Kitten in the Rough

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I've been reading a lot of Akatsuki kitty stories and now here is mine.

Maeve pronounced Mave.

Maeve POV~

Hello, my name is Maeve. I am 19 and live in Florida. I am an online college student from my beach house. You see, my mom and dad are loaded. They said if I attend college they would support me... So here I am, living alone on the beach with my best friend, Erza. She's an art student for a major university... online of course. There are instructors that come by once a week to oversee her projects.

I was currently scanning my clothes in the closet. I chose a red kimono that ended at my knees, with it was a white obi. The sleeves went a few inches over my hands, but that didn't bother me.

I sigh as I walk into my empty beach house. I was usually a loner. I was the black sheep of the family. You see, my dad is a politician and that is why he is supporting me. He does it to make himself look good. My mom really could care less if I fell off the edge of the earth.

I am the oldest of three. Once I turned 18 my dad bought me this beach house and a few cars and left me to myself.

I envied my sisters. They usually got all our parent's affection. They were spoiled. Allyson and Emerald. They were very pretty with long blond hair, a contrast to my long red hair. Their eyes were a deep blue where mine were a vivid green. My sisters were naturally tan, where I was pale. Yeah, I know, red headed step child much?

I chuckle to myself as I walked into the kitchen and start to make some sandwiches. Ham and cheese on whole wheat; ooh yum. I take two water bottles and set them on the counter. I turn to my hallway and open a closest and pull out a picnic basket. It was a small one that I loved; it had the cutest blue and white checkered blanket in it. I brought it back to the kitchen and packed the basket with the food and water. I brought a bowl to place my sandwiches in as well.

I stopped on my way out the door and picked up my sketch pad and brought it along with me. I closed and locked my door and headed towards the water.

Akatsuki POV~

"Where the in the fuck are we?" A silver kitten yelled out at he walked in the yellow sand. A kitty scowl on his face. He was pawing at the sand, releasing all his anger, sand flying this way and that.

A large brown cat with black lines all over his body smacked the cat with his paw, "QUIET!" he hissed with a glare that could start fires.

The silver kitten hissed back and the two began to fight, smacking and clawing, rolling in the sand, biting each other with a furry.

"Tobi is tired," The black and orange kitten meowed as he slumped in the sand, "Senpai, can we rest?"

A blond kitten with a fringe glared at the other kitten, stopping to turn around, "NO we can't, un! Pick up you feet, yeah!"

The red kitten in front of the blond held bored brown eyes; "Shut up Brat and keep walking. Hurry up Tobi."

The black and orange kitten lept up from the sand and ran ahead of the others at an impressive speed that kicked up the sand. The blond kitten hissed at Tobi and settled for glaring.

A black kitten with red eyes watched as a large blue kitten walked into the water and lazed about to cool off, then stood again, trotting in the waves that washed onto the shore like glass.

An orange cat with black spots suddenly snapped, "Be quiet!" The silver and brown kittens stopped their fighting and continued to walk forwards, "Now, I have no idea where we are or why we are kittens but we have to keep walking until we come across someone. We need to face facts; we are vulnerable in these forms. We need shelter and food and water. We keep walking."

And so they walked and walked. Of course, not silently in the least.

Maeve POV~

I sat on my blanket with my food in the topaz bowl and my sketchpad lay out in front of me as I was on my stomach. My knees kicked up and down behind me as I hummed a tune to myself. I was currently drawing my favorite anime character, Tobi. The Naruto series had just concluded last week. Obito lost the war... I was sad about that, he died. I knew it was just a show but I grew up watching that show. It had first aired in America when I was in the sixth grade. I was ten years old then. I had sympathized with the characters, more so with the outcasts. But, until I saw the back story on Obito was when I felt a connection to the story. I spotted the theme when it came to romance on Team 7, for all the generations.

The boy was in love with a girl who loved his best friend and rival. He did everything he could to gain her attention; from being her friend to buying her flowers. He was so sweet and caring, and she was too caught up with the cool and brooding boy to even give the other the time of day.

I sighed as I shaded in a part of the swirled mask. I was so caught up that I hadn't noticed a silver kitten about to make off with my food until a black kitten with an orange face jumped on my sketch pad. I epped in surprise and rose to my knees and saw my little picnic being over ran by small, odd colored cats.

They began to eat and fight over my sandwiches. These poor things must be starving! "Hey kitties, you guys hungry and thirsty?" I said in a soft voice. The kittens began to meow cutely. I took my sandwiches out of the bowl and placed them on the blanket and poured some water in the bowl. They scrambled to drink, shoving and scaling over each other.

I noticed the blond cat smack and hiss at the orange faced kitten. I saw the kitten try to squeeze in between the brown and silver kittens and the silver one smacked him back with a warning hiss. The Orange faced kitten then sulked to the edge of the blanket and sat to wait for what was left over.

I instantly sympathized with the little kitty and picked him up, "You poor thing. They aren't very nice to you are they?" the kitten just stared at me and meowed quietly. I smiled, "Don't worry; you'll get your turn right now." I bent down and picked up the bowl and heard meowing protests, "Too bad, be nice to your cute little friend!" The silver one hissed at me. "Good, be mad grumpy." The kitten hissed once again causing me to grin.

I looked down at the tiny feline in my arms and placed him against my chest and pushed the bowl up to his face, "Drink up, little kitty."

I knew that I instantly fell in love when he sneezed when his tiny nose got wet. I cooed at the little kitten and placed him down on the ground and refilled the bowl with water and placed it with the other kittens and they immediately went on the attack. I grabbed a sandwich and the kitten jumped onto my lap. He lept up to try and catch the sandwich, "My, my, aren't you an energetic one?" I laughed and gave the kitten the food to which he accepted.

I sat there with the kittens that were currently stretched out over my blanket. The silver one tearing a sandwich apart like a barbarian. The large brown one then began to fight with the grumpy one and they tumbled around until the orange one hissed and they stopped.

I looked at the oddest one of them all, a black and white kitten with shining yellow eyes. The black and white split down the middle would have made Death the Kid from Soul Reaper gush with fanboyism.

I giggled softly as the orange faced cat rolled around in my lap, looking up at me. He meowed in the cutest way and my heart gushed in such a girly way that I nearly blushed.

"Hey little one," I got the kitten's attention as he stared up at me curiously, "I'm gunna name you Obi, okay?" They baby cat seemed pleased as he ran off into the sand and jumped around in excitement. I laughed again.

I glanced at the other cats and they were watching me. I tapped my chin and thought for a moment. I pointed to the blond cat and said, "Your name will be Fringe."

I pointed to the brown cat, "You will be... Mr. Stitches."

I saw the orange cat hiss and smack his paw down at the others who were meowing and they stopped on a dime, "I will name you Leader." The cat seemed pleased at he lifted his head pridefully.

I giggled and pointed to the violet cat beside Leader, "You will be...Bird, because you look so graceful."

I looked at the bi colored one and said, "I so want to give you a generic name like Oreo. That's it, you are now Oreo." I giggled again and turned to the all-black cat with red eyes, "Why so serious?" I then tapped my cheek, "I will name you Joker because I just used that line of his to describe you. You are now dubbed Joker." I snickered as the kitten hissed at me.

I looked at the rather large kitten next to him and I noticed three lines under his beady eyes, "Hmm, I will call you... Bruce; after the shark from Finding Nemo."

I turned my attention to the red cat. His eyes reminded me of Sasori from Naruto... "I shall name you, Puppet." I swore up and down Fringe snickered at the newly named, Puppet and stopped when he was smacked by Puppet.

I turned to the last one who was currently wrestling little Obi, the poor little guy was shrieking. I grabbed the silver kitten but the scruff of his neck and looked him in the eye. He was hissing, probably using some foul cat language, "I'm going to name you Silver Tongue, cus I bet you are just going off the handle now, aren't you?" I smirked as the kitty meowed deep in his throat, ears pressed flat to his head, trying to send an 'If you don't drop me now, I will bite you' message.

I giggled as I set him down gently and started to pack my things into the basket, "You kitties are coming with me. Come on, lets go." It was then that I noticed they were gathered around my sketch pad, staring at the mask. I reached down and picked it up and began to walk to my house, the cats following me.

Akatsuki POV~

As they neared the beach house they could only stare. They so far had only seen the beach, but this was ridiculous. The house was freaking huge. And was up pretty high.

"Where are we?" Konan asked as she saw the glass walls of the living room.

"I don't know," Pein said as he saw a few weird metal things on wheels.

They all looked at the stilted house, "We are so fucking lucky!" Hidan yelled as he ran behind the human girl.

"We seemed to have been found by a rich woman," Kakuzu stated, money signs for eyes as he nearly tripped over his paws.

Sasori and Deidara looked at all the marble sculptures with appreciation and amazement.

"Is this girl an artist, hm?" Deidara asked.

"I'm not sure, she was drawing Tobi earlier..." Sasori trailed off, looking towards Leader.

"That's right, how does the pretty girl know what Tobi looks like?" Tobi asked skipping next to Pein.

Pein scowled, "I'm not sure, but we will find out."

They then approached the front steps and began to jump from plank to plank. The girl seemed to notice how Tobi was failing to scale the stairs and picked him up, "You are just so cute." She said, nudging his little kitty nose with her own.

She smiled and walked up the stairs with the kitten grinning smugly to himself, 'That's right, this stupid facade is finally going to pay off, this girl loves Little Obi.' Tobi, Obito, laughed inwardly.

Some of the kittens yelled in aggravation, namely Hidan and Deidara, that Tobi got special treatment and vowed to cause him bodily harm when they caught up and the girl put him down.

They watched as the girl opened the door and had no intention of lowering the masked nuisance. She then turned to the kitties who were just walking in.

Maeve POV~

"Okay, I have some rules little ones. Rule number one: Be nice to Little Obi!" I swore the kittens were groaning. I pushed that thought into the back of my mind. I then bent down in front of the kittens.

"Rule number two: You piss on anything and you will sleep outside in the cold. And I don't care if the world is burning! You will not be welcomed in this house!" I said through my teeth. Smiling again, I continued, "Rule number three: Please don't scratch the furniture. And lastly, Rule number four: Do not jump onto the counters or table."

I was smiling and stood once more with Little Obi in my arms, and I whispered to him, "Don't worry, you're the runt of the group huh? They are just being mean kitties to you aren't they? But you will stay with me and they won't be able to hurt you or to push you away from the food." I stared at the cat who was staring at me intently. He lightly tapped the side of my face. "You are just too cute Little Obi!"

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