By Shahrezad1

Summary: there are times when Calhoun's coding is all too human. A series of very short moments. Hero's Cuties pairing.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Wreck It Ralph—Disney does. :)


Chapter 1: Flaws

The first time Felix saw her hands without gloves was when she was working on upgrading her hover-vehicle. The protective gear was unwieldy at best and downright dangerous at worst when working on such delicate parts, and she'd shucked them with all the sensible apathy of a mechanist at work. Even with her figure presented in form-fitting attire and hair a golden dishevelment (tresses he would love to run his fingers through), it was her hands which caught his eye.

Long and slim and delicate, despite the heavy equipment she was apt to throw around. But the ends were as blunt-gnawed as their top surface was smooth. Tamora hissed as harsh chemicals smarted the ragged edges, but continued working with the determined focus of the stubborn.

Calhoun bites her nails, he realized with a start, a human characteristic if there was one from the toughest of individuals. A sigh filled his lungs and slowly expelled itself as the repairman felt his 8-Bit heart soften all the more.

With a gentle, loving look Felix bridged the distance between them and kneeled silently by her side, taking Calhoun's left hand in his despite her surprised start. Then, pulling out his trademark hammer, he tapped the ends with a gentle 'bing.' Ignoring her ongoing protestations, all the while.

When two sets of blue eyes finally met he smiled fondly and opened his grip to reveal her newly repaired digits, healthy, trimmed nail tips evident beneath the layers of grease and rust.

"I can fix that," he murmured quietly, as she could only stare at him in surprise. The expression shifted the slightest amount into a quirked half-smile. Saying nothing, Calhoun passed over the other hand, waiting patiently as Fix-It did his work. Then kissed both glowing cheeks fervently and went back to working on her hoverboard.

Felix beamed and contented himself with soaking in the soldier's presence.


AN: I feel like I just stole a scene from, "Holes," or something. –blushes in embarrassment-