Hey, how's it going guys? Here's chapter 2, a much longer one! Sorry for taking so long to update, but we both had a final national exam this Thursday and needed to study as much as we could. Anyways, enjoy this chapter! :)

Fionna's POV:

We got to the forest. I was carefully searching for an entrance to a dungeon, while Marshall Lee floated swiftly smiling like an idiot, just because he won the stupid race. Again.

"Can you please stop?" I asked him, annoyed. "Stop what?" he answered, childishly, like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"That smile, it's making me freak out. Just so you know, you just won because you cheat all the time! You float while I have to run, and it's not fair!" I sighed, upset. Marshall Lee's grin grew wider. "Well, cheating isn't known for being fair, bunny, is it? But if it makes you that upset I promise not to do it next time." he said and though I knew he was not going to keep his promise, his words managed to calm down my anger. I don't know how he does it, not even Cake can calm me down as much as he does.

"Marshall, look!" I exclaimed, pointing to a tree that moved, like it was stepping backwards, and revealed a stairway to a dungeon. "What are you waiting for, bunny? Let's go kick butts in a dungeon." said the vampire king, smirking.

Once we got in I immediately started exploring, with Marshall floating behind me. I opened an iron door that led me into a dark room illuminated only by a torch near the entrance. When I got in, I proceeded to grab the torch near the door and it closed suddenly, leaving Marshall Lee on the other side. I yelled his name but it was too late.

I noticed that the walls all had mirrors on them. I was desperately searching for an exit but then something appeared in one of the mirrors. I turned to see what it was and a reflection of the ocean greeted me, making me take some steps back, away from the mirror. When I looked closer at the reflection, I noticed someone was drowning. After awhile I realized that the person drowning was Gumball. I was starting to freak out, when I felt the water on my feet sending me shivers through my whole body. I was terrified.

Some time after, something else appeared on another mirror. This time it was the Lich, who seemed to be fighting Flame Prince, this last one losing terribly. I felt hopeless. I wanted to help him but I didn't know how. I could see FP on the ground, but then someone came to help him. I immediately knew it was Marshall Lee.

He got next to FP and tried to wake him up, not noticing the Lich behind him. Then, he fell to the ground, unconscious, due to a green fire ball shot at him by the Lich. The three boys I cared most in the whole world were suffering and I couldn't help them, couldn't save them in any way.

I felt terribly guilty, hot tears steaming down my face. I've never been so scared in my life. I heard a noise coming from behind me, so I turned to see who it was. A blue lady all dressed in white was staring at me. She appeared to be some sort of angel. She pointed at one mirror. I thought she was going to take me away from that nightmare, but I was wrong. As soon as she grabbed my hand (like a kid crossing the road with an adult) her face expression changed from peaceful and somehow protective to deformed and scary.

I picked up my sword and tried to push the scary looking angel woman off me, making her fall into a mirror. The mirror broke instantly, shards of thick glass making a hole on the wall. She ran off and I took the opportunity to do the same, escaping through the hole. It was dark, but not for long, because I soon found myself at the entrance of the dungeon, where Marshall Lee stood, with a worried expression.

"Where were you? I couldn't find you after you were locked in that room." he said, coming over to stand in front of me. "I was worried" he then admitted.

I let a small laugh bubble out of my lips. "You, Marshall Lee, actually concerned for someone? That's sweet." I said, ironically. "Don't flatter yourself." he answered, tongue sneaking out. "C'mon, I have to get you home before Cake kills us both." he stated and just then I noticed it was already evening. How long was I trapped in that nightmare?

"She won't do anything to me, but I'd be worried if I was you. She might scratch your face off!" I answered, jokingly, and we both laughed.

"By the way, what happened to you inside that room?" the vampire asked and I didn't know what to answer him. Should I tell the truth, that I was watching the three guys I care about the most in the world being killed by my worst fears and I couldn't do anything to help? Or should I lie and say I was just stuck killing a weird monster I found?

Before I could say anything, Marshall spoke up "It's ok if you don't wanna share it with me. Now come, I'll give you a lift to the tree house." he said, quickly changing into his large bat form.

When we got to the tree house, Cake was cooking dinner, while BMO played and sang Cake's favourite tune. "Hi babycakes." Cake said, seeming happy to see me but completely ignoring Marshall Lee, who stood next to me awkwardly. This made me a little mad.

"You know I'm here as well, dontcha?" Marshall said, waving
at Cake for her to notice him. "Oh trust me, I know, paste face!" the cat answered in her usual sassy tone, not even lifting her eyes to meet the vampire.

"Ok, whatever Cake… Look Fionna, I think I'm gonna head home. See ya tomorrow?" he said, smiling at me with well hidden upset eyes. Dam, he doesn't like to be treated like that, does him? I swear, Cake can be so mean to him sometimes… "Yes Marshall, I'll stop by tomorrow, don't worry." I stated, trying to make him feel better after that whole scene with Cake.

"Ok then. Bye Fi." he stopped for a brief moment. "Bye kitty." he finished, waving at us and then proceeding to float home.

"Why do you have to be like that to him?" I asked my cat sister, after making sure Marshall Lee was gone. "Well Fionna, I guess I just don't like or trust him much. Remember when he practically CATNAPPED me?" she said. I could feel she was getting a little mad at me, but I couldn't help it.

I felt bad for Marshall Lee, for various reasons. Gumball is still mad at him for stealing his cream puffs, Cake won't talk to him properly. He must be feeling lonely.

"He was just kidding Cake, for glob's sake." I said almost yelling. "Still, I know why you're defending him, sis." she stated, turning around to face me. I could feel I was about to start blushing at any moment. "What... What do you mean Cake?" I trembled, my words whispered but loud enough for Cake to hear. I was hoping she wouldn't know why I was defending the vampire king.

"C'mon, Fionna, don't try to hide it from me! I know you like him." she said, the littlest grin creeping onto her features. I paralyzed, blushing harder. "Of course I do, he's my best friend!" I somehow managed to say.

"You know exactly what I mean, girl. You're in love with that vampire!" SKITTLES! She found my secret. Well, I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but still. I didn't want it to be this soon!

"Please Cake I'm begging you, don't tell anyone!" I pleaded. At that moment I wish I could've seen my face. It was so hot and I probably looked like a giant tomato. "Don't worry babycakes, your secret is safe with me. Now come, sit, and eat you dinner." Cake answered, smiling softly at me. I thought about going to eat but I wasn't really hungry after what happened. I was extremely nervous and I didn't quite know why. "I'm not really hungry Cake. I feel tired, actually. Can I please go to bed?" As a 15 year old girl I definitely had no reason to even ask her that, but I didn't want to make another scene. Not today, at least! I've been through enough for one day.

"Sure honey, just one more thing before you go..." I stopped breathing for a second. What was going to come out of her now? "Hum… what is it?" I questioned, hoping not to sound grumpy. "I just wanted you to know that I think it's best if you tell that vampire how you feel about him. That's all." I had a feeling she was going to say something like that.

"I'm not really sure about that, Cake." I said, starting to turn around from my cat sister. "I'm going to bed, good night!" I finished, quickly climbing the latter, still managing to ear a "Good night Fionna" from Cake.

I changed to my red pyjamas and went to bed, knowing that my secret wasn't going to stay safe much longer. Maybe I should think about telling Marshall how I felt.