A/N so some of you amazing readers (or maybe just one guest probably idk) have questioned why I say all this stuff about the doctor being a murderer and a demon and a killer etc etc etc. Not to be mean to that one guest, but have you been watching the same show as I have? Because there are so many times the Doctor kills, commits genocide, threatens unmercifully, causes to kill, or becomes a raging hateful madman. And then there are the little quotes and scenes that hint at even more darkness (I won't list any because there are literally hundreds I went through all these episodes writing then down once and like woah this is one sad, old, dark guy). So idk if its just that I dig all of that dark stuff up (I kind of enjoy it deep inside hehe) and present it so blatantly or what but yeah this is my a/n in response to that one guest because I can't pm you and I really want to reply (not trying to be mean! Just saying why I think all this and wondering why you have that opinion?). The guest probs won't even read this anyway but Whatevs it's her and this a/n is longer than the poem now so I'm gonna shut up. Thanks for the reviews and bye for now.


An ode to living

Was written once or twice

A praise for being

'Fore you pay its harsh price

An ode to living

Such a silly thing

Why give great thanks

For a fleeting little fling?

An ode to living

It's what you expected

But that dainty theme

This poem's neglected

An ode to living

Please don't make me laugh

Life isn't worth loving

When hearts break in half

An ode to living

Oxymoron, I say

Odes are so beautiful

Life's a much darker way

An ode to living

Then where is my feast?

Life gave me nothing

Turned me to a beast

An ode to living

Not a true one was writ

Til all read this rhyme

And their dusty minds lit

An ode to living

But we are all lying

So this should enlighten you

Life, an ode to dying