This is a Fiolee story written by a good friend of mine and me. This is our very first time writing Fiolee and English isn't our first language, so if you find any mistake of some sort, make sure to point it out. Enjoy the first chapter! :)

Fionna's POV:

I woke up pretty early so I decided to go down to the kitchen and make bacon pancakes, leaving a dose for Cake. After that I left her a note saying that I was going to hang out with Marshall for the day, so she could go and be with Lord Monochromicorn.

I got dressed with my usual adventuress clothes, grabbed my backpack and went out the door thinking about Cake's weird relationship. Cake doesn't know who I really like, she still thought I liked Gumball the last time I checked, but I have a feeling she won't be thinking that for long since I now find myself spending most of my time with Marshall Lee. But whatevs, I just hope she doesn't gossip about who I like with LM.

I arrived at the cave knocking on the door waiting for Marshall Lee to come.
He opened the door still in his boxers and said "Oh hey Fionna" smiling slightly.
"Hey, did I wake you up?" I don't quite know why I asked, I already knew the answer.

"Ya kinda, but it's ok Fi. So what do you wanna do?" he asked, looking at me with questioning dark orbs. "Since it's pretty sunny I thought we could go explore a dungeon." I said, the excitement in my voice making Marshall smile again. "Let me just change and grab something to eat ok?"

"Sure, but don't take long princess!" I said, joking. "Watch your mouth, you're talking to a king not prince gumwad." he answered sarcastically, with a faint grin.

We both entered his house and Marshall went to his room to get dressed, while I sat on his hard and not really comfortable at all couch, waiting for him. After a couple of minutes, I sensed him floating to the kitchen, probably to eat his breakfast.

Since there was nothing I could do but wait, I decided to join him. Walking slowly with calculated steps, I tried my best to reach him without making a noise, but I ended up failing.

The vampire king turned to look at me, a bowl of strawberries in his hand, smiling at my non successful attempt to creep out on him. "Want one?" he simply said, pointing at the red fruits. I shook my head, my stomach still full with the bacon pancakes, and walked closer to him.

He shrugged, sucking the red out of the strawberries with a delighted expression. When he was finished he left the bowl in the counter and we both made our way out of the cave into the sunny exterior. I watched as Marshall clutched his umbrella, blinking a couple of times in order to adjust his eyes to the immense amount of light.

"Ready?" I asked, nudging him with my elbow. He smirked, suggesting we should have a little race to see who got there first. We found ourselves doing that often lately and Marshall seemed to enjoy it a lot, since he was always the winner. I nodded and off we went, racing into adventure.