LittleRoot Town, PA 2009

Tristan and Tyler sat in their usual meeting spot in the alleyway between Live-Easy apartment complex and Dickson's pizza palace. Tristan was a portly fellow who always wore a brown jacket and black jeans. He had medium-length light brown hair and a cheerful face. Tyler wore a black hoodie, jeans, and glasses. He was quite lean with short dark brown hair. They sat on the damp concrete ground playing Magic! The Gathering on a turned over trash bin.

"That card is total bullshit." "It's part of the game faggot."The two argued about the game and laughed at each others occasional jokes. They looked at the entrance of the shaded alleyway, searching for signs of dusk. They went into Dickson's pizza palace and ate a delicious pepperoni, bacon, and sausage stuffed crust pizza before going back to the alleyway to talk some more.

An hour passed. Two hours passed. They talked and played Magic, unaware of the time that was passing. Tyler leaned against the side door to the apartment and sighed, noting the time.

"So, wanna go back to the apartment and play some Left 4 Dead 2?" "Sure" Tyler replied."As long as we pause it before Inspector SpaceTime. It's the season final-"

A man was standing at the entrance to the alleyway. It was hard to make him out in the darkness. All they could make out is a 6-foot male figure in a long coat with spiky hair running towards them. "Into that door, now!" He grabbed Tristan by the collar and burst through the door to the north side stairwell. Tyler stared, mesmerized at the creature that had appeared at the end of the alley.

"No." he whispered. He had seen these things before a year ago. They had killed everyone in sight. There were an upwards of fifty of them, patrolling the streets. The creature lit up, aimed its gun at Tyler and screeched "EXTERMINATE!"