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Careful What You Wish For, part 1.

Wishes are powerful things, at least true, pure wishes made from the deepest of someone's heart. Being a former wishing star himself Sandy had fulfilled many wishes of many good people. Sadly the wise little man of sand had also seen some of those good wishes backfire. So it is thanks to Sandy that the guardians know that there is a truth behind the saying 'Be careful what you wish for'.


Tooth sighed sadly. It was late at night at the pole and queen found herself unable to fall asleep. She kept hovering near the large windows in her and North's large bedroom.

It wasn't snowing.

"Jack vill be fine, Angel Moy." North said from where he was, clad in red satin pajamas on their bed, their bed which was large enough to fit four people. As usual her husband knew exactly what was bothering her.

Eight days ago their son went the South pole. The two immortals didn't know what was going on, but apparently it had something to do with Merida having made a mistake and Jack needing to secure the ice on the pole caps.

"He's been gone for days." Came Toothiana's detached reply her gaze never shifting from the window.

North sighed sharing her worries, but not showing them as much as his wife "Toothy..."

At last the queen turned around. For a moment she looked at him before flying towards him and settling in North's arms. "I don't like this, Nicholas." The fairy murmured, snuggling her cheek against her husband's broad chest. "I don't like not knowing what's going on, or if he's okay. What if he needs or help? Or if he-"

"Jack knows what he's doing, Angel Moy." North gently shushed her. "He has had 300 years to learn and-"

"And I hate it!" Tooth viciously interrupted her voice rising a few octaves. "Our baby boy was alone and I know he's great with his powers, but- but he had to learn that all by himself and he's not a little boy anymore..."

She stopped talking when she saw the expression on her husband's face. It was no secret that North blamed himself for what happened to their son.

Tooth smiled sadly. "Oh you big teddy bear." She whispered hugging North tightly and snuggling against him. "There are no words to describe how happy I am to have our family back, but sometimes I feel like too much happened... a-and I just wish he was still little again and we could still protect him from everything.

North sighed rested his chin against her feathered head. "I know, my angel." He quietly replied. "I vish that too, love. I vish that too."

The couple stayed like that, content with just holding each other. They stayed like that for nearly three hours before sleep finally claimed them. Moments after the two fell asleep a gentle snowfall started outside, a sure sign that their Winter child had returned home safely.

Sadly the boy's parents were in a too deep sleep to notice. Which is why they didn't notice the silversand floating into the workshop through glass of the closed windows.

They didn't notice un till much, much later.


Toothiana sighed contently snuggling closer to the warmth that was her husband, the worries of the previous night temporarily forgotten. That is un till...

"Mama!" a young voice cheers and a soft weight lands on the end of the bed.

The fairy rolled over. "Not now Sweet Tooth, mama's still slee-" Tooth stopped talking. She had instantly recognized the voice, but it wasn't the right voice. Not anymore.

Bolting up right Tooth looked over at the person sitting on the end of the bed. She had this dream before. Before and after they had gotten Jack back. But it had always been the Jack from before.

Brown hair, rosy cheeks...

Not the small pale boy with hair and dressed in an oversized blue hoodie.

Amethyst wide and hands shaking, the queen of the Tooth Fairies reached for one of the feathers on her left wrist and roughly yanked it out.

Yes, that definitely hurt, which only meant one thing.

She wasn't dreaming.

Swallowing Tooth looked at the little boy. "J-J-Jack?"

The little boy, who couldn't be older than six tilted his head, a bright smile on his pixie-like face. "Come on mama!" He said sounding exactly like how he did back then. "It's morning, so it's time to play and have fun!" Jack cheered throwing his little arms up in the air in excitement.

Oh goodness... Turning to her right Tooth frantically shook her husband's shoulder, effectively waking him up. "Nicholas!" She hissed before letting her wings lift her up and she flew over to Jack and scooped the six-year-old winter spirit up in her arms. "Oh my little prince! What happened?"

Unhappy to be wokken the way he had North shifted. Grumbling a bunch of nonsense in his native language the former cossack sat up. The sight that greeted him shut him up instantly.

"Rimsky Corsokov..."

Jack looked at North over Tooth's shoulder and grinned. "Good morning daddy!" He waved cheerfully completely unaware of what was so shocking. "I had fun at the South pole yesterday! Can we go play now?"

North stared at the boy, the boy who the last time he had seen him was 314-years-old and not... Six? Something happened and it needed to fixed- Probably. But looking at his grinning son father Christmas couldn't help but grin himself. "Yes."

Of course they would play.

At least un till Bunny and Sandy got there and they had to start trying to figure out how Jack was six again and how to fix it- probably.

Because a six-year-old Winter spirit could not be safe-