Midnight bristled. "You push us around, force us here, then ask us to join your stupid clan? No! Only an idiot would except such an offer!", the black tom growled, "We don't even know your name!"

"I'm Brackenstar, but that information isn't important at the moment. I'll give you one last chance- join us.", the she-cat calmly flicked her tail, puffing out her chest and standing tall but even from a distance, Storm could see the worry and desperation in her gleaming green eyes.

Midnight opened her mouth to speak but Storm beat him to letting his voice be heard, "Wait- Midnight, why not?"

Midnight glared at her for her interruption. "Because, Storm, these cats are weak fools! They drag us here to punish us, and instead admit their greatest fault!"

The cats crowded around the clearing began growling and hissing angry retorts that Midnight ignored.

Brackenstar was glaring.

"And what's our greatest fault?", Storm growled.

Midnight rose up, his pelt bristling. "We will not talk about our packs fault, not here.", Midnight turned towards where Brackenstar stood and shot her a fierce glare. "We do not except your offer. Now let us go before I rip all your eyes out!"

Brackenstar sighed before flicking her tail. "Very well. Spidersight, take them both to the border and make sure they leave. I want you to bring Thistleshade, Firebird, Lilyfoot and Blazingmoon with you."

Spidersight nodded. "Yes, Brackenstar." The tom stood up and flanked Midnight who bristled in anger but didn't argue.

Storm's tongue flicked across her lips as she padded after him.

Riverstone lifted and tail and put it over Storm's back, across her shoulders.

"Don't even think about running!", the arrogant, young she-cat murmured into Storm's silvery ear. Storm's whiskers twitched in amusement. She'd come to realize that the grey cat was all bluff. She seemed a bit scared if anything.

The eight cats padded to the border where Spidersight stopped, staring blankly out. "Well... Go on.", he growled to Storm and Midnight. Storm quickly raced across the border, her eyes glistening but Midnight stood his ground for a moment.

Spidersight blinked in surprise, then glared at Midnight, his tail lashing, "Well? Get out!"

For a moment, Midnight stood still and Storm was sure Spidersight and his large patrol would attack before Midnight yawned and stretched, his muscles trying to break out from beneath his skin.

With that, the black tom padded calmly across the border, a bored expression decorating his sleek face. "Well, Storm. C'mon. These cats aren't worth out time.", Midnight mewed before continuing into the burnt forest where a fire had once raged.

Storm stared regretfully at Riverstone and Spidersight before turning, her head low and following her leader.

Her love.


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