The pitter-patter of small pink Mary Janes flooded a long alleyway. A young girl, no less than 5 skipped along the dim passage to a bright blue light that had caught her attention. Two strange shadows began to display in the blue light the further she got. "These humans are so inferior, we must exterminate them." She halted at the sound of the voice further down the alley.

It was electronic, rough and sounded slightly foreign. A similar voice began speaking "Yes. I agree. However, no human of superior intellect has yet found us. Only then can we prevail in the mission of The Dalek race." "Affirmative."The girl gasped and attempted to hide but the litter in the alley caught her foot. She stumbled with a loud gasp, landing on her knees. "What was that noise? That was not a Dalek noise!"A mechanical whirring began to approach the child, her head and face covered by her black bob. She held her breath and refused to move. Within moments a long blue eye-stock examined her. It then turned slowly to the other Dalek. "It is... a human child.""EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

"John. I don't like it here." Sherlock complained, sitting backwards on a chair in their hotel room, looking out at the city below. "Well You're not supposed to like it here. You're supposed to stay out of trouble, solve the crime and get paid. Then we can go back to England." Sherlock sighed heavily. "It's your fault we're here anyways. If you hadn't got on the CIA's radar during the case with Irene, we would still be in London." John reasoned. "They should have better detectives. It is disappointing that they need to hire a man from another country to deal with their issues."

Sherlock rose up quickly and grabbed the CIA file from off his bed. CONFIDENTIAL was printed boldly in red. "John, stop unpacking. Read me only the most important information." He tossed it carelessly across the room as he sat back in his chair. John struggled to catch it but it just slipped his grasp, causing the room to flood with papers. "See, look at what you did Sherlock. You may have just ruined the case." John fussed.

He randomly grabbed some papers and began to read. "Umm... Japanese Americans... The Uta family... The wife was named Kawa, she works an important place in the White House... Eirain, the husband works highly in the FBI..."John mumbled. He changed to a more informative page. "The child is named Oni. She's just 5 years old and she was missing from the scene of the crime. But look at this! So apparently, there was no way she could have left the house because all the door and windows were locked and she doesn't have or understand keys. Also the babysitter was found dead at her house earlier, so that's why both parents stayed at home, to protect the kid, from ransom I guess. The parents were found dead in their beds, with no sign of struggle. They were tested and were apparently exposed to fatal electromagnetic radiation during their deaths. Nothing else in the room but them had the radiation. It's believed be the cause of death but there is no way anyone in the world can obtain radiation as potent and focused as the type used in their deaths." He looked at Sherlock, who was very obviously trying to deduce.

"That Sherlock Holmes, is why they need you on the case." He set the papers down and gathered the rest with the information he didn't read from the floor into the folder sloppily. " Okay John, We are going to the scene of the crime!" Sherlock stood and clapped his hands together happily." "No, Sherlock. Jetlag. It's 5 hours earlier here and there is no way you're adjusted. You'll pass out in the middle of the scene and I'll have to deal with you myself." Sherlock pondered the idea. "We'll wait until morning then. I'll think better after I can mange to clear my head some." "Until morning?" John asked for confirmation. "Until morning, John."

"You stay here with Cas, I'm gonna go get us something to eat." Dean Winchester said to his younger brother, patting his Impala twice before he headed into an old, beaten-up looking convenience store. He approached an isle with the beer and pie. The wooden floor protested under his steps. He looked around in suspicion. There was an old man seated behind the counter reading Women's Health. A younger, attractive male in an apron stood by the door, sweeping lazily. His eyes were on Dean. "Okay, Creepy." he mumbled.

He was inspecting some pie when he heard a click. The door was locked by the young man. Dean turned around and pulled out his gun but the man pulled his out quicker. They looked at each other holding the guns at one another. The old man flipped a page in his man smirked and gestured towards Dean's pants with the gun. "What the hell man I don't know what kind of weird shi-" ring ring r His phone began ringing from within his pocket. He shot a glare at the man while he pulled it slowly to his ear.

"Um, Hello?" Dean questioned. "Look straight up." He did as the voice said. A cheap camera turned to stare him in the face. Oh,shit "What? Buddy, if you wanna head-shot of me you could have just asked." Dean joked nervously. The voice began again, it was obviously an American and very intimidating. "Your humor is dull, Mr. Winchester." Dean gripped his gun tighter and glanced back at the man. "Don't look at him. All he knows is that your trouble." Dean glared at the camera again and yelled. "Tell me what you know!" The voice on the phone chuckled a bit. "I know that you are Dean Winchester, the man that any agent would burn their evidence for. I know your partner in crime, your brother Sam is on your Impal- now who is this?" SHITTTTTT "I know that he is with you a lot. I know he participated in those shootings you had all over America. I want you to know that I have snipers placed feet from your Impala that will kill them if you try anything funny."

Dean put his gun down. "Good. Now we're getting somewhere. Recently there has been an important double murder & kidnapping that not even our best men have been able to solve. It seems like the kind of thing you and your Brother would go sniffing around in." Dean scowled at the camera. "Wai-What will we get from this deal?" he crossed his arms. "Nothing." "It seems like you need us. Did I forget mention we have an angel on our side? He could find you and smite your ass before you can even give the order to gank us." There were mummers on the line. The voice cleared his throat. "Okay, Mr. Winchester. We will delete all evidence of this video and if you do well, maybe even of you. Is that good?" Dean nodded.

"Be at the house of Eirain Uta in Washington D.C. By nine am tomorrow will expect two other people to be there. They're not from around here. Do not taint them." After he gave the address he hung up. Click. The man at the door tucked away his gun and unlocked the door and began sweeping again. The old man, unfazed by everything going on mumbled "It's on the house." With his face buried in the magazine. Dean took three pies, beer and whatever else he could carry and walked slowly past the sweeping man. When he got outside he smiled towards the occupants of the Impala. "Guess whose going to Washington, boys?"

The ride to the Uta residence was horrible for John. He had been awoken to Sherlock having a "disagreement" with the hotel's room service about what biscuits were. Why Sherlock would even want the British kind of biscuit at 4 in the morning, he hadn't the faintest idea. After that, Sherlock ranted about something that John couldn't make sense of, so he just nodded along and dozed off. By the time he was done it was about had to be at the crime scene at 9am, they had gotten a call about it before they went to sleep that night. So they rushed to get ready and called a cab. The cab was late. The cab driver was rude and it smelt like the last people that rode had a burrito or something with onions. Also Sherlock forgot to bring their USD and instead paid with pounds. He may have overpaid, who knows? Not John.

They arrived at the Uta household at a minute before nine. The house looked disappointingly small and cheap to house such important government officials. It had no cars or police around it but did have police tape and a note on the door. John read it aloud. "Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, when the Winchesters come they'll unlock the door for you. No one on the force would volunteer or even take bribes to work with them. You're the best we got. Who the hell are the Winchesters? How bad could they be that people won't take bribes to work with them?"

A roaring engine could be heard down the street. Sherlock pointed at a old black car speeding towards the house. "Them." The car parked outside of the police tape on the driveway. Sherlock prepared to deduce. At first a ginormous man with long brown hair came out, he was handsome but wore plaid and looked like a lumberjack. Then another man came out, slightly smaller but still huge. He had beautiful green eyes and nice cropped hair, he too wore several layers and looked like a woodsman. Lastly, from the back seat of the aged but well-kept vehicle was a handsome man. He had to be only a bit shorter than Sherlock himself. He dressed nicer, like a tax accountant. He had trench coat on even though it was summer. Sherlock found that very interesting. His eyes were a sharp blue and focused on the man that had came out before him with a look of need of direction. It was more interesting since his face was expressionless. Sherlock would need to study into this one.

"Hey, who the hell are you guys?" The tallish man yelled in a shockingly deep voice as he shut the door to the driver's side. Sherlock smiled at him " Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. This is my companion, Dr. John Watson. You must be the Winchesters." The tallest one cut in front of his older brother. Sherlock knew this because of their interactions. The trench-coat man couldn't be their brother because they show no genetic similarities and he shows a dedication far stronger to one than the other. He could be married to the rude one, it is quite possible seeing how close they walk to one another. "Yeah. Sorry about my brother, he doesn't take well to..strangers."

He walked up to the door where the Brits were standing and shook their hands. He really was quite massive. "I'm Sam. This is my older brother Dean. The guy in the coat is Castiel." After they had shaken hands John backed away, uncomfortable and baffled from the 25cm height difference. Sherlock couldn't help but smile at his accuracy. Sam isn't as close to Castiel as Dean yet they are referred to as the Winchesters. He still needed to do some observations. Castiel was difficult, almost impossible to read other than his relationship with Dean. They seemed to trust Sherlock and John but they had weapons ready in case there was reason not to. Dean looked at the paper posted on the door. "Oh, cool." he mumbled as he dug in his pant pocket. He pulled out a scrap of metal and picked the lock within seconds. "Ladies first." He gestured to his brother into the door. Sam made a face of almost indescribable sass to Dean and entered the house. Everyone then followed his example.

The house was one floor and only had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and one and a half bathrooms. The furniture was simple and well cleaned. Sherlock could only immediately deduce little things that wouldn't help the case. He and John non-verbally agreed to follow the Winchesters for suspicion. Then they would check the entrances.

First they checked Oni's room. Apparently, they had found something interesting on the bed. "Hey, Sam look familiar?" Dean asked rubbing a yellow powder from off her sheets between his fingers. Sherlock could smell that it was sulfur. Why would sulfur be an important clue? Sam only nodded in disappointment. "Too young. She couldn't have been more than six." Castiel spoke in a gravely voice, "It's not the youngest they've taken." John scooted towards Sam and Dean. "Excuse me," With their attention alerted they bucked up. They really look like they could do some damage. "How in the hell can sulfur be disappointing? Exactly who is 'they' and how do you know?"

Sherlock for once, decided to stay hold his tongue for now. These Winchesters were a peculiar lot and he needed to understand them best he could with out aggravating them. What he had additionally deduced means he should not get on their bad side. The group all looked at each other for a moment then nodded. "Did you hear of ghosts and monsters and demons when you were a kid?" Dean asked. "Yes, of course. England is another country, not another planet." Dean looked at Sam to continue. "Well, um they're real. That's what we specialize in. And what we do know demon possessed this girl."

John looked back at Sherlock for confirmation. "That is impossible. It can't be true. Can it Sherlock?" Sherlock pondered the idea. "It is not impossible. Much proof of monster's existence are logical. As I told you before John, Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable- must be the truth." Sherlock walked beside John. "It is not improbable, therefore, it is a possibility we will have to be willing to consider factoring in if we wish to find the truth behind this case."John scoffed at the idea but he couldn't deny that Sherlock had good reasoning and he should trust whatever it is his friend says. "What next are you going to tell me aliens exist?"

Castiel looked at the ground guiltily. Dean and Sam explained how faeries could be mistaken as aliens. Sherlock found Castiel's response intriguing. "Castiel, is it? What are you not telling us?" Castiel's head snapped up to glare at Sherlock. "I am angel. I know of other worlds and universes. Humans are definitely not the only ones. Earth is just a planet in its diapers, basically." Everyone looked at him now. "An a-a-ngel?"John managed. Sam and Dean appeared to be hurt that their angel would withhold information like this from them. "Cas, what the hell, man? You coulda told us earlier! That's more bullshit we gotta deal with in our nightmares." Dean yelled.

"Just thing of something happier then. Like your mother burning on the ceiling when you were young or your years in hell before I saved you. It's not that life-changing Dean. It's quite a normality for mortals to be uniformed of the universe and all it contains." Dean and Sam both looked at Cas angrily. "Yeah, thanks for all the very happy thoughts Cas! Now you go to angel time out or whatever, okay? Us uninformed-to-the-universe mortals are going to go in the other room and examine us a dead body." Cas whined "Dean!" and attempted to stop him from walking out. Sam followed his brother. John was gaping in shock and even beginning to think about attending church. "Damn, Sherlock. This is hard to believe." "Yes,Yes John. Now let's hurry and check the exits. Okay?" He was honestly worried for his and John's safety with the angel. Castiel was visibly upset. It isn't like anyone was actually holding him hostage. He was just self-disciplining himself, maybe doing some form of penance out of obedience to Dean. The behavior would strike the fear of god into even the most brilliant of men.

John and Sherlock heard Dean and Sam in the bedroom examining the bodies. They were murmuring unintelligible things to one another about monster possibilities that neither Sherlock nor John think they could begin to know about even if they studied it for the rest of their lives. So instead they did what they could do to be useful. They examined the exits. Or more so Sherlock examined the exits and John examined his examining of the exits. Everything was locked, there is no basement. There was no way to come out unless... Sherlock looked to the fireplace. There was a small amount of soot toward the entrance in the shape of small shoe heel marks. If someone didn't have an eye as keen as Sherlock's. They wouldn't be able to distinguish it from drags of firewood or maybe the child playing in the ash. Sherlock pulled out a portable flashlight from his pocket. The shoe marks continue like that in strange pattern along with palm prints as far as he could see. "I've got it John. I've figured it out."

John suggested that they tell the Winchesters. When they got into the room there was something wrong. Both John and Sherlock noticed it. Kawa Uta was supposed to be a Japanese-American. This girl here was very obviously not Asian at all. She had doe shaped brown eyes, tanned skin and soft wavy brown hair. She was obviously Caucasian. "Sam, Dean?"John asked. "Yeah?" "Is there a monster that can change people names or nationalities or something?" "No. Other than a shapeshifter, I guess. We checked her for that. See?" Sam pointed at a small cut on her arm almost like he expected John to make sense of it. "But she is put on record as a Japanese. Full-blooded! Her name is Kawa." John exclaimed he looked at Sherlock for answers. "Well she did hold an important position in government. Maybe that is a fake name. However, if they wanted us to get somewhere in the case they would provide us with authentic information." Dean looked really confused "That would mean she was born fake, so she must have been very important before even she knew. What is she?"

Castiel poofed in behind Dean, startling everyone. Especially Dean, he had almost tripped over the bed onto the dead bodies. "I can try to look into her soul if you would allow me to. She is not dead yet." "Dammit Cas! We told you not to do that." Cas got closer to the female's corpse. "Are you aware that I actually have problems with transporting I thought 'Dean in the next room' and it gave me 'Dean in the next room'." Sherlock was beginning to grow impatient.

"Can you two quit with your sexual tension. Everyone in the room would appreciate it. Especially your brother." Everyone looked at Sherlock. "Damn. When did you become a professional asshole?" Dean mumbled. "I've been one all along Mr. Winchester. The government doesn't consult amateurs." Sherlock shot Dean a sarcastic smile. "I declare you my American Anderson. Now Castiel, what do mean by 'she's not dead yet'?" Cas looked offended yet replied. "She is in a state where she is conversing with her reaper about how she chooses to have afterlife. I could touch her soul and see what's going on with it." Sherlock could not fathom why Castiel was even telling him and not searching the soul now. "Then do it, Angel."

Cas was offended by the way angel was said but complied anyways. Cas stuck his hand into her stomach and a bright light shined from out the opening. His eyes shined the light too. Sam and Dean looked on carelessly as if they'd seen it happen many times before or just had seen a lot worse. John was planted next to Sherlock and was feeling a mixture of fear and amazement that is unexplainable. He held onto his friend's arm shyly and watched on. Sherlock wasn't surprised by the hold. He did however, had to admit he was rather impressed at the angel's powers. But still, he was more focused on the case than the supernatural phenomenon that was being used to help solve it.

"No, that's not normal." Castiel was still in his trance but talking to his audience in the Uta bedroom. "Umm guys, her soul is incredibly unusual." Castiel then let go. The room darkened and the hole where his hand was had closed. "What?" Asked Sam. "Her soul is in fragments. It is caught in a time vertex with one purpose to spread through time." Castiel paused to look around the room. As if he was scared of something coming. A whirring sound came into the room. Slowly a large dark blue box began materializing in the corner of the room. "He is here."Cas said disappointed.

"Cas?"asked Dean as he and Sam pulled out there guns to the object "What exactly is happening Castiel?" asked John, holding onto Sherlock tighter. "The most feared and worshiped man in the all of histories of all universes is the reason this girl is in a time vertex!" Cas yelled over the increasing sound of the box materializing. "And who is that?" Whispered Sherlock. The box was solid and had stopped making noise. His question hung in the air as they waited for a sign. And out popped a thin tall man with a glowing stick. "I'm The Doctor!"