Storm awoke to the sound of birdsong, a pleasurable way to start the morning. Her eyes slipped open and she blinked the sleep out of them. She stretched, her limbs stiff from laying in the same curled up position for so long. Her tail twitched and she rose, sniffing. Her ears flicked as she padded out from underneath the thick bramble bush. She indulged herself in a long stretch once again, feeling the soreness ebb away.

"Hey, Stormy, wanna hunt?", a voice asked. Storm slowly turned around to se Dusty, her littermate, a grayish brown tabby tom. He grinned at her, his green eyes gleaming with

love for his sister and best friend.

Storm smiled. "It would certainly be a good way to stretch these old, cracking bones.", she replied dryly, although her lips were curling up in a small smile.

Dusty began towards the edge of the sandy hollow, flicking his tail for her to follow, "Old?", he rumbled, "We're barely more than eighteen moons.",

Storm yawned and she followed him out, "S'nuff to make a cat's fur grey.", she replied.

Dusty turned and looked at her, rolling his eyes. "Mmm, yes, definitely."

They strolled till they reached a forest of tall oaks. Storm thoughtfully gazed at it, her tail flicking. The tree's were alive with chirping birds and squirrels. A few skittered about on the ground, dashing through the foliage. Storm's tongue slipped over her jowls as a wood pigeon fluttered to the ground and began to carelessly peck at it. She lowered herself, her muscles bunching, as she slipped closer to it. The soft breeze slid over her, full of the pigeon's scent. There was another smell too, one that had been marked a few hours ago...

The scent carried proof of many healthy cats living together. Storm decided to ignore it though, as far as she was concerned, the cats were long gone and they wouldn't notice one missing bird, right?

She took another step closer, her pelt bristling with inpatients. Just leap already! something in her squeaked. You're not close enough though, just at few more steps! another wary voice called. She crawled behind a bramble, tail-lengths away from the grassy clearing the pigeon was foraging in. Her haunch's wiggled as she get ready to pounce, muscles tense. With a final shake, she sprung forward, her claw snaring the flapping pigeons wing. It had struggled to get away but was too late. She pressed her claws down on it's breast, holding it still while it squirmed before lunging down with a finale nip to the throat. A messy kill but food, at least. She picked it up b its lolling neck and carried it from the bush's towards her brother who was proudly carrying a young squirrel.

"Raced right across my path, all I had to do was put a paw out to stop it and it was in my mercy.", he mumbled through the furry body. Storm dropped the bird.

"Dusty... I don't think we should eat here.", Storm hissed.

Dusty tilted his head, "Why not?", he question.

"I smelled the scent of other cats on the breeze. They didn't smell to hostile but I'd rather not take a chance.", Storm responded. She bent down and gently picked her catch back up before padding slowly past her brother. He turned and giving a remorseful glance at the soft ferns beneath the shady tree's, followed her, his tail flicking regretfully.

When they past where they'd hunted and Storm no longer smelled or could even see the tall tree's, she lowered herself to the ground, beginning to dig into her fresh-kill.

Dusty sat besides her, dipping his head and feasting on the bird as well, his squirrel flopped besides him.

When they finished eating, Dusty picked up the baby squirrel. "This'll go directly to Cedar.", he meowed after swallowing the last of a morsel. He licked the blood of his mouth and Storm lead the way back, bounding along the barren forest. It seemed a fire may have reigned once here. The tree's where bare and the ground was almost lifeless except for the small saplings that lead new hope for the almost dead forest.

When they reached the hollow once again, Dusty immediately head for his shared den with Cedar, his mate. As he crawled into the fallen tree, hollowed out after many years, excited squeaks erupted from inside.

Storm smiled. Maybe one day she'd have kits too. She hoped so. As she turned away, she crashed into a large figure. She jumped back, away from the smothering, black fur and looked up to see the gleaming orange eyes of Midnight. Midnight was the strict leader of the pack of rogues. Many of that cats in the group were terrified of him with his huge talons and muscular body, but she wasn't.

Far from it. She pushed forward, rubbing her bottom jaw against his soft pelt. He returned by doing the same to her back as she slid past.

"Storm," he spoke in a gruff voice. Storm smiled, her eyes gleaming, "you are looking beautiful today. Have you washed you fur especially carefully this morning?"

Storm felt her cheeks warming up as she shook her head, "I went hunting... I really should have-"

"Never mind, you don't have to, you have a natural sleekness that doesn't need any grooming."

Storm was trembling now. She loved him so much. Maybe it was because she was in heat? No, it was much more than that.

"Would you like to join me for another hunt? Just you and me? Well, I'll catch the meal, we'll share?"

Storm bit her lip. The offer certainly was tempting but she was full... "Umm... can I join you for lunch? I already ate. Nothing against you, of course, it's just-"

"No, no, I completely understand, I'll be looking forward to seeing you when the sun is halfway across the sky."

Storm nodded again, "Yes, me too! I'll definitely come than!"

Midnight smiled and turned, his sturdy legs carrying him over to a scorched tree that he clawed his way up. He was so good at climbing... she envied him. He clawed his way up to a branch that he crawled carefully on before lying down, one paw hanging off the side of it along with his tail. His head lowered to his paws and he watched his group with great interest as cats began leaving their dens, stretching and letting the sun warm their pelts.

He's like a leopard up there...she thought.

"Ohh, Tawny, I think Storm is in love!", a bouncy voice said. Storm's eyes widened. SHe spun around.

"What?", she yelped, her eyes catching a yellow she-cat's eyes. Sunshine.

"Don't lie, Storm you obviously like him, although I can't imagine why, he's something less of nice!", she mumbled the last part to herself.

"Maybe I do and he isn't at all like that! He's just misunderstood!", Storm whined.

Sunshine raised an eyebrow (A/N do cat's have something considered as and eyebrow?) "Mmm hmmm, sure. Really though, what do you see in him?"

Storm glared, "More than you bother to! I already told you, cats are to judgeing about him, he's sweat, really."

"To you, and you know why? He likes you back. Honestly, if he wasn't such a foxheart, I'd consider you two an adorable couple, ya know?"

Storm rolled her eyes. Tawny stepped up besides her.

"Don't worry, Storm, you know Sunshine can be nothing short of a mousbrain at times.", the mostly brown she-cat meowed.

"I heard that, Tawny! You get that dappled pelt over here so I can teach you a lesson for going against me word!", Storm glanced at Sunshine in surprise but realized the she-cat was smiling. She trotted over to Storm and brushed against her, "I don't like it but if you really feel something for that grumpy beebrain, I won't try to stop you. Love is something no one should interfere with, I understand that just fine."

Storm purred, "Thank you Sunshine, you too, Tawny. It's nice of you to not be too judgeful, Sunny, and Tawny, it's really spirit lifting you argue with her annoying remarks."

Sunshine's eyes widened and she batted Storm's ear with sheathed claws, "Hurtful!"

Storm giggled and slipped away from her two friends, spotting a clump of moss growing near a dead tree. She smiled. "Does anyone want to play mossball?", she asked. She bounded towards it, hooking it with a ball and tossing it at her friends.


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