Ranma the Phantom Thief Dark

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Not a yaoi


High above a valley of countless pools, a strange rip opens up in the sky. Out of it falls a man with black wings, and another man with white wings.

'Damn it how the fuck did this happen...' thought the black winged man as the white wing one feel unconscious when they fell through that portal.

*****************(Flashback)********************** ******************

"Hehehe angel Ios I'm going to kill you for the 100th time!" says the black bat winged man with long flowing black hair, demonic armor, and a humongous sword, "Today I'm going to Finish this once and for all! So says devil Sword!" He said facing a warrior with long blond hair, white feathered wings and holy armor.

"I return the words...this is the 101st fight with you..."

"Shu...Shut uup! I hate it when you do that Bastard!" They cross blades in mid-air, "I'm going to kill you with my own hands!"

"ARGHHH!" Sword's body was pierced by the angel's blade, as he impaled the angel on his blade. They both fell through a portal.

*****************(Angel Army)*************************************

"Ios-sama...He fell to the human world...?"

"During an important withdrawal in our war with the Devils he accepted a duel with one of their low ranking warriors."

"Contact Hamiel-sama and develop a plan to return Ios-sama to Heaven!"

******************(At the same time the Front line of the Devil Army)******

"Sir! Both Sword and the Angel Ios have fallen to the Human World!"

"GWAHAHA...I would have liked to have seen that!"

"Sword didn't have any great demonic power only idiotic power! Him and Ios..Hah! This is great!"

"I hated both of them."

"Me too."

"With Sword gone it's a party...PARTY!"

*******************(Back to Present)*********************************

As both the devil and angel fell into a poll that the in coming years would be known as the Pool of Drowned Unknown...well for a while until...

******************(6 days later)************************************

"That is Spring of Drowned Panda!"

Ranma Saotome of the Saotome Anything Goes School of Marital Arts didn't even full connect to his brain from the shock of seeing his father turn into a panda. He faintly heard the guide say something about who ever falls into the spring take the body of a panda, as he was kicked into a pool recently made.

"Oh no customer fell into the spring of...well I don't know what that spring is..."

Raising from the water was a aura of pure demonic energy as a figure raised out of the waters, "Pops you're gonna get it this time..."

A man turned panda thought, 'Oh shit!' As he was mercilessly beaten within a inch of his life by his son turned evil demon. Than the aura turned pure and holy as his son's hair and eyes changed, form black and red to blond and light blue. "I am so sorry woodland creature I do not now what came over me let us get you medical attention post hast!" The panda man sweat dropped as a feeling of dread entered his stomach as his son's hair and eyes turned back to 'evil mode'. "Who want's panda bacon!" Smirking evilly as he pulled a knife out of somewhere showing off his fangs.

Chapter End

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