Author: This is the(pretty much demanded) sequel to my story Little Prince. If you haven't read that before then I strongly recommend you read it first or you'll probably get confused. If you're stubborn than let me summarize the situation. Tooth and North fell in love, got married and had a son Jack, who died and became Jack Frost and lost his memories. 300 years later Jack gets chosen as a guardian, movie takes place, Jack gets his memories back and is reunited with his family.

This story will be a collection of one-shots and arcs, set before, after and during Little Prince.

Disclaimer: I don't own ROTG

A Day of Mothers.


Tooth woke up late, which was strange seeing she usually didn't sleep for more than fifteen to thirty minutes a time, most of her nights were spend watching her husband dream. Now she woke to sunlight shining through the window and slight. 'Sandy must have put me to sleep...'

With a small yawn that the queen hid behind her hand, the fairy slowly sat up. That's when she saw the large tray that was placed on the end of the large bed. On it a large and a small glass of milk and a small porcelain cup of green tea. A bowl of crunchy fruit and vegetables like carrots and apples, a small bowl of raisins, three bowls of yoghurt and a plate with grilled cheese sandwiches.

To anyone else this breakfast in bed would seem to be made of random food, but Tooth smiled clasping her small hands together in delight. All this food... It was a good for your teeth breakfast!

The milk good for healthy teeth and bones, a cup of green tea a day decreases the chance of teeth following out, crunchy fruit and vegetables help create a goof flow of saliva, yoghurt got rid of harmful germs in one's mouth and studies proved that eating cheese somehow prevented the chance for cavities!

She was about to question why this great breakfast was awaiting her when she heard two hushed voices from the hallway.

"I think she's awake"

"I think so to, my boy. There iz only one to find out, no?"

A second later North and Jack came barging in the room, the six-year-old perched on his father's shoulders. North leaped onto the bed, the large bed not caving under the young handsome Russian's weight.

Jack giggled landing on the many pillows on the bed. "Morning mama!" He greeted looking at Tooth who smiled lovingly.

"Good morning Sweet Tooth." Tooth replied shifting her kimono style satin robe, that Nicolas had made for her years ago, the robe made so it would still be comfortable and not bother her wings and feathers. "I love it, but why do I get breakfast in bed?"

"Angel moy, do you remember Jack's last birthday?" North asked sitting up and wrapping his arm around her slim, feathered waist. "Jack wanted us to have day as well."

Tooth did remember, during Jack's last birthday their son had asked how come they didn't celebrate their birthday. A very good question. The answer, Nicolas grew up a feral child and had absolutely no idea when he was born or how old he really was. Tooth stopped counting after her 402th birthday, Bunnymund was older than the planet and Sandy was a fallen star.

"So me and Jack decided, today to be your day." North explained smiling.

"We got you a gift!" Jack happily added. The little boy, still in his red pjs scrambled of the bed and ran out of the room only to return moments later, a perfectly wrapped gift in his hands wich he carefully handed to his mom before crawling back on the bed and taking the spot between his parents.

Curiously the fairy looked down at the little package, wrapped in shinning green paper with a silver bow on it. First Tooth removed the bow, which she cheerfully pasted on her husband's cheek. Next she carefully started to unwrap it.

A small alighted gasp left Tooth's lips when she finally removed all the wrappings. The gift was a small jewelery box, decorated with pearls, pearls which were shaped like baby teeth. And not just any baby teeth, but made to look, exactly like her most favorite tooth of all.

Jack's first baby tooth.

"Daddy made it and I helped." Jack informed her grinning proudly. "The yeti and mini-fairies helped with the song."


North nodded and carefully reached for the box and opened it.

A beautiful and all too familiar melody came from the box. The melody of the song her father and mother used to sing for her and the same song she sang to Jack every night.

Amethyst eyes wide Tooth turned to her husband who smiled a pleased but gentle smile. "Because I vill always reach for you to." He told her, and before the queen could stop herself she had her arms wrapped around her husband's neck and her lips were on his and-

"I'm stuck!"

"Oh!" Tooth giggled realizing she had trapped her son between her and North when she hugged him. "Sorry Sweet Tooth." She said before gently kissing him on his forehead. "Thank you for the wonderful gift."

"Of course iz wonderful!" North laughed. "Jack and I made it." At that Jack nodded vigorously. "Now lets eat!" North finished already reaching for his large glass of milk and handing Jack the smaller glass.

For a while Tooth just watcher her boys eat, a small loving smile of her face. Before she let out a small giggle and closed her new music box ending the tune. "Jack don't start with the yoghurt." She cheerily warned. "Have some vegetables first."

"Aw... But mom-"

"And Aster's not here to sneak the vegetables to either young man."

Tooth had trouble hiding her giggles when both Jack and North visibly wilted at that information.


Mother's day 1922

At some point a couple of years ago Mother's day became an official thing. Not that Jack Frost cared.

Oh no, Jack Frost most definitely did not care. Not when he looked through windows to see families having breakfast in bed together and most certainly not when he saw children hand their mothers self-made cards or drawings.

Jack Frost didn't care.

It didn't make his chest ache or anything...

Besides it was March, he still had snow to spread! So what if most children wouldn't come out and play till later- Maybe some would be out though... Kids who like him, didn't have a mom.

Jack was about to take of and head to his favorite town, Burgess, when Wind spoke to him.

I found the finale one

Sky-blue eyes growing wide, Jack gripped his staff. "Wind, take me to it!" Wind, didn't need to be told twice and lifted the frost child and flew him to the cave in Alaska.

There Jack ran inside where wind had left her findings. Jack grinned when he spotted the feathers. Most wind had gotten from the warmer areas where tropical birds lived. Smiling Jack grabbed the newest feather, a long blue and green peacock feather. It was dirty, wet and lacked in some places, but Jack kept smiling.

"Thanks wind. This one is perfect!"

The boy walked further into the cave to a large rock and pushed it away to reveal needle, thread and a half-finished necklace made from feathers.

The frosted youth had been working on it for weeks.

Sitting down Jack began his work. Feathers, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, white and even plain grey ones all got sewn into the necklace, the large peacock feather in the middle like a precious jewel.

While he was at work Jack had a look on his face of pure concentration. Every once in a while he'd grunt when accidentally poking his fingers with the needle, but he'd always continue after a small moment. Pain easily faded when he frosted over his wounds anyway.

The necklace was becoming beautiful. It had to be. Boy, he couldn't to give it to-

He couldn't wait to give it to-

Give it to who?

Breaths coming out in small puffs Jack glared down at his work. Glared at the peacock feather.

He was Jack Frost. He didn't need anyone!

He was alone, but that's okay. Jack Frost doesn't need someone watching him, someone caring about him.

Jack doesn't have someone to give the necklace to.

He's alone.

With an angry snarl Jack shot a blast of frost at the necklace, in one blow destroying days of work.

He's not finished. Crying out in outrage Jack shot blasts of frost and ice all over the cave and everything that he froze had to be destroyed. Kicking, punching and clawing while screaming, snarling and screeching in frustratin and grief.

Jack punched the frozen walls long after his knuckles bled. He beat the ground till he scrapped away most of the skin of his knuckles and then some more. Kicking till he could no longer move his bruised and bloody feet.

He ended flat on the floor, fat angry tears rolling down his pale cheeks, some freezing solid. Jack still screeched, snarled and uttered wordless screams, releasing anger of which he hadn't even been aware had been there.

Jack screamed till he no longer had a voice left and his throat bled. All he could do was glare at the ceiling while heaving from both anger and exhaustion.

Jack Frost doesn't have a mom and that's fine...



Mother's day 2013.

Tooth sat on the soft cushioned chair in front of her makeup table, her music box open, the hinges worn after so many years. Her eyes were on the small ice sculpture though.

The perfect little ice sculpture that showed her, Nicolas and Jack as six-year-old from that one morning so many years ago. She in her robe, her husband still young with his beard so much shorter back then and little Jack...

Their little family having breakfast.

Looking at the gift she had gotten made her heart swell with happiness and break at the same time.

After 300 years she and North had their son back, Jack now the spirit of winter...

The fact that instead of giving her the gift, Jack had left it next to her music/jewelery box for her to find, showed how unused to being back with them Jack was... how those lonely years effected him.

She's clutching the perfect little ice sculpture to her chest, crying silently when the bedroom doors are pushed open.


Quickly whipping at her eyes Tooth turned around, her eyes grew wide when she saw her husband and son, both carrying a tray of food. "Oh.." And just like that she's up in the air, wings vibrating with excitement. "My boys! You shouldn't have! Oh this looks so lovely!"

And maybe they really aren't as broken as she thought.