the strongest spirit I have a contract with." she stated proudly.

"Lucy-san, your boobs are the best. How about you give me a smooooooch~?" the spirit said as he looked at her with heart shaped eyes.

"Oh, yeah. He's a big perv, too." She face-palmed.

"No touch my woman." the monkey said as he glared at Taurus.

This caused Taurus to give off a glare of his own back at him. "Your women? Those are fighting words you moonkey."

"Get him!" Lucy ordered.

Taurus swung his axe to the ground, causing a shock-wave to ripple towards his opponent. The Vulacan managed to side step to the right in time to dodge and jump over to him to deliver a right hook to the face. This cause Taurus to skid across the ice as the ape went after him to keep up the assault.

"Ember Breeze!" a high-pitch voice yelled out as a gust of fiery wind hit the Vulcan's face, leaving it dazed long enough for Taurus to counter attack with a strong vertical swing of his axe to the chest, knocking him back a fair distance.

"Alright! Wait-" Lucy looked around to see where that one spell came from and saw the familiar blue caster. "Happy?! You can use offensive magic?"

"Aye! That's because I'm Natsu's partner. And because I'm a cat." he proclaimed.

"What does that last part have to do with it?" she dead-panned. "Anyway, this is great. Now we can beat this guy easy."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." Natsu warned them as he dealt with the remaining Vulcans using Red Shower. "From what I can tell, yours should be the toughest one."

"Huh? What do you mean?" she inquired.


Lucy and Happy turned around to see the beast get up again, in a boiling rage. "ME ONLY LIKE WOMAN!" Purple fire then erupted from its body.

"The fire…" Lucy remembered when Natsu took her from Bora's ship.

"That's Macao's magic, Purple Flare!" Happy yelled in disbelief. "But that means Macao was put under Take-Over!"


"Aye. It's a type of magic that take possession of another being's body. Vulcans use it to get into people and take them over. They're evil body snatchers. But what's worse is if they use it on a mage, they can tap into their magical power."

"Then, doesn't that mean his has the magical power of two people in one?!"

The Vulcan extended its left arm and launched a stream of purple fire at Taurus, who did his best to guard against the attack. The creature then slammed two large clusters of fire on both of Taurus' sides, followed be coiling the flames around his ankles and swinging him against multiple ice pillars. The assault ended with the Vulacan slamming Taurus on the ground, his body digging into the ice.

Lucy lost all strength in her legs as she fell to the floor, shaking in fear. "No way. Taurus was my ace in the hole on land." She continued to cower until feeling a warm hand pat her head.

"You did well in keeping him under control until I was done." Natsu said in a gentle tone before walking over to the beast. "It seems the best way to defeat a person using both body snatching and fire, is to with body snatching and fire." He extended his right arm outward. "Take-Over, Burning Arm:" His arm was then surrounded with yellow blocks of light and twisting fire. The light and fire died down as his arm was now covered in red, metallic armor with silver trimmings and his hand envelope in a metallic gauntlet, glowing bright red from heat. "Branding Torch."

"GET AWAY FROM MY WOMAN!" the Vulcan howled as he pounce Natsu, his body covered in purple fire.

"Sorry, Macao. This is going to leave you sore for a few days," he said as he cocked his right hand back as fire began to form around it. "SO JUST TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!"

Natsu punched the Vulcan square in the gut using enough force to make it spew out some blood before catapulting into the distant wall. He lay unconscious in a pile of debris with a smoking burn mark on its stomach in the shape of a fist. His body was the consumed in a flash of light, revealing a man of average height with short, straight, slicked back dark blue hair. His face was covered in quite a large amount of stubble. His outfit consisted of a knee-length white jacket with a wide, dark purple collar, dark shirt, pants, and shoes.

Macao was now laying flat on the ground. On his right side were Happy and Lucy looking over him, his left was Natsu with his hands hover the man's chest, glowing a soft green light.

"Hey, is he going to be alright." Lucy asked

"I only know some basic Healing Magic, but it should be enough to help him recover." Natsu said assuring her.

"N-natsu?" Macao managed to get out as he woke up. This caused the trio to smile

"Take is easy. I did use a double-layered spell on you after all."

"I'm pathetic." he said dryly. "I defeated nineteen of those brutes, but the twentieth, that's the one that got me. I'm embarrassed to go home to Romeo."

"Don't be embarrassed, that's pretty good considering you were alone." Natsu commented before moving his left hand forward, cup shaped. "And seeing how I was the one to take out the last one, I will only ask for five percent of the reward."

"You're telling the guy you injured to pay you?!" Lucy snapped at him.

"One out of twenty is five percent, it is only natural that I get paid that much on an extermination mission I wound up being a part of." He tried to justify himself before turning his attention back to Macao. "Just think of it as punishment for making your son wait so long."

Macao just smirked in agreement.


-Magnolia, Conbolt Residence, Sunset-

Romeo was sitting on the porch of his house as he recalled how the other kids made fun of his dad for being a mage at Fairy Tail, and telling his dad to take a mission so they would stop picking on him. This caused tears to form in the corners of his eyes.

"Hey, Romeo!"

He look up to Natsu's group with Macao draped over his shoulder. Romeo then tackled his father in the gut as he went to embrace him. "You came back. I'm so sorry dad."

"No, I'm sorry for making you worry." Macao consulted his son.

"I can handle it. I'm a mage's son."

"The next time those bullies pick on you, here's what I want you to say. "Can your dad defeat nineteen monsters all by himself? Because mine can"."

Romeo gave a happy grin as he nodded his head. Natsu took this as the time for him to head home as well, followed by Happy and Lucy.

"Natsu-nii! Happy! Thank you for your help!" Rome shouted at the retreating figures. Natsu just raise an arm in the air in response.

"Hey, Natsu." Lucy said in an uneven tone.

"What is it?"

"Is Macao going to be okay? That Vulcan is still inside him, right? He won't just turn back into that thing at random from now on, will he?" An image of a large ape howling at a full moon appeared in her mind.

"What the hell are you thinking about?" Natu sweat-dropped at the strange face she was making. "No need to worry. Once a person has regain dominance over their body, any reminisce of the Vulcan becomes benign."

"I see." Lucy said as she thought back on how inferior she was on the trip as opposed to Natsu.

"You will get stronger."

Lucy shot her head up to see Natsu's backside as he continued to walk away with perched on top of his head.

"You are still just a rookie, but you will mature in time.


Guild Card

Name: Lucy Age: 17

Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic

Likes: Books, Celestial Spirits Dislikes: Her Father

Info: The newest member of Fairy Tail, she hopes to become an author and publish her adventures at the guild.

Affiliation: Fairy Tail


Prominence Fire

Prominence Typhoon

Red Shower

Ember Breeze

Purple Flare


Take-Over, Burning Arm: Branding Torch

Fire Dragon's Iron Fist

Healing Magic


Guild Marker- A magical stamp that brands a wizard with a specific guild's symbol. Though it is possible to acquire the image through other means, the stamper coats it with a subtle magical pattern used to differentiate them from forgeries.


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