Author's Note: It's not exactly AU but it doesn't follow all the plot lines from the show. It's pretty simple to understand though.

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Isaac watched as Lydia stumbled into the room. Red hair piled on top of her head, a frown decorating her face. "Alcohol?" She spit out after struggling to find the room. She was obviously already drunk, with unfocused eyes and a general wobble to her actions.

Allison crossed the room to her, taking her to the couch to sit with a quiet sigh. She looked up and eyed Scott, conveying to the rest of the group that this wasn't a new development. They were in the middle of a pack meeting; one which Lydia had not been invited to due to the delicate subject. Jackson had left Lydia a few days after his big confession of love. He went to London and while there he "found himself". And a new blonde girl every night to heal his obviously broken heart.

Lydia hadn't taken it well. To see Lydia without red eyes and tear-stained cheeks was rare that summer. She didn't show her face much in public and Allison had to sleep over nearly every night to make sure that Lydia was taking care of herself. The rest of the group had ignored it as much as possible except when she was near and it became impossible to ignore her shrinking body and spirit. Now that school was back in session though, her perfect appearance had returned as easily as it had been discarded. Nobody suspected that Lydia was heartbroken and depressed as she strutted down the school hallways, eyeing all the new guys but touching none. She had sworn off men but Lydia knew that to the public that would mean that Jackson had ruined her. She couldn't let herself be seen as that girl. That girl that gets dumped by one guy and suddenly it's the end of the world.

So Lydia flirted with them and went on dates with them, but let none of them get as much as a kiss out of her. She couldn't find it in herself to let somebody else touch her lips after Jackson.

"Lydia honey, I thought we talked about this." Allison said quietly, her voice echoing around the silence in Derek's apartment. Lydia ignored her, trying to make eye contact with Derek but instead resting her eyes on Isaac, standing directly behind his Alpha. "You're twenty one or something." She said pointedly.

Isaac resisted the happiness rising in him as she looked straight at him. When he was younger, and he had his little crush on her, just getting her to look at him would be his whole goal for a week. Not a word needed to be spoken, only a look. Her green eyes had powers on him for years, even surpassing the time when his crush ended, when he had learned that Lydia Martin did not date small curly haired abused children. Only perfectly put together people like Jackson. He sometimes suspected that her eyes would never lose their power over him. An idea that was reiterated in the way his stomach flopped when she looked at him just now. He ignored it however, crossing his arms and glancing down at the table in front of him which contained plans mapped out. Stiles' neat handwriting decorated each drawing, elaborate ideas spread out of how the kanima came to be and how it ceased to be.

Derek ignored Lydia's question. "Get her out of here." He said sharply to Allison, turning back to the table. Scott glared at his turned form for being sharp with Allison, but begged her with his eyes to listen. Lydia ignored them all. "What are you looking at?" She demanded, getting up from the couch to make her way over to the table between Derek and Isaac.

"Lydia I'm sorry but no." Allison said putting some edge to her voice. Nobody wanted Lydia to be reminded of Jackson. "I'm putting you to bed." Allison looked over to Scott.

"Um, yeah, Isaac's room is on the right." Scott stumbled trying to think of where to put her. Derek would kill him if he put her in his room. Isaac glanced sharply up but Allison had already led Lydia down the hall. "Sorry dude." Scott said shrugging as if it was beyond his control. "No problem." Isaac mumbled, looking over at Stiles who was staring longingly down the hall towards Lydia.

"Let's just move on." Derek said, still glaring at the plans as though they were withholding the information that he needed. "I think that Lydia's love saved Jackson." Scott said. Stiles and Derek both groaned at that. It was an idea that Scott had brought up so often that what follows pretty much plays out like a well known script. This time however Isaac spoke up. "I agree with Scott." Stiles and Derek both looked up at him, Derek with a thoughtful expression. "Fine, let's say that Lydia somehow does manage to save Jackson with her 'love'". Derek said spitting out the word love as if it hurt him to even think about. "That doesn't change the fact that he started as a kanima, not a werewolf." He eyed Scott proudly, winning the argument. "Maybe his lack of love before caused him to take on a creature that confused control with love." Isaac suggested, thinking of his own father. His father loved him, he still believed that in a weird way. He was just disappointed by Isaac too much. "But he had his adopted parents." Stiles added. Isaac just shrugged and looked down.

Scott stifled a sigh when he saw his friend shut down. Isaac just didn't have enough confidence sometimes and Scott fully blamed Isaac's dad. "Let's just call it a night." Derek said with a frustrated growl.

Stiles and Scott quickly left, leaving just Isaac, Derek, Allison and a sleeping Lydia. Allison came back out shortly after Scott had left. "Where's Scott?" She asked looking around the apartment as if he was hiding. "He and Stiles left." Derek said barely glancing at her. "Okay then." She said looking annoyed and marching out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Isaac fidgeted nervously, unsure of what to do with the beautiful redhead in his bed.

"Where are Boyd and Erica?" He asked Derek, making his way over to the couch. Derek glanced at him but then returned his stare to the ideas in front of him. "Date night." He answered flippantly. "They've also decided to get an apartment together but that's a conversation for a different day." "But they're sixteen!" Isaac exclaimed in surprise. Derek sighed. "I know. And they're acting like children but there's not too much I can do about it. I'm not their father." Isaac nodded.

He had recently come to see Derek as a father figure for him. Living in the apartment with Erica and Boyd and Derek made them feel like a little family to him although he would never tell any of them that. Maybe Scott but never Derek. With them gone, their family was being split.

Derek looked over at the silent Isaac and misread the morose look on his face. "I don't like the pack being split up either. We're stronger together and it's easier to protect everyone." Isaac just nodded again, trying to look reassured. Derek sighed, unsure of what to do when Isaac closed off like he often did. Scott always knew how to bring him back but not Derek.

"Night." Derek said quickly heading off to his room. Alone in the living room, Isaac eyed the door to his own room. He snuck over to the door and opened it a crack. Lydia was in his bed, all tucked in with her red hair spread across his pillow. Just like the fantasies he used to allow himself to have about her until very recently. Except instead of next to her in his bed he was in the hallway looking at her sleep like a creep.

His heart rate escalated as he inched the door open and walked into the room to grab his sweatpants. Halfway there, he risked a glance at her and stopped dead when he saw her eyes open. "And just what do you think that you're doing." She asked sweetly, looking perfectly at home in his bed.

"My sweatpants." He stuttered out in explanation.

"I'm trying to sleep here." His anger flared up but he put a cap on it, instead looking down. She sighed. "Well now I feel like I just kicked a puppy."

He looked up at her and she had deflated, her face sinking into sadness and her eyes welling up with tears. Jackson would have fought with her. He would have swore and yelled and she would have loved every second of it. She didn't love making Isaac feel bad. It was his room after all, something Lydia could respect.

"I'm sorry." She sputtered out, not sounding all that sorry. "No need." He said smoothly, and quietly. He stared at her and she stared back not saying anything, just willing the tears to disappear from her eyes.

"You guys were talking about Jackson." It wasn't a question and Isaac blanched at the directness of the statement.

"I'm not stupid." She added unnecessarily.

Isaac knew she wasn't stupid. He had watched her effortlessly excel in classes for years and yet act like another stupid girl when it came to everyone else. Those guys didn't notice her intelligence but he did. And he noticed when years later she pretended to be another idiot and was awarded Jackson, the best that Beacon Hills had to offer.

The resentment welled up inside of him but all that he conveyed was a slight change in his face, almost a twitch but not quite. Lydia noticed though.

"You do that a lot." She said, again without a questioning tone. He considered ignoring her and just leaving the room, not ready for a conversation involving pretty much anything but it was Lydia and so he was rooted to his spot.

"Do what?" He questioned, leaning back against the wall as she sat up further in his bed.

"Hide something. I haven't quite figured out what it is yet but I will." She cocked her head to the side, considering him and his reaction but he conveyed nothing. "I mean obviously you react to nothing but there's something else to you that I just can't put my finger on." She lifted said finger and raised it to her lips in consideration and she stared at him more forcefully. Then suddenly, she shrugged. "Whatever."

With a wave of her hand, Lydia fell back into the bed and back asleep. Isaac grabbed his sweatpants and stepped out of the room leaving an asleep and tearless Lydia in his bed.