"Isaac, will you get lunch with me?"

He had dreamt about the way those words would sound coming from Lydia's lips. In fact he had imagined Lydia Martin asking him out so many times that the moment felt still, encased in time. And then he paused. Lydia Martin was asking him out, his dream girl, his fantasy since he was a kid, and he paused. Whenever he had pictured this encounter happening that had never once occurred. He pictured picking her up and spinning her around, kissing her, and blushing and stuttering to add some reality to the fantasies. But never did he picture himself pausing.

But then again he had never counted on Cora to appear in this life. Beautiful and strong Cora. Cora who liked him for him. Who liked him from the start.

His connection with Lydia was all in his head. With Cora she understood what he was going through. She was mean and aggressive and a plethora of things that he was not. But maybe that was a good thing. Maybe she balanced him out in a way that Lydia didn't.

But Lydia was here and she was asking him to lunch. And here the moment sat, possibly becoming a reality and he could only pause and look in her green eyes. Her green eyes that still held such power over him even after all this time. Even after Cora. He didn't know if anyone would ever make him feel this way again.

He knew in that moment that he chose Lydia.

Before he could say anything hurt flashed in Lydia's eyes. He had waited too long. His pause had resonated in Lydia. She could only see his rejection in that moment, not his resolve to say yes. To commit to his dream girl for one lunch.

"Nevermind." She said quickly, tucking a strand of her red hair behind her ear in a way that was distinctly shy and uncertain. Two things Isaac had never thought he'd say to describe Lydia. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he was making her feel uncertain. Lydia Martin was not a girl that ever needed to be uncertain. And yet she was. Because of him.

"Lydia." Isaac said, but before her name had even left his mouth she was jetting off, following Scott away from the house.

He shook his head in frustration before running to catch up, careful to keep his distance from Lydia. He would talk to her later and set this straight. Because of course he wanted to go to lunch with her. He wanted to do a heck of a lot more than go to lunch, but one step at a time.

Lydia flopped down on the couch as the group returned to the apartment. She went to bite her nails before cussing. She gave up that habit long ago. It was just… why did Isaac hesitate. What had changed.

She wasn't stupid, she knew Isaac had always had a little crush on her. She had just always been with Jackson. And now Jackson was gone. And Isaac was reliable, strong, safe. He was the anti-Jackson.

She glanced over at him from her perch on the couch. He was leaning on the table, looking towards Cora's room. Derek had gone in to check on her and Lydia couldn't help but notice Isaac's focus having shifted. Normally he was focused on her. But now, with Cora back she didn't know where she stood with him.

He had to having feelings for Cora, she thought. The way he looked towards her room now was the way he had looked towards Lydia a thousand times over the years. And now he wasn't looking. A frown decorated her face for a nanosecond before she worried about frown lines out of habit.

It wasn't like she was in love with Isaac. Hell, she hardly noticed him before all this werewolf stuff happened, but now she did. She couldn't help but notice him. And she couldn't help but think that he was someone she could possibly love.

He was overlooked, by her and other girls, and had been since grade school. Now she studied him, noting his curly hair and kind face. And handsome. She was surprised to find herself taken in with him. So different than Jackson's male model looks, but Isaac was beautiful. Handsome and beautiful.

Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at him and his eyes darted to her. How had she not seen him? How had she neglected to notice his subtle beauty. He was graceful and powerful thanks to the werewolf bite. He was strong and he was beautiful. She felt like she couldn't look away in that moment.

And then Lydia's thoughts turned to Cora and she felt her eyes burning with tears. No, she would not cry in front of anyone.

She darted quickly from the room into the hallway, thankful that she slipped her shoes off so that the others hardly noticed.

One person noticed though.

Isaac had been thinking about Lydia, distinctly aware of her presence on the couch. She looked distressed and he wondered if it was about him. She couldn't still be thinking about him. She was the one that occupied her thoughts not the other way around.

He followed her down the hallway, surprised to hear her let out a small sniffle. In that moment he thought his heart might break. Hurting Lydia was the one thing he never wanted to do.

"You didn't have to follow me." She said before turning around. Her eyes were wet and she subconsciously pushed her hair behind her ear before looking him in the eyes.

"I did, Lydia. Of course I had to follow you." Isaac's voice was soft in the hallway and his face was open and vulnerable. She could see in his eyes that he regretted hurting her. She didn't need to see his eyes to know that. Isaac was kind and wouldn't want to hurt anyone.

"Isaac, it's fine." She sighed ready for this conversation to be over.

"No, it's not fine. I never want to ever hurt you Lydia. And of course I want to go to lunch with you. That's what I was going to say before you ran off. And I'm sorry about pausing I just… needed a moment to take it all in. You're Lydia Martin, of course I needed a moment to take it in." He touched her face gently, afraid she would move away or scoff. But she just leaned in and smiled softly.

"You're my dream girl, Lydia Martin."