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Chapter 3- Before the First Day of School

"What the fuck…" was all Sword could say as he looked as Akane was fighting a horde of the most hideous assortment of demons he has ever seen…fan boys. A race just as stalker as there distant cousins fan girls, far more perverted (or so many would believe), and by a far larger margin less hot.

He looked around and saw his guide/fiancé was nowhere to be seen. "Damn it where is she?" asked Sword out load in annoyance being left being.

A fan boy herd had heard this strange new boy say "her" translating into their brains to equal Akane Tendo and in a equal effort of twisted logic that may put such a low class being into a coma due to overheating there frontal lobe. Or in layman's terms they thought too much and almost killed more of their (little) brain cells. Though he was new competition for the heart of Akane Tendo, because who doesn't like a chick who can castrate you with a well-placed kick, lucky for them she lacks that kind of accuracy otherwise these low lives would never be able to breed.

"You will not take ou-OW!" the first idiot was knocked out when Sword punched him in the face. The others looked at Sword covered by a black aura with glowing red eyes shadowed by his hair.

"Piss off you pussy I'm not in the mode today." His large canines showing as he shouted, "SCRAM!"

The fan boys may not be known for their common sense but even they have a sense of self-preservation.

They ran towards their class to get the F*** away from the demon, Akane be damned even hot girls aren't worth this.

"Hey don't get in the way of my fight!" said the banshee oh wait he means Akane Tendo (Sword: Tomato Tomato).

"Hey they attacked me first, keep your pets on a shorter leash." Said Sword

Akane's repay was cut off when she caught a rose thrown by someone. He stepped out of the shadows in some kendo outfit that Sword could care less about.

"Truly a boorish lot," He said smelling a rose, "Evidently each of them intends to ask you out, Akane. On the dawn that he finally defeats you."

"Oh upperclassman," Akane replies with a deadpan look in her eyes "Good morning."

"And now," he flicks the rose out his hand, "Akane Tendo…" He draws his wooden stick from Sword's observation, what he can't at least bring out a real blade? Such a drag it would be fun to see him use a real sword at least. "…Might you fight with me?"

"Man you humans are idiotic." States Sword bluntly, "All this to get a date from a flat girl like this, damn even in hell we had standards at least I went for the hot ones." The last part sword mutters out load thinking that even the foulest of demons and the weakest at least would go for the hot ones not the one that has no major womanly features.

"Who are you to talk ab-BAM!" Kuno was punched thrown by an irritated Sword

"Dumb ass I have class, I have no time for this whiny bitch fest." Said Sword as he walks away to find out where the hell to go. As the people around the school stared out at the new teen who knocked out Kuno with a punch and frightened a horde of fan boys with little effort, in mixed looks of fear, awe, rage, and even a bit of lust. "Now where the hell is the principal's office?" thought sword out loud.

End of chapter

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