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His lips pressed against hers passionately and his arms wrapped around her waist. She kissed him back eagerly, her arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him closer to her. He kissed her neck and then picked her up and carried her to his bed. Marius Pontmercy was drunk. Very drunk. Eponine Thenardier tried to ignore that and live in the moment.

"I love you, Eponine Thenardier." he murmured softly into her ear. Eponine was happier than she'd ever been. Marius' love was all she'd ever wanted. They undressed eachother and Marius pulled her close for another passionate kiss. The rest of the night was bliss.


Eponine woke before Marius and, at first, had no idea where she was. She was suddenly very aware of the fact that she was not wearing any clothes. She sat up slowly and looked at the sleeping form next to her. She breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Marius. The memory of the previous night came rushing back to her and she grinned. We actually... mon Dieu... Her grin widened. She could see the light streaming in through the window in Marius' bedroom. Father is going to be livid that I didn't go home last night... perhaps I ought to steal more than usual. Maybe then the beating won't be as bad. She thought. She got up quietly and got dressed. She looked at Marius again and smiled. She tip-toed over to him and kissed him on the cheek. Then she took to the streets for a day of pick-pocketing.


When Marius woke up, he had no memory of the night before. The last thing he remembered was stumbling out of the Cafe Musain with Eponine supporting him in his drunken state. Then he realised that he wasn't wearing any clothes and he had no idea why. What the hell happened last night? he wondered as he sat up. That is the last time I ever agree to drink with Grantaire. Never again... Marius got up and dressed. He left his apartment in search of Eponine. Maybe she'll have some idea of what happened last night... He wandered the streets of Paris, his head pounding. Never again... he repeated in his head.

He caught sight of Eponine on the Rue des Invalides. She was pick-pocketing every bourgeois that walked past. He walked over to her and lightly placed a hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly and turned around to face him.

"Don't y'know you're not supposed to sneak up on someone when they're breakin' the law?" she said, pocketing the money she'd just stolen. He smiled unabashedly.

"Sorry, 'Ponine." he said. She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Hey 'Ponine?"


"Do you have any idea what happened last night?" he asked her rather quickly. Her smile vanished.

"You mean you don't remember?"

"No." he replied. She looked crushed. "What's wrong?" he asked her.

"Nothing." she said too quickly, then she added: "I have to go." she ran off, not even realising that the money she had pick-pocketed had fallen out of her pocket. Marius ran after her.

"Eponine!" he called, running after her. She was faster than him. "Eponine!" he called again, but she was gone.


Eponine ran down the Rue Mondétour, then the Rue de la Chanvrerie, trying to put as much distance between her and Marius as possible. She didn't want him to see the tears that were now falling rapidly from her hazel eyes. He doesn't remember... that was the best night of my life and... and he doesn't remember... oh how cruel life is! She sank to the ground, weeping bitterly. She brought her knees up to her chest and buried her face in her hands. I'll always remember his loving touch; his soft caresses; his tender kisses... but he won't. He won't remember our act of love. She laughed bitterly, Love... is there even such a thing? Even if there is... love isn't all good. Love is pain, well... for me it is. I love him with all of my heart, but he... he... she sighed, he doesn't feel the same way. What a fool I was to even think that there was possibility that he would ever love me! He doesn't remember... he doesn't remember the sweet nothings that he whispered to me, he doesn't remember when he told me that he loved me... But I do. And now I'll always wonder what might have been, I'll always want it now that I've experienced it, even if only for a night. Part of me wishes it had never happened because then I wouldn't feel so bad right now, but then... then I remember every touch, every kiss and I know that I would never want to take back that night... that I could never bring myself to regret it... Oh! If only he remembered! All of the things he said to me... but they were all drunken lies. He does not love me. He will never love me. Oh how foolish I was to think even for a second that he could love me...


Eponine sat there, crying, for quite some time. It was not until the sun began to set that she got up and walked back to the tenement in which her family resided, the Gorbeau House. She walked inside and up the stairs to her family's apartment room. Her father was waiting for her.

"Where were you las' nigh'?"

"I... I..." Eponine stammered, not really having an answer to give him. She certainly was not going to tell him where she'd actually been the previous night.

"'Ow much money d'you get?" he asked. She reached into her pocket, but instead of finding all of the money she'd pickpocketed, she found nothing. "Well? Where is it?"

"It's... it's gone..." she replied.

"You useless girl!" He grabbed her by her hair and slammed her into the wall. "What'd you do with it?"

"It must have fallen out..." she told him. He threw her to the ground. "I'm sorry!" she said quickly, even though she knew he wouldn't care for her apologies. He kicked her in her stomach. She cried out in pain. She tried to get away, but he pinned her down. He started to beat her mercilessly.

"You're useless, Eponine! Useless! You 'ear me? Useless!" he continued to beat her. Eponine tried her best not to cry out–he would only beat her worse if she cried out–but she couldn't help it.

When Thenardier had decided he was finished beating her, he stood up.

"Get out, an' don' come back 'til you 'ave money." he told her. Eponine got to her feet and left as quickly as she could. It was amazing that she could stand at all after what her father had done to her. She carefully made her way down the stairs and out the door of the Gorbeau House.

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