With Devil's Title Crowned

A/N about the time war and stuff. Yeah. :)


Two immortal races,

Locked in an endless war.

One tried to leave no traces,

One simply slashed and tore.

This war killed far too many,

Destroyed whole galaxies.

Hope? there was barely any,

Great ones fell to their knees.

One man who ran stood still,

Saw this and was repulsed.

That his own race would kill,

In blood the universe engulfed.

Soon this man saw too much,

Angered by unneeded deaths.

The rage a black nonesuch,

Even in his ragged breaths.

He led armies to battle,

Screamed on the front lines.

Commanding his kind like cattle,

To find peace for which he pines.

He shone, a flaring sun,

A god drenched in hot blood.

But finally when it was done,

Then guilt in him did flood.

He sank as low as the other side,

Murdering for justice.

Never he by the laws abide,

Though Lords called to him "trust us!"

He burned as black as a dalek heart,

He knew what he had to do.

The war with this universe must part,

The warriors to die too.

In innocent blood he drowned,

Two races gone extinct.

With a devil's title crowned,

His soul now derelict.