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Marshall's POV:

Fionna and I quickly got to my house. I let her climb off of my back and then changed back to my normal form, as the human girl made her way to the door.

The house was as dark as usual, a slight breeze gluing itself to our bodies as we got inside. Fionna and I always loved that, because whenever we wanted to watch a horror movie, it created the perfect scenario. The slightly cold air would always be her excuse to get close to me when she got scared. Her heroine attitude got shadowed in those moments, hidden by the sudden fear of fleeting images and creepy noises and I liked to see that other side of her.

The human girl took off her shoes and slightly decreased the pressure exerted by the dress, letting it flow more loosely around her body. It gave her a messy look, but I didn't really mind, as I took off my own shoes as well. I wouldn't need them anyways, since I rarely prefer walking over fluctuating.

I went to the bathroom to get rid of my makeup. The substance was making my skin recoil and I didn't enjoy it much. I also fixed my hair, leaving the wig and the hat lying carelessly on my bed.

I proceeded to grab the movie I rented earlier, "The Woman in Black", and when I got to the living room I noticed Fionna was still standing up, looking sideways at the couch.

I chuckled and she turned to face me with a small smile. "Looks like I'll have to sit on your lap again." she said.

I wouldn't argue with that.


The first part of the movie went by swiftly, mostly filled with suspense and silence. Me and Fionna were snuggled up in the hard couch, her head resting on my chest. I could feel her hot breaths against the coldness of my body. She had her ear pressed lightly on the spot my heart should be beating on. I smiled, knowing it didn't affect her one bit. She enjoyed that silence and I was glad she did.

Suddenly a hose appeared on the screen, and I found my eyes glued to it, trying to think what could happen next. The hose started spilling dirt messily onto the dish washer. I noticed Fionna shifting her weight and let her find a more comfortable position.

When we both looked at the screen again we could muster a projector. Without any kind of warning, a musky eye appeared, startling Fionna.

Some time later, the movie ended.

I didn't really get scared, though the movie was interesting. Fionna was a whole different case though. She wanted to keep a normal, slightly brave attitude, trying her best to go through jump scares without blinking, but she failed miserably. There was a part where a woman suddenly appeared screaming on a reflection and I could feel Fionna jump, burying her face more and more into my chest as the scream grew longer. After a few minutes, she regained her composure and returned her attention to the movie.

The worst part was the ending though. Never before I'd seen the human girl so scared. The main character from the movie was entering a room that had been locked and what he found inside had Fionna releasing a little scream of terror, barely audible.

As the ghost of the woman in black appeared hanging on the ceiling, Fionna covered her eyes with her hands, leaving a little crack so she could see what would happen next. The ghost started spinning, and then it fell. And it disappeared.

I had my arm around Fionna through it all, even when the ending credits started rolling. She looked up at me, and I could still feel a glint of horror in her eyes but I didn't mention it. I lifted my other arm and placed my hand on her cheek, caressing it.

"So, did you like the movie?" I asked. Fionna shrugged.

"I wouldn't watch it again." she answered, pausing for a second to breathe. "But it wasn't bad, I guess…"

We stayed like that, still clinging to each other for some more minutes.

As we were getting ready to leave the couch, we heard a loud crack and saw the door flying through the hall, violently.

Fionna looked at me confused, her eyes puzzled with a little hint of fear.

In less than a second, I found myself torn from her, having been thrown against the wall with an intense amount of strength. I hit my head really hard and my vision was incredibly blurry. It also seemed like the world was spinning.

As I felt the indistinguishable smell of fire, smoke and ashes, I instantly knew who the intruder was.

Flame Prince.

Fionna's POV:

As the door was cracked open, I knew something was wrong. Deeply wrong.

Marshall was thrown against the wall and Flame Prince was now next to him, the fire deep inside him crackling violently. He looked back at me like a raged animal, his eyes showing extreme ferocity and then he turned around and kicked the defenseless vampire king multiple times.

"Get out of here, Fionna! Get away from this monster!" he screamed, creating a fire wall between me and the scene happening before my eyes.

I was panicking. Why was FP acting that way? What did Marshall do wrong?

I didn't realize I was screaming until the screeching noises were so loud my ears were hurting.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any sword with me and I couldn't think of nothing to put out the fire with. I tried getting closer to the vivid flames, but they only grew bigger, blocking completely my idea of passing to the other side.

"Marshall!" I yelled. "Marshall!"

I received no answer, only a loud, painful and short scream that I knew belonged to the vampire king.

"Stop! Flame Prince, stop what you're doing! Stop it, stop it now!" I kept yelling and yelling. Nothing was heard from the other side of the fire.

The smoke was getting intoxicating at this point. I ripped a bit of my dress with some strength and placed it over my mouth, trying to breathe regularly. My heart was racing against my chest and I had never felt so hot in my entire life.

I couldn't distinguish anything anymore. Only smoke and vivid red filled my vision. I was starting to get dizzy. Clearly, the dress piece wasn't sufficient to block the smoke from reaching my lungs, as they were filled with the poisonous air. The oxygen was running low.

I coughed. Then coughed again. My lungs were begging me to expel the smoke out of my body, but I couldn't do it. It was too much for me to handle.

Next thing I knew, I felt my legs giving up and fell to the hard ground. And then blackness consumed me.