Fionna's POV:

When I came to myself again I was in a pink bedroom. I soon realized I was in the candy Kingdom's hospital. I started, while still sitting down, to look around for Marshall Lee, but there were no traces of him.

Last thing I remembered was the sound of Marshall's painful screams, ringing in my ears. Since he obviously wasn't anywhere in the room I got up to properly look for him, but I was stopped on my way out by Prince Gumball himself.

"Fionna, what are you doing out here? You are not fully healed yet, please go back to bed." He demanded, putting a hand on my shoulder gently pushing me towards my hospital bed.

"No, Gumball. I'm not going back to bed. Not until I find Marshall!" I stated, slowly. "Last time I saw him he was way worse than me. I need to find him PG!" I then said, trying to make my way towards the exit. I removed Gumball's hand off of my shoulder and ran way without giving the prince a chance to follow or stop me.

I went straight to where I last saw Marshall, his house.

When I got there, the down floor was in a pretty bad condition. The walls were covered in black as a result of the huge amount smoke that had taken over the house the previous night. The floor next in the living room was about to cave in at any second.

The top floor wasn't as damaged, but the faint smell of smoke and ashes was still present, making my nostrils recoil. Marshall was nowhere to be seen.

As I was making my way down the stairs, I heard a strange sound. I came back to the top floor in a heartbeat, looking for its source. In a corner next to the burnt floor was a small bat, trying to shield itself from the sunlight that pierced through the window.

I ran towards it, knowing there was a high chance of it being Marshall. He must've turned into a bat in order to escape FP's flames. The small bat was now in my hands, and I caressed it like it was the most precious thing in the world. After awhile, I hugged it carefully to my chest, blocking the sun as much as I could and brought him home with me. Cake would know how to treat him properly.

When I got home I immediately yelled for Cake."Jeez, I'm Here Fionna. What is it?" she said, coming down the bedroom stairs into the kitchen.

"Oh Cake it's Marshall, something terrible happened last night!" I answered and proceeded to sit down on the couch, putting Marshall on my lap and with that I spilled the beans and told my cat sister every single thing about Flame Prince and Marshall's fight, about me waking up in the hospital and about finding Marshall shielding himself from the sun as much as he could.

"Fionna, I don't know if I'm able to heal him like a vampire, much less a bat. I think you should take him to the hospital." she stated, calmly. But unlike her I was flipping out.

"Cake didn't you just hear what I told you? Do you think I'd trust Gumball when he didn't even try to look for Marshall? I don't even know how I got there. Right now I don't trust him, not at all. You're the only one I know who can help him." I pleaded. It was true, Cake was the only one who had a little bit of medical knowledge except for the people in the candy hospital or the candy library, even though those would never help Marshall.

" Fionna I'll try my best, but in order to do that I need him to be in his regular form. Come help me bring him upstairs, we'll put him in your bed. Maybe he changes once he feels like he is in safety." She suggested and I gave her a thankful smile, as I took bat Marshall into my hands again.

I put him in my bed and gently said "You're ok now, you're safe. I got you" while caressing him.

Marshall's POV:

Everything was black and I could only see a small lamp in the distance. Slowly and almost involuntary I started to walk towards the light, but then something strange happened. Each step I took made a creak on the ground. The floor was about to collapse right where I was standing.

I decided to make I run for it.

I stretched my arm when I got close to the old lamp emitting the bright yellowish light, but before I could grab it the floor collapsed and I fell into what seemed like a pit without end, judging by the apparent length. While I was falling, I literally watched my life before my eyes.

I could see my memories as a kid, memories of my parents, memories of the mushroom war, memories of my friends and most importantly, memories of Fionna. Even almost dying I keep thinking of how much I loved her and how much I was going to miss her if I indeed died.

In a small glimpse I could see what was waiting for me in the end of the pit. The floor was covered in spikes, giant metal spikes to be exact. That was bad, I knew I couldn't turn into a bat to avoid them, cause it'd take me some time, and one thing that was lacking me was time.

Still, there was no way I'd just accept my fate without fighting back. I had to see Fionna's face once again, even if it was just for a small amount of time. I had to hug her and kiss her at least one last time.

I didn't want to die. Not just yet. The image of Fionna slipped into my mind once more. I couldn't escape, there was no way of fighting it.

I, Marshall Lee the vampire king, was going to die completely defenseless. Since I wasn't strong enough to float, or fast enough to turn into a bat in order to escape the spikes, I somehow decided to call Fi's name one last time.

Maybe something different would happen other than my eventual fate. I yelled her name but nothing happened, so I decided to just let myself fall.

I could imagine the pain I would suffer. I could almost feel it, the deadly spikes piercing through my skin, destroying my existence.

But instead of spikes, my body I felt a soft mattress.

"Was it all a dream? Where am I?" I thought to myself.

I noticed I was still in my bat form but before there was any chance of turning back to normal I had to make sure I was safe. Bats have good hearing so I figured that maybe if I focused, I could hear something that would tell me were I was.

I was right, a few second later I could hear Cake's voice. That most definitely meant I was in Fionna's house.

Still with some doubts left in my mind, I turned into my normal vampire form that resembled a human, and slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was something that I was very pleased to see.