The nights melded together as the two boys became familiar with the other's body. Jojen enjoyed positioning Bran in tantalizing new positions to mesh their bodies in to. Bran enjoyed feeling Jojen's hands under his furs as he arched his torso to gain more friction from his delicate touches.

Many starry nights were filled with hushed whispers and soft moans of the boys exploring each other and drinking in their mutual desires. It was difficult to silence their cries in the cramped campsites and more than once Jojen had to separate himself from Bran, still hard and wanting because of a stir from the other companions.

Tonight was no exception, and right when Bran's cock was firmly in Jojen's grasp, the half-giant rolled over on his side with a grunt in preparation to stand up. It was easy to unwind his hand form the confines of Bran's breeches and vault himself backward from his lover, but it was difficult seeing Bran writhing and moaning in discomfort, needing attention to his arousal and Jojen lying on the cold ground, not being able to please him. Hodor lumbered unseeing to the nearest tree to relieve himself, he did not notice the close proximity of the two boys or how Bran was releasing himself from his trousers, grabbing himself tightly. His timid fingers met his erection and Jojen saw the tension dissipate from his features. He watched as Bran finished himself, his breathing shallow and his hand working hard, fast, his eyes fluttering closed. He let out a few choked gasps before coming on his own hand, relishing in the feeling reverberating in his body. Jojen could see him shiver in delight as Bran's eyes slowly blinked open and he looked at him. Jojen would have his own member in hand, stroking lazily until Hodor would emerge from the woods again and go back to sleep. He wanted Bran to make him come, and Jojen almost did just from watching. This beautiful boy, staring at him with half-lidded eyes, fur gathered around his face, blending with his dark hair and soft features.

Bran was entranced with Jojen's movements. Watching him do slow, gentle touches to himself from what seemed like miles away. Bran couldn't touch him, not yet. He was unfulfilled having to come so quickly. He wanted Jojen to do what he normally did—tease and torment him and his arousal until they came together. The feeling of Jojen's hand with his own, fervently pumping at each other's cocks—just the remembrance of it stirred a deep desire in his belly. His chest became tight as he continued to watch as Jojen locked eyes with his and licked his full, kissable lips. Bran reached his messy hand out, beckoning to Jojen to come back, to join him in the furs, but he knew Jojen was careful, and he knew Jojen would wait until the giant was sound asleep before going any further.

Eons passed before Hodor lumbered back in to camp, fully relieved, and laid down among the grass and muck yet again. Jojen wasted no time hurrying back over to Bran's side; crouching low among the brush, kneeling down and picking Bran's delicate form up in the only way he knew how, with an arm behind his shoulder and an arm under his feather-light knees. Bran wanted to cry out, ask him what he was doing, but didn't want to risk waking up their companions for a second time. He wanted Jojen, and would follow him wherever he took him.

Jojen continued to kneel and using the hand under Bran's leg, picked through the furs until he found the largest one, and laid it on top of Bran. Bran wrapped his arm around Jojen's neck, and the other held tight to the pelt, unknowing of its purpose. Jojen smirked as he stood almost straight up and sulked through the forest, getting far away from the camp as silently as possible. He had a sneaking suspicion that Bran was going to enjoy this very much.

They traveled for only a few minutes, but Jojen's feet were sure and quick. His strong legs carried them in to a clearing, so far that Bran could no longer see the smoke rising from their extinguished fire. The air was cold away from the comfort of camp, but Jojen's chest was warm and his breath was hot. Bran needed this boy, his attention, his affection, everything—and he couldn't stop himself from leaning up and kissing the tender flesh of his exposed neck. He tasted the sweat of his efforts carrying through the forest, he tasted the dirt caked on both their skin, he licked the area he kissed and took the whole in to his mouth, sucking lightly. He felt Jojen moan, the vibrations traveling through his busy lips, the sensation making Bran groan. He sucked harder, wanting to mark the boy who gives him such affections and wanting to let it be known to everyone that Jojen Reed was his to keep.

Jojen's legs grew weak as Bran suckled at his neck, the sensation new and intimate. He felt the younger boy snake his fingers through his hair and tug lightly to expose more of his sensitive flesh. He felt his lips move down, wanting to kiss further, but his collar made it difficult and Bran whimpered.

"Be patient, love." Jojen said before stopping at the far edge of the clearing, just under the cover of the forest but still in the light of the slivered moon. The night was dark, the stars providing little light, but Jojen could see Bran, and that's all he wanted.

He laid the pelt down first in a hurried fashion, awkwardly reaching over Bran with the hand that supported his legs and grabbing the pelt with haste. He flung it down on the ground, hoping it would be as comfortable as he'd hoped. He gently rested Bran on the fur, letting the warmth envelop him before he ripped all his clothes off. Jojen make quick work of his clothing, removing every peace much to Bran's amusement. He shook off his final layer and looked down to see Bran had already taken off everything on his torso and was working on his breeches. Jojen crawled on to the pelt, closer to the young boy, and distracted him from his unclothing with a kiss.

They hadn't been alone since the night in that castle, and every hushed, whispered night grew unbearable. When their lips met, Bran let out a loud, keening moan that he'd been quieting for too many nights. Jojen was encouraged by this and immediately entangled his tongue with Bran's. The younger boy gasped, and clawed at Jojen's bare shoulders, raking his fingers down his arms and back up to explore his torso. Bran could feel the heat coming from his thighs and begged to be naked with him. Jojen clambered on top of Bran, straddling his hips and keeping his torso above Bran's.

Jojen never broke their kiss as he helped Bran with his trousers, stopping only to catch his breath and filling those moments with quick, hard kisses, enjoying the feeling of their lips colliding together. They knew no greater pleasure than this, and they needed one another.

Bran's breeches were gone and Jojen could feel Bran's hands on his back, urging his body closer to his. He complied and rested his hips against Bran, feeling the sweet friction of their cocks running against one another, pre-cum making it wet and sticky. Bran's own arousal was back and Jojen paid much attention to it, grinding his own together with his. Bran's moans came fast now, turned on by the overwhelming sensation. Jojen finally broke their kiss to lean back and smile a lustful smile at Bran and grind their erections together yet again. He watched as Bran wiggled beneath him, and grabbed at his body, wanting to feel more.

Jojen was alarmed when he heard a quiet, "Stop…" escape Bran's trembling lips. Jojen immediately froze and looked up at the younger boy, questioning. "I…I want to take you in my mouth." He watched as the Stark boy reddened at the request, but Jojen's mouth went dry. He wasted no time crawling farther up the boy's body until his knees rested in the pit of Bran's arms and his arousal within Bran's reach. Bran looked at Jojen's impressive manhood and was suddenly unsure of himself. He reached a tentative hand up and wrapped his fingers around it. He heard Jojen moan, a guttural sound making it obvious how much he wanted Bran to take him.

"A-Are you sure?" Jojen breathed out, breathless from Bran's contact and excited on the prospect of being so close to him. Bran nodded and propped himself up on his other arm, putting Jojen's cock to his lips. Jojen groaned and whispered words of encouragement to Bran, willing him to go on and try. Bran found his courage and wrapped his lips around the head. He felt Jojen twitch in his mouth and Bran lightly licked the head, coming back only to tongue around the curvature of the tip.

The amount of self-restraint was unbelievable. Jojen wanted to thrust in to the boy's mouth and fuck it. It was so warm, and wet, and so inviting. Bran was so excited, so eager to please, but so scared. Jojen put his hand behind Bran's head, running his fingers through his hair, while the other hand lay behind him on the pelt, using it as support. The massive amount of stimulus Bran was giving him almost made him want to faint. He was going to explode if Bran did not take him fully—and soon.

Bran continued to lick the pre-cum that was leaking from Jojen until he heard a painful whine come from the back of Jojen's throat. Bran looked up, unsure of how to continue—was it that bad? Bran had just wanted to taste him, and taste him fully. Bran decided that before Jojen changed his mind, he should get a real taste. He suddenly, took Jojen whole in to his mouth. The way Jojen filled his mouth was comfortable, but he could not fit it all. He used his hand on the base and just licked, and licked around his cock endlessly, only backing off of it when he tasted more wetness at the tip, and went to lick t off.

Jojen leaned his head back and moaned, finally feeling the fullness of Bran's lips against his cock, the wetness surrounding it, and his shy tongue making laps around his shaft. He could feel his warm breath surrounding his arousal, and bucked his hips in to Bran's mouth when he went to pull away. Bran understood and continued to lavish Jojen's manhood with attention.

"Bran… I'm going to come…" He breathed out, doing shallow thrusts in to the warm confines of Bran's eager mouth. Bran kept going, wanting to taste Jojen to the very end. Bran could feel it before Jojen came, the constriction of the muscles, the reverberation of the release passing through his lips, and the warm liquid resting on his tongue, and shooting in the back of his mouth. He swallowed it as he had swallowed the pre-cum and the many sweat and mud tastes of Jojen before. He did a thorough cleaning before letting Jojen have his cock back, satisfied with his own performance.

Jojen wasted no time rolling Bran on his side and lying down next to him, crushing him in to an embrace; Bran's still hard member rubbing against Jojen's thigh, sending rushes on passion through his loins, willing himself to become hard again. He pushed Bran's head in to the crook of his neck and buried his face in his hair. It smelled of the woods and of sex.

"I want to fuck you." Jojen mumbled huskily in to Bran's hair, "I want to fuck you in to this pelt." Bran's grip became tighter on Jojen's back; he felt tremors of pleasure tumble through his smaller form. Jojen peeled himself away from Bran to look him in the eyes. He could see he was scared, but he could also see the curiosity and the lust glimmer in his eyes. Bran pressed his lips against Jojen's, in a long, simple kiss.

"Please?" Was all Bran asked, and it was all Jojen needed to hear. He put a finger to Bran's lips, and he hungrily took it in his mouth. Jojen could feel his tongue wrap around his finger as it had just done to his own arousal, and as he removed it, it was slick with Bran's own spit. He reached down, between their bodies, and hooked one of Bran's legs around his own hip for him. He reached down more, past his desire and to his entrance. Bran leaned in to Jojen, giving him more access and resting his head on the older boy's strong shoulder. Jojen circled it first, spreading the moisture around and feeling Bran's hands ball in to fists.

"Relax, Bran…" Jojen breathed in to his ear. Bran relaxed to his voice and Jojen slowly entered one finger up to the knuckle. Bran groaned with the unfamiliar feeling, and tried to bury his head farther in to Jojen's shoulder. Jojen was still for a long moment, until he was sure Bran was used to the sensation. Once Bran's breathing slowed, he entered a second finger, using the moisture of the first. This made Bran hiss in discomfort, the friction causing him to whine and shift his torso. Jojen snaked his free arm under the side of Bran that was on the pelt, and ran his hand up and down Bran's back, soothing him.

"It won't always hurt." He assured his darling boy, "It will feel good, I promise." He turned his head to face Bran, who lifted out of Jojen's shoulder to look at him. Jojen looked so confident, so happy, so excited, that Bran couldn't help but feel the same way. Jojen took his lips in a long, smoldering kiss, using the distraction to move his two fingers around, stretching Bran in a more pleasant way. He continued exploring Bran with those two fingers, taking full advantage of his created distraction. The kiss was hot on the cold night, and their lips became slick and sloppy. They slipped over each other's faces, leaving trails of wet kissed down their cheeks. Bran's face became flushed and red, his eyes hazy and his mouth fervent and wanting. The kisses Bran gave him came harder and faster, as Jojen's prodding became successful. The never ending moans coming from Bran's mouth and the friction created by his writhing sent chills down Jojen's spine and blood rushing to his arousal.

He continued to touch Bran's sensitive insides until Bran's hands pushed his chest away from him. "J-Jojen, I… I need you…" Bran stuttered, unable to control the moans that came out afterward. He was at his limit and like hell Jojen was going to make him wait any longer. He retracted his fingers slowly, feeling the way Bran's muscles seized up against him, and took his own manhood in his hands. It was nearly hard yet again and Bran hungrily took him in to his mouth, using his now experience tongue to run wetness up and down his shaft focusing a little too often on the tip making Jojen convulse forward, banding over Bran's head. He needed this as much as Jojen wanted this, and he was going to make it last as long as possible. Bran let his cock go only after being thoroughly lubricated, and Jojen wasted no time positioning Bran's legs open and putting himself between them. He kneeled in front of his entrance and lifted his ass with both hands, pooling the sides of the pelt under it to serve as a pillow. Bran wiggled down the pelt, giving Jojen a full view and wonderful access. Jojen leaned forward and kissed the sensitive skin of his hip before finally pushing in. The swell of the pressure made Bran gasp and bite his lip—the pain of the friction unpleasant and not lessened by his ample application of natural moisture. The look of discomfort flashed across his face only for a moment, but Jojen saw it. He stayed his movements and waited for the muscles to relax yet again.

Bran gripped Jojen's arms, using them to sit up and look at him, his face full of concern. Bran smiled at him and gave him yet another light kiss. That was enough to convince Jojen to push all the way inside his lover. It was warm, not like his mouth—better. It was tight, and enveloped him a sheath of Bran. Bran groaned and fell back down on the pelt. He kept his hand on Jojen's arms and persuaded him forward. Jojen complied and kissed Bran breathless, tasting his sweet mouth once again.

Long minutes passed before Jojen felt well enough to move. When he did, Bran moaned appreciatively, the friction between them becoming more bearable. He moved slow, kissing Bran's neck, collarbone, shoulder, chest, stomach, hipbone, down as far as he could go in attempts to continue to sooth him. Bran placed his hands in Jojen's hair as his mouth traveled down and grabbed on to his soft curls. Jojen groaned, feeling Bran tug gently on his hair. It was rough, but loving and the sensation went right down to his cock. He thrust hard in to Bran, reveling in the chocked moan he gave. Using that as leverage, Jojen continued his thrust, pulling out slow and thrusting hard.

"A-Ah, yes, Jojen, yes—." Bran's eyes filled with stars, the emotion in every thrust pooling deep in his belly. The feeling was immeasurable. His own ignored arousal growing impatient, he reached down and took hold of himself. The feeling of Jojen inside him and his own hand against his pulsing flesh was like nothing he could have ever imagined. He felt so filled up and so wanted. He felt something new as Jojen thrusted in the same place his fingers had prodded. He arched his back as much as he could, hoping to keep the position of Jojen's thrusts. The spot was so sensitive, so indescribable. He felt his own strokes get harder as Jojen's thrusts became frenzied. He felt Jojen's hand join his and continued to pump. Both hands, entangling together and Jojen's hips thrusting erratic, the sound of skin meeting skin, the slick sound of sliding in and out, Bran focused on Jojen's face, contorted in immense pleasure, and found a second release.

As he came it flowed out of him in uneven amounts, covering first their hands, then his own chest. Jojen grunted and groaned with one final thrust, pushing himself as deep as he could in Bran. He came hard, grinding his hips in to Bran, riding out his orgasm. He stayed inside Bran a moment longer; letting it all flow in to the boy he loved. Bran's chest rose and fell with heavy breaths, Jojen's own breathing labored and uneven. He found the strength to pull out of the warm confines of his lover and sit back on the pelt, soon to be filthy with his mess. He smiled as Bran propped himself up on his elbows, his arms shaking of a lingering orgasm. Jojen sat up and grabbed the younger boy under the arms and sat him in his lap, Bran's back to his chest. He embraced the boy from behind, feeling Bran's own mess covering his chest. He laughed a bit and snuggled in the crook of Bran's neck.

"You're amazing." Jojen said in to Bran's neck, letting his hot breath ghost over the cold skin there. Bran tensed and then relaxed again in his embrace.

"Jojen…" He whispered so low Jojen could barely hear him. Jojen lifted his head, to see Bran looking at him out of the corner of his eye. "I really liked that." Bran smiled, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

Jojen flushed, watching this beautiful boy smile floored him and sent his heart in to his throat. The fact he's smiling at him, saying he enjoyed intimacy with him—Jojen fell back, taking Bran with him. Bran let out a startled cry as Jojen's back hit the pelt and Bran was flipped over to face him, his legs falling uselessly to the side of their bodies as their stomachs touched.

Bran was never positioned over Jojen; he was embarrassed with the angle and the inability to move off of him. However, with this angle, he was suddenly in control of Jojen. He moved his arms from his side, settling his forearms on either side of Jojen's head. He took a fistful of those loose curls yet again and pulled hard, exposing his delicate neck to him again.

"We can do this as much as you'd like, Lord Stark." Jojen said with a devious smirk. Bran liked the sound of that, and leaned down to press his lips to the older boy's neck, adding to the bruise already forming.

The day was cold, and long. The sun came up too soon and Jojen was exhausted not only from the previous night's activities, but carrying, Bran who had fallen asleep not long after, and a filthy pelt back through a dense forest back to camp. The mess would dry up and blend in with the mud eventually, but he hid it within the pelts of the cart anyway. They would use it again, he was sure of it.

Bran was back asleep in the cart, snoring softly, twitching every so often in fitful dreams. Jojen would occasionally lean down and place a hand on his forehead, which would become covered in sweat, and it seemingly calmed the little Lord down enough for peaceful dreams.

"Oy, Jojen." Meera burst out, eyeing her brother curiously as he placed his hand back on Bran's head yet again.

"Yes, dear sister?" Jojen responded, not taking his eyes off of Bran and his slight fit.

Meera hurried to her brother's side and inserted herself in front of him, making Jojen look at her and let go of Bran's forehead. "You get bit or something?" She asked, tilting her head to see the purple and red marks on the side of Jojen's throat.

The question caught him off guard, Jojen's hand fluttered up to cover his neck, not knowing how to respond to such an odd question, or if the question is irrelevant and she already knows the answer. His sister sees everything, and she's not dumb. Jojen tried to change the subject, "Why, did something bite you, big sister?" He rubbed around his neck, trying to pretend he didn't know exactly where Bran kissed him.

Meera shook her head, "Covering up isn't going to make me un-see them, you know." His sister poked two fingers in to his neck on top of his guarding hand, marking where the two bruises were. Jojen's neck flushed with embarrassment, thank goodness Bran was sleeping, and he wouldn't be able to keep himself composed, although Jojen wasn't doing very well either.

"Maybe sleeping on rocks isn't agreeing with my skin." Sure, it wasn't the best excuse, but he wasn't about to tell his older sister that the young wolf enjoys licking at his neck after nights of passion.

"What do you mean 'sleeping on rocks'?" Meera scoffed, "You get to sleep on pelts with the Lord of Winterfell while Hodor and I sleep on the rocks." She punched his shoulder, "I don't think the furs of wolves gave you those bruise, little brother." She gave him a knowing look and fell back to behind the cart.

Jojen scoffed and ignored his sister's prodding and teasing, of course she had already figured it out, and of course she already knew about his and Bran's perversions. He knew his sister meant no harm and would not interfere, but when he looked down at the cart again, Bran was awake, starting wide eyed—mortified at Meera obvious knowledge of their nightly doings. Jojen sighed and put a hand on his shoulder. Bran looked up with pleading eyes and Jojen gave him a reassuring smile.

"They mark me as his. I'll wear them like armor." Bran stuttered and choked on his own gasp, shocked at Jojen's sudden confession, as Jojen chuckled at his over dramatic reaction.

Meera shook her head and continued walking on toward the North.

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