Hinata tucked her raven tresses behind one delicate ear nervously. Here she stood in Naruto's apartment doorway, a somewhat intoxicated Naruto leaning against her back mumbling something. Hinata had no idea what, the one thing she did know was that she was about to enter the little one room apartment that was his home and the only thing she could concentrate on was the warm breath that was drifting over the nape of her neck and down the front of her jacket. That last part was impossible she was sure but she didn't want to admit to herself that the idea of being alone here with Naruto had caused a barrage of images... None of which her father would have approved of and all of which would normally have caused her to faint. Not tonight though. She was determined to be there for her friend regardless of how much she wished it was something more. Tonight she had watched him once more pour out his heart to Sakura . Though she couldn't hear the conversation the animated way both were talking and Naruto's subsequent marathon of shots she could only assume the result had not been in his favor.

Somewhere around midnight he had staggered up behind her and draped his arms over her shoulders. She had long since gotten over the stuttering and fainting that had cursed her youth but her body still filled with heat the few times that Naruto's body had come into contact with hers. Tonight was no exception. Even with the calming influence of alcohol in her system her traitorous insides were rioting. Not knowing where the light switch was she instead opted to make her way slowly through the darkened room to the large mattress she could see the outline of against the wall.

She leaned sideward, trying to slide the still mumbling yet seemingly comatose Naruto on to the bed without injuring either one of them. Instead, she found her back pressed against a firm body and strong arms held her captive. She froze as a deep chuckle came from behind her left ear.

"Finally hime. I have you where I want you..."