Alrighty, no one has read the first chapter and I had a bit of trouble updating this… uh… miniseries… so I hope you enjoy this story, it's about everyone's mysterious and most popular character in the Lion King World… Mheetu.

҉The Lion King Hidden Adventures: ҉

I'm Coming Home…

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away,

All the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits,

And they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home

I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming…

I open my eyes to the lullaby that had just sung itself to me. My kingdom awaits… do they? I've been gone for so long… I don't even remember its name. I do, however, remember hers. My beloved sister awaits for me, for me to come home. My beautiful, loving mother cherishes and misses me, I know it. But I cannot go back; he rules the land that we had loved for so long. He is the reason I'm alone… why my family had to miss me grow and live my life… my sister… I miss her so much.

The night cold breeze danced in my dark brown mane, my bright ocean blues eyes stared back at their reflection as I drank the cold water of the dark river; the river that separates me from my old home. The memory of my banishment is still so vivid in my mind; I was too young to leave. But he didn't care… he didn't for anyone… not even himself.

"Nala… take him somewhere secure and hidden, and make sure he doesn't find you two" The light beige lioness commanded.

"I know, and I will" Nala replied.

The lioness turned and ran off to where he was calling; Nala reflecting the move while carrying a much younger cub on her back.

"Where we going Nala?"

"Somewhere where you can be safe from him" she answered.

Nala made some turns, dodges, jumps and leaps through the giant graveyard that was once her home. The cub getting quite nauseous.

"Nala… please… st-stop… jumping…"

It seemed to go on forever, more bones passing by him, more devilish laughter echoing in the dry air… more nonstop jumping.

Then Nala stopped.

She wriggled the cub off her, and pushed him in a small cave in front of them.

"There… now stay here, I'll be back" and without even letting the cub answer, ran off back the direction they came from.

"Nala…" he whispered, scaredly.

After a while, the cub fell into a difficult sleep. Nightmares of darkness, devilish laughs, his evil green eyes.


The cub opened his eyes.

He saw black dog paws walking across his small meerkat-sized cave. Laughing. The laughing and growls he heard still haunted him.

"We can't find him!"

"Well then keep on lookin'!"

"We looked for hours!"


"Well then… .LOOK!" Roared an evil voice.

The cub flinched at the boom of that voice.

Whimpers were heard. Then shuffling. Then nothing.

The cub looked from side to side, and saw a small puddle of water a few feet in front of him. He knew it wasn't safe, but he was awfully thirsty.

He quietly walked towards it, leaving his only safe place behind.

What the cub didn't know was the he was still there.

The cub reached his destination.

He leaned in and drank.

"Thirsty…" the wicked voice echoed.

The cub froze.

The cub shook.

The cub turned, a shadow covering his small body, and looked up at him.

His eyes… they seemed to glow a sick green glow.

"Mheetu… why, where have you been?" He asked.

Mheetu said nothing, which made him smile.

He started to circle Mheetu, the darkness making him look ghostly.

But what this demon said next only made Mheetu confused and surprised.

"You are banished… leave these lands… and never come back" He said.

Mheetu was shock to answer. But none of the less he turned in a flash and ran.

He looked back once, to see him frown.

Him… the demon that plagued Mheetu's home and cast him away just now, was sad.

And Mheetu still believes, to this day, that he saw Scar cry.

I'm still confused about what happened all those years ago.

Is Scar still king? Has Scar changed? Did Scar care about me? No. Scar is Scar. Forever wounded, in which bared his own name. But still I wonder why he let me go, he didn't even scratch me. Never mind what happened. The past will remain in the past; what matters is the future. Now I must focus on my life now… and the life my Roho.

I walk back to my cave where a small bundle of white-beige fur is curled up in a small ball. I smile. I walk over to him and settle down on my stomache. Wrapping my fore-arms around him and warming his small body. I rest my head beside his, closing my eyes as I warm my only son from the powerful battles of the wind. The trees outside his cave sing with the willow, the leaves dance as the wind protects them from the sudden slow pour of crystal droplets. The moist air only warms us more from the bitter war of nature's cold breath.

I softly sing to my child. I sing my mother's lullaby, my son's lullaby.

My lullaby.

"I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away,

All the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits,

And they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home

I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming…"

I smile sadly, "I'm coming home… I promise".

I'm particularly proud of this one, it's sad and beautiful, and I thought about the story while listening to the song of the same name 'I'm coming Home' by some people, I'm not sure if it's Ft. Skyler Grey or Diddy-Dirty Money Ft. Skyler Grey. Whatever just checkout the song, I love it, it's awesome. So I hoped you loved this chapter of the miniseries, fine criticism and NO flames please. Thanks

Dreamer Out!