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Dean:24 yrs old
Sam: 20yrs old
Lexi: 16 yrs old

While Dean was driving his Impala, his cell phone was going off, it was Bobby calling them.

"Hey Bobby what's up? Ok Yeah sure you ok? OK see ya." Dean said as he was then hanging up with Bobby.

While Sam was looking through their Dad's journal, he saw the look on Dean's face.

"Something wrong?" Sam sat their asking his brother when he saw the look on his face. Dean had a look of confusion.

"We need to head over to Bobby's like pronto." Dean told his brother as he gave him a worried look.

"Did he give you any reason of why now he wants to see us?" Sam was asking his brother when they were trying to figure out why they needed to get to Bobby's right away.

"No. All he said was I need you both here like now." Dean said when he was telling Sam.

They were then on their way to Bobby's house. They were wondering why Bobby would have the come over right away.

"Hope Bobby is ok?" Sam was asking Dean. He was also trying to get a hold of their Dad.

After driving for six hours they then arrived at Bobby's house. Bobby was waiting inside for the boys to come in. Dean was then parking the car. Dean and Sam had then flew out of the car. They were curious what was wrong.

"Hey Bobby. Everything ok?" Sam was asking him while coming in the front door.

"Boys sit." Bobby said when he was handing Dean and Sam a beer. Dean was sitting on the couch while Sam sat on the chair.

"Bobby what's going on?" Sam was asking him as he cocked his head. He was then sitting forward on the chair.

"Boys now I want you to listen to me. This is NOT coming from me." Bobby was telling them when Dean gave Sam a worried look. Bobby was then getting up. He was heading upstairs.

"Bobby what's wrong?" Sam was then asking Bobby when he was wondering what was going on.

Dean and Sam gave each other a look when Bobby was going into another room. When he came out he had a twelve-year girl with him. Dean and Sam had a look on their face as Dean almost choked on his beer.

Lexi." Dean said standing up slowly while looking at his sister

"Hey there." Sam said to her as he was happy to see his sister but still mostly confused.

When she was done saying hello to Sam, she then gone over to Dean to say hello.

"Dean!" She said to her brother as he then picked her up to give her a big hello.

"Bobby, wanna explain what is going on?" Dean was asking Bobby, Lexi was sitting next to Dean still.

"You father came by here yesterday with her. He asked for me to call you both and for you to watch over her until he was ready for her." Bobby said as he was going to tell them the story.

Dean gave his sister a smile as she was sitting next to him.

"Dean I missed you and Sammy big time." She told her brother as she placed her head on his shoulder.

"We did too kiddo." He was saying giving her a smile. He was glad to see his little sister again.

"Hey Lexi, why don't you go back upstairs, so I can talk to your brothers for a minute." Bobby told Lexi as she gave Dean and Sam a look.

"Go ahead. I'll still be here." Dean told her when she gave him a hug good-bye. She had then ran up to her room.

"Boys now listen, I know what you are thinking. But hear me out. Your Dad said this would be for a while." Bobby started to say when Dean interrupted him.

"Where has she been? Why now? Why us?" Dean was asking when he had so many questions. He was so angry with his dad.

"Don't get us wrong we are happy to see her." Sam was then telling Bobby.

"Boys look I don't understand it either." Bobby stood there telling them both, while shaking his head about their Dad.

"Well that's Dad for you." Sam said sitting back on his chair, while giving Dean a look. He was annoyed with their Dad.

"Did he say anything else to you?" Dean asked Bobby while wondering why his Father dropped Lexi off.

"He just said to make sure you watch her real good and to protect her." Bobby was telling them what their Dad said.

"Protect her from what?" Dean was asking Bobby with a confused look.

"Boys I don't ask your Dad questions. But he did say where ever she was they couldn't be trusted." When Dean heard Bobby say that, he was getting frustrated.

"In what way?" Dean asked when he raised his voice of what he was just told.

"Dean relax." Sam put his hand up to Dean, while trying to calm him down.

"This is my sister we are talking about." While standing there Dean said as he shot his brother a look. Dean was not only mad but wondering what had happened.

"She is MY sister as well." Sam told Dean as they were starting to jump down on each other throat.

"Boys enough. She is NOT a pet. This is a little girl, your sister." Bobby told them both. He was starting to get mad of how the boys were handling the news.

"Sorry ." Dean and Sam told Bobby. They were then sitting down taking a sip of their beer. Bobby knew the drink would calm them down. He saw how angry they were getting.

"Now look she needs both of you right now. I need to check on dinner." Bobby told them as he was then leaving the room.

Dean was going in the kitchen to where Bobby was getting dinner ready.

"Go up and get your sister. Dinner is almost ready." Bobby told Dean when he placed his beer down on the table.

Dean was then going to get his sister. When he was heading upstairs he saw her sitting on her bed.

"Hey can I come in?" Dean was asking her while he was standing in the door way.

"Whatever." She told her brother as he was coming into the room. He was taking the chair to sit by her.

"Whatcha ya doing?" He was asking her as he was trying to make small talk with her.

"Look, save it Dean." She said to him when she would not look at him.

"Hey come on, that's what you say to your favorite brother?" Dean asked her when he chuckled. He was trying to joke with her.

"Sammy is downstairs." She told Dean as he saw she wasn't laughing.

"Lexi, look I don't know what you know-" He started to tell her when he could tell she was hurting.

"Look I know you don't want me." While looking down at her nails, she was telling her brother.

Dean picked her chin up so he could see her pretty blue eyes.

"I do want you. I just don't know how to take care of a girl." He told her when she then looked up at him.

"The same way that you took care of Sam when he was growing up." She told her brother giving him a sad look.

"Look Uncle Bobby has dinner ready. Lets go before he kicks both of our as- I mean our butts." Dean told her as he let his hand out for her to take it.

She then took it and followed her brother down for dinner. They were all sitting around eating. Katie was quite while she was eating her brothers were talking about random things with Bobby