Day 3 - Feel

Tahno loved this. The feel of her skin against his with her heart beating next to his own, and the feel of her breath against his neck and shoulder as her fingers dug into his shoulders. But it was more than just her physical proximity, because Korra never did anything halfhearted. She always gave all of herself, never holding back. He adored that about her, and he loved how expressive she was, from the way the features of her face morphed in pleasure, to how she rolled and flexed her strong and utterly feminine body, and even down to the varying pitches the sound of her moans made. It was the way her smile would not only light up the room but light up his heart, the way her soft hands would caress his own, and the feel of the soft fingertips tracing random patters on his skin. He could drown in the way her lips pressed against his, and in her hungry hum of appreciation as it vibrated against his flesh when he touched her just the way she wanted him to. Everything Korra felt was given right back to him in enthusiastic gestures, assuring him that he was making her feel loved, wanted, desired, and cherished, and they both knew that nothing else mattered in the world but the two of them and the way this, them, felt.

She began chanting his name like a sacred prayer as she felt herself start to lose control and lose sense of anything that existed beyond him and his touch. She could feel he was close, and she could feel how he was pushing himself to his utter most limit for her because he loved her and wanted her to know and feel it in the depths of her soul. She could feel the tension in his frame as she slid her hands down his smooth, toned back, then up to his shoulders again where she clung desperately to him, closing her eyes tight as the last few pulses of tension built before it finally broke in shattering waves, wrapping both of them up in release and indescribable ecstasy. The explosion of sensation then gave way to the immeasurable contentment and relaxation as they held onto one other, feeling how they fit together in a tangle of limbs and sheets. They both craved this quiet interlude of sheer intimacy as much as the frenetic activity it took to get them here. Their breathing softened as they continued to hold each other close and press tender kisses to any inch of skin they could find while delicately sweeping away wild tendrils of hair. This moment in time was what they wanted to feel above all, what they needed to feel, what they were always meant to feel.

Thank you to Alaburn for betaing and thank YOU for reading :)