Harry of the Opera and the Musical Stone.

(I DO NOT OWN Harry Potter or the Phantom of the Opera)

Prelude. Ron's spell goes wrong. (As usual.)

Harry, Hermione and Ron were sitting in the Gryffindor common room. Harry was gazing fondly at the golden snitch which he had caught in his very first Quidditch match, Hermione was reading Hogwarts: A History by Bathilda Bagshot for the fiftieth time and Ron was practicing spells from a book Hermione had given him the previous Christmas.

'Frigitato!' said Ron waving his wand at the chocolate frog crouching on the table. The frog croaked and exploded, blobs of melted chocolate flew around the room. 'Ugh, Ron!' cried Hermione wiping the chocolate off the cover of her book using a handkerchief. Harry startled, left his day dream and said to Ron 'Maybe you should take a break and practice again later. Much later.' He went to the bathroom and changed into some clean robes.

After they and the room were clean again Hermione asked Ron 'Ron, what spell were you trying to do?' Ron said sadly 'I was trying to…. Turn the frog into an ice cube.' Suddenly, Neville came rushing in with a look of concern on his face. 'What happened? I heard an explosion' Neville said worriedly. Harry smiled at Neville and said 'It's alright Neville. Ron was just practicing his magic.'

'Oh.' Neville said and smiled with relief. Ron sat slumped over very embarrassed, his face beginning to go red. 'It wasn't my fault! It's my wand' he mumbled quietly. Hermione looked at Ron. Poor Ronald, she thought I wish he could learn to be as good at magic as rest of us.

Neville went off to brew a love potion for the next potions class. Harry and Hermione went to study together in the library. 'Aren't you coming Ron?' asked Harry as he grabbed one of his textbooks from his room. 'No. You and Hermione go on. I don't feel like it' Ron said self pityingly. 'Ok, we'll see you later then' said Hermione brightly, trying to hide her worry.

When they reached the library, as if he read her mind Harry said 'Don't worry Hermione. Ron will be fine. He will be back to his old self in no time.' Hermione smiled, slightly reassured 'I guess you're right. Well we had better start studying' she said and they opened their books and did just that.

Meanwhile back in the common room Ron glanced at his spell book dejectedly. He reached over and began flicking through it listlessly. He opened it on an easy looking spell. 'A spell to make your shadow visible', Ron read out loud. 'Swish, and flick four times then point your wand at the ground and say Phantos, appearum'

Hmmmmmm. Ron thought to himself. I can do that. It's easy. Ron picked up his wand and began to flick and swish four times then he pointed his wand at the ground and said 'Phantos appearum!' There was a bright green flash of light and he sank through the floor his face creasing in fear as he whimpered 'Hermione, Harry. Help.'