Infinite Stratos: Attack of the Archangel:

Just so you know, this fanfiction is a combo of different Universes, namely Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Fuse, Bleach, Modern Warfare 3 and involves my own personal characters. If you have any problems with this, please move on to something else; any comments or reviews that point out the obvious or are mean or unnecessary will be ignored.
With that in mind, let's get rolling! :)


The Eye of the Storm:

"MOVE! MOVE!" roared Captain Price as he and the Archangel Padriac (aka Patrick) took down four female terrorists backed by two Hellspawn warriors. Naya and Holly moved up as Ragnar Greyclaw, the Werepyre, bellowed on their commlinks, "Yo, there's so many of them! It's like they're never-ending!"

"We need to move! That IS unit MUST be secured NOW!" screamed Patrick. A Hellspawn warrior ran at him with a large war-axe; Patrick pulled his sword from its ethereal sheath and blocked the swing. He then pulled out his favorite dagger and embeddened it into the monster's skull; at the same time, he used the Hellspawn as a conduit for a large chain lightning blast and took out a multitude of terrorists and Hellspawn in one go.

"Dammit, where the hell is that IS Corps squad?!" screamed Holly as she finished off a large Hellspawn Ogre. Covered in its gore, she turned around and got to cover; caulking her AK-47 with Red Dot Scope, she fired off a volley of shots that took out multiple bogeys.

"They said they'd be here any minute! Hold tight!" exclaimed Naya, who was then caught from behind and held hostage by a female terrorist. Struggling against her choke-hold, she managed to get out, "Pat!"

"NAYA!" bellowed Patrick; he screamed a battle-cry and ran to the terrorist. Sending a well-aimed punch to her arm, he shattered her elbow; the female terrorist screamed in agony and let Naya go.

Patrick's face was contorted with rage as he grabbed both sides of her head and began crushing her skull with his bare hands. "DON'T TOUCH MY GIRL!" he bellowed as her skull was crushed almost instantly.

Patrick stood there for a second, looking at the woman's gore on his hands before hearing Price yelling above the gunfire, "We've made it! Let's move!"

As everyone reached the vault, Ragnar broke the door down with his meaty fist and they burst inside only to get caught in a large explosion set just for them.

When Patrick regained his sight and hearing, he saw the Hellspawn Queen Shalika on a platform with the experimental fourth generational Infinite Stratos unit created by the genius Shinonono Tabane being lifted out by a helicopter. Grinning, she saluted him and then she was gone.

Price and Ragnar were up as fast as Patrick was. Price swore, "Shit!" Ragnar pounded the ground with his foot; there was a large crack where his foot had struck the floor in anger.

Patrick spat in anger, then activated his commlink. "Overqueen, this is Archangel. Negative precious cargo; I repeat, the IS unit has been stolen. Request immediate exfil."

"Roger all, Archangel; sending exfil team to your location. ETA 2 minutes." The line went dead.

Patrick sat on a pile of rubble and leaned his head on his hands.

Shalika had the IS machine.

This was not good. Not good at all.

Chapter 1 coming soon!

~P. R. Gedney