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Title: Anger and Calmness

Characters: Shindou Takuto and (Female) Kirino Ranmaru

Pairings: TakuFem!Ran

Setting: Canon, Galaxy timeline, no particular episode I guess, but I guess this is after the match with South Korea

Rating: K

Length: 649 words

It's finally weekend – and Shinsei Inazuma Japan's members were given free time.

Tenma, as usual, would be practicing in the field, maybe with Shinsuke (who was asked to come over) and Aoi. While Tsurugi, perhaps he went to visit his brother in the hospital. And who knows whatever the other members were doing.

But as for Shindou, he had asked Kirino to come to his house, where they're going to meet up for the first time, since the Shinsei Inazuma Japan's (to him, awful) exhibition match.

He was quite glad he could finally get out of the place where he was situated to get along with these people, who didn't even obey the captain's orders to practice, albeit the knowledge that, whatever their background and intentions were, they were now the Shinsei Inazuma Japan – Japan's pride in the international soccer party. And so they had to understand, and present themselves as the best players to bring Japan's name to glory, by practicing as best as they could.

But no, they just had to wander somewhere at practice time, even after Tenma begged, just for their mere attendance. And yeah, not to mention that troublesome amateur goalkeeper. Luckily, Matatagi and Nozaki were still willing to practice.

Yes, his brain was about to explode in the last few weeks. Maybe he could talk this out to Kirino. She's his best friend, and, girl friend.

As he arrived home, he hastily he went through the stairs to the piano room, where Kirino was waiting, as one of his butler said, for at least half an hour.

As for Kirino, yes, she had been waiting in the room for around thirty minutes – no, Shindou wasn't late, she was the one too early.

She didn't mind waiting, actually… she would wait patiently for the boy who had officially been her boyfriend for the last few months; the boy she missed dearly for the last few weeks. At least, it's nice to welcome him home, after him being stressed with all those Shinsei Inazuma Japan matters.

She knew Shindou well, too well maybe – and with all that happened, he would be very agitated; being placed in an amateur-filled team that was supposed to be playing against world-level teams. Shindou's highly-logical mind can't accept that – and his frustrated tears at the end of the match were the proof.

Finally the door creaked open in haste, and Kirino's head immediately turned to the door's direction. When it finally opened to show Shindou's figure in Shinsei Inazuma Japan's trainers, she can't help but ran to him and hugged him on the spot.

"Takuto!" She exclaimed as she buried her face on his chest, winding her arms around his body.

"R-Ran-chan…" Shindou slowly returned the hug, suddenly feeling warmth emerged from Kirino's touch that spread through all his veins and bones.

And with that, all his frustration and anger – that were about to erupt in any second – died down and evaporated away, leaving only affectionate and thankful feelings towards the girl hugging him tightly.

"Ah, Takuto, okaeri…" Kirino suddenly looked up and loosened her hug. "And gomen, for rushing up to you like that," Her face began to have the color like her own hair.

Shindou, on the other hand, kissed her forehead (which caused the girl's face to earn an even darker color than her own hair) and chuckled as he held her wrist, leading her to sit, "Never mind. Hey, I have to thank you for it, actually." He smiled.

"E-eh? Anyways, would you like to tell me what happened?" Kirino looked to him, quite surprised at his calm face – she had expected him to start complaining and such, but no?

"Sure…" Shindou smiled, and began to tell the story.

Sighs of exasperation and discontent still filled his sentences, but at least that replaced the raged and angered sentences that he was quite ready to blurt out.

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