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The lovely chemical Brandt had been exposed to was frequently on his mind as he cursed its creator for putting him through this torture. While the paralytic had worn off with no lasting effects, the flu-like symptoms were hanging around, much to Will's displeasure. Instead of getting released after a day in the hospital, it took four days before he was able to keep down any liquids or food. Brandt was not a happy camper.

Still feeling somewhat guilty over his involvement in his teammate's previous injuries, Benji offered to hang out with Will after his dischargement. He felt the poor lad had suffered enough these past few days, he needed a little bit of fun. The day of his releasement from what Brandt had dubbed 'prison', Benji was there ready to escort him out to their taxi. While the younger agent complained about having to take a wheelchair out, with his leg still out of commission and the fatigue that plagued him from being so sick, he was truly relieved at not having to use his crutches to leave the hospital.

"You happy to be leaving?" Benji asked good naturedly.

"You bet. If I have to step into a hospital ever again it, it will be too soon."

Benji just smiled and pushed his friend over to their taxi. Once Will was settled inside, he took the wheelchair back and then hopped into the cab himself. Brandt's address was given and soon they were off to his apartment.

"So, I thought you would like to watch a couple of movies before we get some kind of light lunch. You up for that?"

Brandt nodded, thinking about the films he wanted to see.

"I get to pick them all out, it's only fair since I am the invalid here."

"I figured you would want to."

Brandt humph-ed in response, content to look out the window for the rest of the trip, settling into a comfortable silence. Not too long after, the cab stopped and the two agents got out. One accomplished this task easily, and the other awkwardly maneuvered out the door, needing his friend's assistance for their trek from the cab up to his home.

Benji had fortunately remembered the crutches for Brandt, but they did little in helping the agent with the energy required to get from point A to point B. Initially, when Benji had mentioned the plans for the day, Will had wanted to say the first thing on his to-do list was to take a bath, but by the time they had gone into the complex, used the elevator, walked down the hall, and unlocked his door, he was exhausted.

The movie idea was a good one, he conceded to himself as Benji helped him sit on the couch in front of the flatscreen. Now then, the real question, what to pick?

While Will was contemplating his decision, Benji was making his way around the apartment tidying up a little here and there to make things easier for his friend. He also had secretly come in with Jane to restock the fridge with some more edible foods for Brandt to eat with his recently delicate stomach. That chemical had really taken the agent down for a couple of days. Benji had never seen anyone that sick before.

Half the time he thought there wasn't anything else for Brandt to throw up, and then his teammate would just go and prove him wrong. Thankfully all of that was over, and Brandt was on the mend. Still, it would be a long time before Ethan, Jane, or Benji himself let Will out of their sight for longer than a few seconds. Benji's musings were interrupted by an "Aha!" From the livingroom.

"I know what movie we need to watch. I haven't seen it yet, but I read the book and I know they have it on Amazon Prime for me to buy. Can you hand me the controller."

Benji chuckled as he saw the excitement on the other man's face, albeit an excitement clouded by tiredness. He handed him the controller and observed with curiosity, wondering what movie they were going to see.

Brandt selected the movie quickly and looked back at his friend when he heard him snort at his choice.

"Hey, I heard it was good and I need to see for myself. Don't judge me."

"I'm not. I actually haven't seen it either, so this should be an experience for both of us."

Benji settled in next to Brandt and both their attentions were directed at the screen. The film took a couple of hours to run through, and by the end of it, the two men were arguing over some of the finer points.

"No, definitely not! He wasn't even that cool. All he could do was pick up heavy stuff and make himself look like stone."

"Like the other guy was more useful. All he did was stand there and look pretty the whole movie."

"He took care of her family, which is more than her 'love' did."

"Oh please, who was it that saved her from the evil little gang of kids? Not Mr. Wannabe. Besides, in the books she chooses Peeta."

"No! Thanks for spoiling it for me."

"That just shows you my team wins. Team Gale loses every time."

Benji let Brandt rub it in his face for a little longer before asking if he was hungry. It was noon now, since Brandt had been discharged mid-morning, and he figured with all the moving from place to place the agent might be hungry.

"Yeah, but we are going to have to order out, I don't have much food here."

"I don't know about that, I'm sure I can find something here."

Brandt squinted his eyes suspiciously at the tech expert.

"What do you know that I don't?"

"Oh nothing, you just sit there and pick out the next one. I will make us a few simple sandwiches. I don't think you want anything too heavy, with the off chance it would come back up."

Will looked a little green when he heard that and nodded his agreement.

Around ten minutes later the meal was made and a new film was on. This one was a classic both had seen before. They watched the sci-fi movie with great interest, each for different reasons.

Brandt loved the action and adventure of it, while Benji enjoyed the technology aspect and overall continuity with the television show that had spawned it.

They were so hooked that they even watched the one after it. While not as highly rated, it still held its own. By the time Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock were over it was well into the afternoon. Brandt probably needed some alone time, and to be fair, both were pretty beat from the week of adventures they had had.

He collected his things and left, lecturing Brandt before he left to make sure to call him or any of their teammates if he needed anything. The doctor had said he would be fine on his own, just to not overdo it. Brandt thanked Benji for staying with him and watched him as he walked out of the apartment.

For the first time in what felt like ages, Will was alone. Benji had been right about needing the 'me time'.

"Time for the bath," he said aloud.

Grabbing his crutches he slowly made his way to the bathroom. The process was agonizing to his stiff body, but he knew it would be completely worth it. When the bathtub came into view it was like the hallelujah chorus went off in his head.

Finally, he was going to get his wish.

He turned on the water and sat next to the tub. It was going to be somewhat difficult, but he would get into it. As long as his cast stayed out he could do it. As he waited for it to fill up, he let himself rest. He needed to prepare for this task. He needed that bath.

Brandt grabbed the bottle of bubble bath liquid from the side of the tub and poured it in. It was almost show time.

He leaned up against the wall and closed his eyes, still resting in these final few minutes before he would hop into the tub. Still with his eyes closed he felt his way to turn the water flow off, and then leaned back to the wall...and fell asleep.

No bath today. Only the one in his dreams.

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