Trent will play as Harry Potter

Cody will play as Ron Weasley

Courtney will play as Hermione Granger

Duncan will play as Draco Malfoy

Scott will play as Fred Weasley

Geoff will play as George Weasley

Cameron will play as Neville Longbottom

Mike will play as Seamus Finnigan

DJ will play as Dean Thomas

Owen will play as Vincent Crabbe

Jo will play as Gregory Goyle

Dakota will play as Pansy Parkinson

Eva will play as Millicent Bulstrode

Harold will play as Percy Weasley

Brick will play as Oliver Wood

Sierra will play as Lavender Brown

Katie will play as Parvati Patil

Sadie will play as Padma Patil

Izzy will play as Angelina Johnson

Anne Maria will play as Katie Bell

Justin will play as Justin Finch-Fletchley

Dawn will play as Luna Lovegood

Heather will play as Cho Chang

Alejandro will play as Cedric Diggory

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The Dursleys were a normal family in others eyes. Perfect son,perfect wife,and perfect husband. But,of course,every family has a secret. Their secret wasn't that bad,but to the Dursleys,it was like the end of the world had taken place.

What was their secret,you ask? Well,Petunia Dursley had a sister. When she married Vernon Dursley,they had swore to never speak of Petunia's sister or her no-good-dirty-rotten husband. She went on to live her life,but what she didn't know,was that in her sister's world,dark themes were taking place. A deadly man had come to her and her husband's house. But then,the two had had a son,so they didn't have to just protect themselves. They did die trying,though. When the murderer moved on to the child,it couldn't kill it. No,He didn't go soft,but a drastic event stopped the man from the killing the child. The child made it out alive with a lightning bolt scar on its forehead. The child was taken away and was to be watched over by its only family left:The Dursleys.

His name was Trenton James Potter,and Petunia's sister's name was Lily Potter,along with her husband,James Potter. Trent was moved by a giant of a man called Hagrid and was taken to the Dursleys by two very well known people:Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. They took Trent to his new home and then had left. And that's where he's been to this day... But he didn't know,his life was about to change for the better and for the worse.

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