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Emily walked into her house with a groaning Hotch behind her. "My back is killing me!" Hotch whined.

"Well….You kind of did deserve it." Emily replied.

"What? Why did I deserve it?" Hotch questioned Emily.

"You didn't have to rub winning in everyone's face." Emily replied.

"It wasn't everyone…. It was just the losers" Hotch said with a smirk.

"Wow talk about bad sportsmanship." Emily said also laughing.

"Em didn't you promise me a visit from Nurse Prentiss?" Hotch asked with a seductive smile.

"Yes I think I recall that conversation." Emily stated with a smirk slowly walking towards Hotch. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered finishing with a nibble, "Wait patiently nurse Prentiss should be with you in a moment.

Five minutes later Emily walked out in a short outfit accompanied by thigh high socks and a clip board.

"So… Mr. Hotchner what seems to be the problem today?" Emily queried.

"Well… I seem to have hurt my back." Aaron replied in a strangled voice. He was trying to take pressure off of his growing erection but keep it off of his back.

"Ok. I need you to take your clothes off and put on this gown." Emily ordered.

"Is that really necessary Em?" asked Hotch.

"Yes and it is Nurse Prentiss." Emily informed him with a smirk and a lick of her lips.

Hotch put on the gown and as soon as he finished Emily was by his side with some oil.

"It is my job to make sure that all of my patients are comfortable. Are you comfortable?" asked Emily.

"Aside from my back yes I am." Replied Hotch.

"Good. I think I am just going to massage the kinks out of your back," said Emily with a seductive wiggle of her eyebrows.

"I actually need you to remove the gown," Emily stated.

"Why… nurse are you trying to get me naked? " Hotch stated feigning shock.

"Just take off the gown Mr. Hotchner"

Hotch took off the gown and quickly turned on his back. "Is this good nurse?"

"Perfect" Emily stated with a wolfish grin. She poured some oil on his back and began to massage Aaron's back. Once she got all of the kinks out of the top of his back she slowly worked her way down and placed a kiss on his shoulder.

"How does that feel Mr. Hotchner?"

"Mmmm….. Great."

"Good." Emily said.

She nibbled on his ear and finished massaging Hotch. When she was done she turned Hotch over on the bed and kissed him passionately. She then trailed kisses down his stomach and when she got to his cock she kissed it and began to pleasure him with her mouth.

When Hotch came Emily kissed him once again and lied down next to him.

"I love you Aaron Hotchner!" Emily proclaimed.

Hotch replied with, "I love you too Emily Prentiss."

They then proceeded to make love to each other for the rest of the day.