A World Worth Living For

When Eddie wasn't there Campbell lived in a completely different world, at least it seemed like it sometimes. Campbell always tried to keep people as cheerful as possible because, frankly, in the loony bin what else have you got? He extended this to Eddie as well, though he never knew it.

The thing of it was Campbell knew he didn't really have to be in the hospital, he knew that if he wasn't in the hospital no one would think him to be crazy, just a bit odd. But at the same time, Campbell wondered if maybe he did belong in the hospital, not for himself but for the other patients. He wondered if he might have wound up there just to make the place bearably cheerful.

Even though the hospital itself was dismal one thing no one could possibly miss was that wherever Campbell was there was at least a spark of life if not full blown happiness. And the thing which made all of the hardships worth it was that finally after all of his time disappointing all of his relations, everyone who was important to him he finally managed to win the approval of a real DJ.