A story collaboration
By Silent J and The Scribe

My brother is Silent J, and I am the Scribe...

All rights are reserved to their respective owners...

The Swat Kats belong to Christian and Yvon Tremblay and Cartoon Network [and partially Boomerang - now showing reruns]...

Nytro is a character created by my little brother and me...

Dramatis Personae-

Jake Clawson / Razor - Swat Kat; Gunner

Chance Furlong / T-Bone - Swat Kat; Pilot
Commander Ulysses Feral - Commander of the Enforcers
Mayor Manx - Mayor of Megakat City
Calico "Callie" Briggs - Deputy Mayor of Megakat City
Nytro - Arson for hire; the Swat Kats first tag
Dark Kat - Evil mastermind; controller and creator of the Creeplings

"We'll get back at Dark Kat, and every other criminal scum that rears its ugly head in Megakat City. But this time, we do it our way!..."

Jake Clawson

Silent J & The Scribe Present...

Swat Kats

The Radical Squadron

"The Age Before Flight"

"It's been three months since Feral sentenced us to this poor excuse for a 'scrap yard'. Me and Chance have been trying our best to adjust to our 'new way of life', but its not easy. It wasn't our fault that our ship was taken out by Feral when we clearly had Dark Kat dead in our cross-hairs. And then blaming us for blowing up the Enforcers HQ, after he 'love tapped' our ship and knocked out our guidance system; then taking a nose dive into the HQ. But on top of all that!..."

"Hey Jake!", Chance yelled, interrupting Jake's writing when a call came to the garage. "We got a call to tow some old lady's car near the edge of town; sounds like we gotta bring it to the shop too", Chance yelled across the room. Jake then put down his pen, zipping up his jumpsuit, and looked around the 'Grease Pit'. It was in a dismal state -as always - and with a poster on the wall with him and Chance as poster boys for the Enforcers. "Another one?", he said with a heavy sigh. "Yep.." "Well, we're not getting any younger Chance.." "And neither is she", Chance said, trying but failing to lighten the already dismal mood.


Driving on the road was a little depressing for Jake, especially with the shortcut Chance took. "Ohh, ahh, oof! Hey Chance, where did you find this shortcut anyway?!", Jake asked while being jerked around in the tow truck. "Found it this morning coming back to the grease pit!", Chance answered proudly. "Swell... By the way, who are we supposed to tow anyway?" "Don't know her last name, only got her first, 'Callie'", Chance answered while pulling back on a paved road. "Huh, with a name like that it sounds like she always needs some rescuing." "Yeah. And without any help from the Enforcers!", Chance added.

The truck then slowed to a stop as the guys pulled up to a sleek green sports car, fresh off the line. "Ah Chance, you said an 'old lady' right?", Jake asked, scratching his head in disbelief. "Yeah.." "That doesn't look like an old lady car to me buddy." "Maybe it's a rental?", he answered as the both of them hopped out and walked over the broke-down car. "Hello there ma'am.. You called for a...", Jake started to ask before the woman stepped out of the car. She was a vision of loveliness in the boys eyes, with long fluffy blonde hair, dazzling green eyes, sophisticated attire, stylin' eyewear, and briefcase, with the seal of the city on the front, denoting a sign of some authority. "For a repair job?", she said with a confident tone. "Uh, yeah! I mean yes ma'am!", Chance said, trying not to drool as he spoke. "Smooth move buddy", Jake slyly said to his partner. "What happened to your car miss...?" "Briggs, Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs. But you can call me 'Callie'", she said with a smile. "It just broke down for no reason, only a mile from the Mayor's office. Do you think you guys can take a look?" "Sure thing Ms. Briggs, I mean Callie..", Chance tried to say smoothly.

After a few moments tinkering with the engine, Chance popped his head up and said: "Ahh! There's your problem! You just need a new sparkplug.." "Really? All that trouble for something so small?" "The small things can be the game changer", Chance said as he got a new plug from the truck. "Here you go", he muttered while installing the plug into Callie's car. "Give'er a crack Jake!" Vrgh... "Nothing..", Jake said. "Try it again!" "Alright.." Vrgh, vrgh, vroooommm! "Bingo! Sounds good now!" "Wow, that was fast! Thanks a lot guys! By the way, do you have a card I can use to call you if I need help again?" "Sure thing Callie", Chance answered her. "Here you go beautiful.." "Thanks...", she said to him. She took a moment to look at the card, and noticed the names of the two mechanics: "Hmm, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong? Hey guys, wait up!" "Yes?", they both answered. "Aren't you two the pilots who crashed that plane into the police headquarters?" "Haahh... Yeah, that was us..", Jake said with a heavy sigh, and his head hanging down."I don't believe that story that Commander Feral came up with", she exclaimed. "Really?!", Chance said, stunned at her response. "Well, why not?", Jake asked. "Because I was there.."

The duo was stunned at what they had heard. "What?!" "Yes, I was there. I was closing a deal with an investor for the mayor when I saw you and Feral soaring by chasing Dark Kat. I was in one of the buildings near Enforcer Headquarters when I saw Feral knock your plane into a tailspin, spiraling down into the Enforcer's H.Q. But even with my testimony, that still didn't change his mind", she answered. "Almost nothing does", Chance blurted out. "Sorry I couldn't help you guys out.." "It's alright Callie, at least you tried", Jake said sympathetically. "But hey! Having your business helps out more than you know!", Chance said happily. "I guess some help is better than...", she started to say before the Commander's lead cruiser pulled up next to them."Ms Briggs! The Mayor has been worried about you! He hasn't heard from you in hours and sent me to fi...", he said before turning his head and saw Jake and Chance. "WHAT ARE 'YOU TWO' DOING HERE?!", he shouted with extreme anger in his voice, and a vein emerging on his forehead.

"Stand down Chance", Jake whispered to him, putting his hand on his shoulder; he was clearly still feeling strong emotions about that day. "'Those two', as you put it Commander, were helping me with my car. As you can see, it broke down here.", she said as she defended them. "Be that as it may, these two are still trouble Ms. Briggs. Don't forget, they destroyed the new Enforcers building!" "That wasn't our fault you..." "CHANCE!", Jake yelled while holding him back. "You see Deputy Mayor?! Even now they're still hostile!" "Only because you provoked them Feral!", Callie shot back. "Humph! Just don't let me catch you two hotshots causing trouble, or not even the Mayor can save your nine lives!..", Feral warned angrily, wagging an accusing finger in Jake and Chance's direction. He then got back into his cruiser - much to the boys relief - and sped off, kicking up a cloud of dust and rocks in his wake.

"What a hothead!", Jake spouted off. "Yeah, it looks like he got up on the wrong side of the litter box today..", Chance said jokingly. "Anyway, thanks for the help guys. I'll call you if I need anymore help with my car. See ya around..", Callie said before getting into her car and driving off to the city. "Wow, some day huh buddy?", Jake said while hopping into the tow truck. "Yeah, one to remember..", he said as the engine turned over and the two of them drove back to the Grease Pit.


Jake started to wind down on the couch, while Chance was in a fiery rage. "Chance, calm down buddy!" "Hrgh... huhh, I'm sorry Jake. It's just that seeing Feral again has really got me angry!" "Come on Chance, it's not like we're gonna see him on a regular basis." "Yeah, you're right", Chance said with a small smile."Now grab some milk and lets watch some tv." "Ohh... Alright buddy! Make some room!", he said while he quickly grabbed a bottle of milk and ran as quickly to the couch. "So what's on?!" "Well, 'Scaredy Kat' just went off, but lets check the news..", Jake said as he turned to the news.

"This is Ann Gora, Katseye News.. On the news tonight, 'Dark Kat Strikes Back!' Dark Kat, the infamous villain, has struck again. This time at the Megakat City Nuclear Reserve. Reportedly, he stole about two hundred grams of nuclear refuse, newly made fusion rods, metallic alloys capable of transporting and dispensing nuclear materials, and a hostage for safe passage out of the Reserve. In other news, a new villain has emerged on the scene, and his name is 'Nytro'!.." "Turn it off!", Chance said while Jake reached for the tv remote. "Ugh, there's nothing good on TV anymore..", Jake said when he turned the tube off. "ARGH! I can't believe that Dark Kat is back in the air! If only we had of taking him out when had the chance! If only Feral hadn't...!" "Yeah, if only.. if only! Well guess what Chance? We didn't! We couldn't do it when we were with Feral, we couldn't do it when he booted us from the Enforcers, and we certainly can't do it now!", Jake shouted across the room to Chance, trying not to punch the wall while on his emotional tirade.

"Jake, I'm... I'm sorry bud. If only we could do something about it." "I know.. And I'm sorry I snapped at you Chance.. It's been a long day", Jake apologized. Jake then walked over to a window, looking out in the junkyard, and began thinking. After a few minutes at gazing at junk, he exclaimed: "Hmm, maybe... Maybe we can!" "Yeah, how?" "We're in a military junkyard right?" "Yeah..." "There's a lot of old and newly used planes and plane parts in there right?" "Right.." "So lets make a new plane!" "What?! You gotta be kidding me Jake! Do you know what we need to make a new plane with?!" "Between the both of us, we have the technical know-how to do it! We've been doing this kinda thing since we were kids Chance!"

"Yeah, but what are we gonna do with a plane?" "We'll get back at Dark Kat, and every other criminal scum that rears its ugly head in Megakat City. But this time, we do it our way!... What do ya say Chance?" "Hah, those Enforcer jets were always too slow... What do you think Jake?" "Well alright then! Let's get to work!" "Yeah! Umm... Where do we start?" "Well we would need a base to store it, and other equipment.. Maybe we should start there." "Alright but... AAHHH, lets do it in the morning.. I'm bushed." "Agreed, let's hit it in the morning", Jake said as he went to his room for some shuteye.


As the sun rose, the boys were hard at work at finding a place to set the hangar. "Hey Chance! Come here, I think I found the perfect spot!",Jake said while near some junk. "What did you find buddy?" "Look at this!",Jake exclaimed. He then showed Chance a hole with a ladder leading down it. "Where does it go?" "I'm about to find out." Jake took out a flashlight, turned it on, and started down the ladder. Ten minutes passed by, and he hadn't come up. Twenty minutes passed by, and still nothing. Twenty five minutes, Chance was worried.

"Jake, Jake! Can you hear me!", he yelled down the hole. "Yeahh!", Jake yelled back, with Chance barely hearing him. "Are you ok?!" "Yeah! I'm just amazed at what's down here!" "Well, what is down there?!" "Come on down and take a look!"Chance got out his flashlight, prayed a little, and he started down the ladder. But once down there, he saw the 'amazing thing' that Jake was talking about. "Wow! Don't tell me you did this last night when I was sleeping did you?", Chance said in astonishment. "Nope! It was like this when I got here!" The two of them were looking at a large, old abandoned military base hangar underneath the Grease Pit, filled with different types of machinery, parts, and corridors just waiting to be explored, some even leading back to the garage. "And it was just laying here?" "Yep. Untouched for years it seems. Well, it needs some love in some places, but its in pretty good condition!" "Yeah... Hey! I wonder where this large opening leads to?", Chance asked as he went up what looked like a runway. "Hey! Its hollow right here! Like its retractable..."

"Hey Chance! I found a control panel over here! Hmm, lets see what this does", Jake said as he began to push buttons. The first switch activated the lights, which showed them even more of the base. The second one activated a circular hydraulic lift which rose up from a level below them. "Wow, this place is full of surprises!", Jake said. As he turned the third one on, it began to open the hangar door where Chance was. "Wooow!", Chance yelled, the door rumbling as it opened. "Hey! It leads to an open space on the other side of the junkyard!" "Cool! Now if only we could get a plane in here..", Jake muttered. "Well, we have the base, now we gotta build the plane!", Chance cheerfully said. "Yeah, but where do we start?", Jake questioned."First, we need to find a body..."


The duo came up through an opening in the Pit, and started to begin to look for the parts they needed to build the ultimate fighter jet. But their plans were put on hold when Burke and Murray arrived in their dump truck. "Hey Burke! If it isn't our favorite junkyard 'junk-heads'!", Murray joked while he dumped some old jet parts in their faces. "Yeah! The new tenants seem to be doing just fine", Burke added. "Well if it isn't our loving caretakers, Burke and Murray!", Chance said, a little disgusted. "Ahh! I didn't know yous cared! By the way, how is our old stompin' ground?", Burke said. "Probably as good as they took care of the Enforcer's building!", Murray said as he and Burke broke into an uproar of laughter. "Huh huh-huh... Listen, do you guys have something better to do right now, or are we the only 'friends' you have?", Jake said, trying to 'encourage' them to leave. "Uhh, we have some other places to dump before we can go home, what about you? Oh right you are home! Haahahahaha!", Murray said as he and Burke roared away in their truck, laughing their heads off.

"Good riddance to bad kitty litter!" "Amen to that!", Jake and Chance said respectfully. "Now that we've gotten rid of those two, lets find that body!", Jake said, as the two went deep into the yard, seeking that which was most desired. After a few hours of searching, Jake noticed something sticking out from the bottom small pile of stacked cars. "Hey Chance! Take a look over here, I found something!", Jake radioed. As soon as Chance got there, they started wedge free the thing underneath. "Well what do ya know? It's a silver F-14 Wildcat! In good condition no less!", Chance happily said. "Yeah, and from the looks of it, most of its systems are intact. Which will make it easier to rewire!", Jake was saying while he examined the nearly good looking jet. "But those engines as they are, we either need newer ones or we need another engine to help keep us steady in the air", Chance said, inspecting the craft. "I can fix up these engines, but I would need a few more. You know, for hovering and an extra kick in speed if we need it."

"Ok. I found some other engines back over there", Chance said, pointing behind him, "But for the main one, I need to search some more.." "Don't need to bud, take a look over there!", Jake proclaimed, gesturing over to his left."Wow! Is that what I think it is?!" "Yep! It's a 'J-35 Kraken'!", Jake exclaimed. After taking a look inside, Jake shouted: "It looks like the guidance system is still operational! But the rest of the plane is fried!" "Can we use the main engine?", Chance asked. "Yeah! It's still in good condition!" "Nice! Lets take these things back to the hangar and look for the rest after!", Chance shouted as they started to take their haul back to get it fixed up.


The two of them worked day in and day out trying to strip, salvage, repair, and rewire the jets and other parts they had found on their days off. The jet they were making started to take form. The twin engine jet, now modified for three, was looking less and less like scrap, and more and more like a fighter plane. The cockpit was changing from a standard two-seater, into a hardwired nerve center; with different types of switches and buttons, a complicated but effective throttle and maneuvering controls, an upgraded guidance system remade from different modules they'd found in the junkyard, which also had the ability to scan the x-ray spectrum, dimensional-radar capabilities, and an electronic surge detection protocol, for if anyone tried to hack into their systems.

They put in a high-tech, integrated targeting system, able to pick the flies clean off a vulture's head at a thousand feet away; they were modifying it to work with their headsets as well. Razor was developing an in-helmet, visor heads up display system, which would give them increased visibility and control over the flight and weapons systems. Chance was working on an enhanced communications array, which would (hopefully) allow the jet to interface with the Enforcer and local city frequencies. Jake took a break from the cockpit, and started to work on the engines. With the main three being done, Jake began installing the port and starboard intakes on the front of the jet. These would help them to hover and maneuver with great ease. After Jake 'tinkered' with the engines and things, he went right to the weapons hold. Chance was working on reinforcing the landing struts with 'Katanium', which didn't take him too long to find and weld. He then went into the cockpit to configure the piloting controls, much to his delight.

"Hmm, lets see if we got the flaps in right. Hey Jake, stand clear! I'm testing the wing flaps!", Chance shouted. "Roger!" Chance started up the navigational controls, testing the hydraulics of the jet. "Lets see, left flap", he said as the flap went up and down. "Excellent! Now for the right.." Same as before, it too went up and down. "Sweet! The modifications we did are holding up just fine! Now lets see if the wings retracted..", Chance said to himself. He toggled a switch, and the wings began to sweep inward, then back outward. "Alright! Now all we need to do is test this baby out!" "We will Chance, we will. But first I have to make a few more adjustments before she's 'air-worthy'. Shouldn't take more than a few hours!", he grunted while under the jet, welding and fixing some parts and circuits. "Oh.. Oh alright...", Chance said with a groan, climbing up the ladder and left the hangar, waiting for Jake to finish.


Chance was on the couch watching 'Scaredy Cat', drinking some milk and falling asleep. Just as he was drifting into dreamland, Jake popped up and shouted: "It's ready!" Chance woke up and, like a flash of lightning, was down in the hangar near the jet, ready to go. "Well alright then!", Jake said, climbing back down the ladder.


They leapt into the cockpit, put on their helmets(now with the HUD display inputting into them..), strapped themselves in, and prepared for the ride of their lives."Turning on the nav controls... Now!", Jake said. "Targeting systems... Online!", Chance shouted. "Main engines coming on; so is the radar, the weapons systems..." "We have weapons?" "Not a lot, but we have some things packed in here.." "When did you have time to do that?" "What do you think I was doing for the past few hours?" "You sneaky devil!" After a few minutes, the engines finally kicked in, roaring like a dragon scorching the earth with the full fury of its fire. "Heh, listen to her purr!", Chance said as he revved the engine. "Yeah, sounds beautiful!", Jake retorted. "Are the systems all online yet?", Chance asked, growing more and more impatient. "Just hold on a second... And... Bingo! All systems online, we're ready to launch!" "Hoo, alright, lets hope this 'buzzard' can get off the runway..", Chance nervously said as he pushed a sequence of buttons, which started to move the jet forward.

"Come on, we gotta pick up speed if we're gonna make it outta here!", Jake said, urging Chance to gun it. "Alright, lets see what she can do!", he shouted, pushing the throttle to the max. "Come on, come on!" The jet roared down the runway, picking up speed as it neared the end of it. The rush of the take-off was all too exciting for the two of them: it was like everything around them was moving in a blur, nonexistent. Their grip tightening, fur tensing, eyes wide open and alert, adrenaline searing through their veins as they broke free from the hangar in a glorious fashion. Now they were airborne, nothing in their way but the clear night sky...and it was all theirs once again...