Author's note: Warning contains swearing and implied gayness.

Disclaimer: I don't own South Park or any characters.

Butters gripped Kenny's hand. The two completely happy flaunting their new relationship. Kyle bobbed his head along to the music coming from the headphones he was sharing with Stan, his Super best friend. Cartman stood in the middle of them all. They were waiting for the school bus as usual.

"Urgh..." Cartman groaned and Kyle removed the headphone to listen to the boy speak. "This groups full of fags." He whined an Kyle smirked at this great opportunity.

"Coming out, Fatass?" He asked. It didn't matter that he and Stan weren't in a relationship, Cartman had set himself up for this one.

"What Kahl?" He had obviously confused the idiot.

"If as you said 'this groups full of fags' then since you're in it, you're a fag." The whole group had turned to them at this point.

"..." Cartman stared in silence and Kyle watched the gears churn in the boy's brain. Cartman's eyes narrowed into a glare. He settled into his usual stance, flipping them off with both hands as he backed away. "Screw you guys, I'm going home." The others began to laugh as Cartman left their sight. That was Cartman talk for it being Kyle's win.