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Title: Reasons to Practice

Characters: Matatagi Hayato, Nozaki Sakura (main), Matsukaze Tenma, Endou Mamoru (side, mentioned)

Pairings: Matatagi Hayato x Nozaki Sakura, shortened Hayato/Sakura or HayaSaku or MataNoza (whichever you prefer XD)

Setting: Canon, Galaxy timeline, at the end of the fourth episode.

Rating: K

Length: 673 words

"Waah… I never knew there's such a beautiful sunset in Inazuma Town…" Sakura said in awe to her companion.

"Yeah. And that's Captain's special place." Matatagi replied and nodded.

Yes, Tenma just showed the two his favorite place, the ground around Inazuma Tower; which was shown to him by none other than his idol Endou-kantoku, the place which he visited to when he was worried about something, the place that thought him a lot of things he admired.

After telling them that, the topic changed into something about 'tomorrow', or the next day. Tenma spoke with such serious and – somehow – worried face that he would do something the next day, and that he wanted to stay longer there to think about it. And so, he told Matatagi and Sakura to go back to the dorm first.

"And I wonder what will happen tomorrow… Captain seemed so serious about it, just now," Sakura muttered as they walked.

"Yeah… Furthermore, what about our team? There's only the five of us who are willing to practice…" Matatagi rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, at least there ARE still the five of us!" Sakura exclaimed and smile – it seemed she also had been affected by Tenma's optimistic attitude.

"Yeah…" Matatagi smiled. He then remembered his own motivation to practice – to win, to make his brothers, Yuuta and Shun, proud, and earn more money to buy his family a new, bigger house.

But then… Matatagi turned to Sakura next to him, who was still admiring the beauty of the orange sunset before her. What's her motivation to play soccer, again? Is it merely the thought that, if she played with Inazuma Japan, she'll be able to play with the world's best rhythmic gymnastics team?

Well, no harm in asking. Matatagi thought to himself.

"Um, Nozaki-san—" he started, but was cut off by Sakura.

"Sakura, please," she turned to him, still smiling.

"Er, okay, Sakura… why do you… keep practicing? You knew the contract only obliged us to practice until the first match's victory, right?" Matatagi finally asked.

"Oh?" Sakura turned to him. "Well, just like I said, I wanted to play with the world's best artistic team!" she answered cheerfully. "Besides, playing soccer at the last match was fun!"

"I see…" Matatagi smiled. Content with the answer he got, he focused his view straightly, noticing that the destined building was only about ten meters away.

"And also—" The start of the sentence was as abrupt as it stopped.

"Eh? There's another reason?" He turned to her, only to find her face bent down, facing the ground.

"W-well…" She suddenly stammered, and as she swung her head to him, surprisingly, Matatagi saw some darker shades pink tints, around the ones that were always there, on her face.

"Y-yeah?" He asked in confusion.

"A-ah, nothing. Don't mind…" As sudden as she stammered with those curious change of expression, her face changed back to normal – her sweet and calm usual façade.

He was so sure that even though Sakura's face was backing the setting sun – darkening her skin face and making it harder to observe – he was sure that she just… blushed?

And then, he realized; he was sure his face had the same shade, with an addition in the speed of his heartbeat, as he suddenly thought that the girl's figure, with the background of the orange setting sun was kinda… cute?

And unable to pursuit further, he also turned his face away – in confusion, why was he doing this?

"Well, we're here already! I'll be going back, mata ashita!" Sakura, also realizing the change both on her and his face, smiled to him and walked calmly away – already managed to regain her composure, unlike the boy.

"H-hai, mata ashita!" He answered back, but he was still wondering… what was that sensation just now?

But as he walked to the building's entrance, he smiled and shrugged it off.

Well, in the end, it seemed both players had another reason to be engaged in the upcoming practices.

Note: mata ashita = see you tomorrow

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