Summary: Ranma's soul is fragmented and split into different world and now it is up to the gang to see if they can survive in new worlds trying to find all the soul fragments in time what happened to the Ranmas (yes more than one) in these new worlds and can the gang stand seeing Ranma's different sides changed by a new way in the world and can they deal with there feelings for these new Ranmas and how their stories end.

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Prolog- Shattered Mirror

Today was a unusual day for Ranma maybe better than most others as Kuno has been put into a mental hospital (finally), he was eating at Ucchan's with the rest of the Tendo household (Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, Soun, and Genma.), the amazons (Shampoo, and Cologne) and the peace was still here because everyone was on a truce (don't think it will last tomorrow so may as well enjoy it while it lasts.), nothing could go wrong.

"Ranma, release Shampoo!"

Damnit I just had to say something like that...

"What is it you want Moose." Ranma said to the Chinese male teen talking to a pant nearby the entrance. Looking confused the male amazon put on his glasses and throw a mirror at Ranma, not noticing Cologne's gasp. "Seriously?" He said picking it out of the air non-canny thinking it was like that feather thing again. Than the mirror shattered as Cologne got out of her seat moving to try to stop what was about to happen as Ranma turned grey even his clothes did and blow into the mirror pieces like sand. Unable to process what just happened everyone in the room (except Moose) disappeared in a blinding flash.

"Yes now time to find my dear sweat Shampoo, and tell her the good news." said the delusional hidden weapons master who forgot to check who was in the room with Ranma Saotome after seeing the pigtailed martial artist, when he throw the mirror or this would have been avoided.

***********************************(Inside a white space)******************************************** *******

In a pop everyone who disappeared inside the flash of light (everyone in the restraint but Moose and Ranma) appeared as they looked around.

"Stupid Moose he has doomed us all." Said the old woman named Cologne.

"Great-grandmother what happened to us?" said a confused Shampoo

"Yah, what amazon item did Moose use to get us in this mess." said a annoyed and concerned Nabiki, annoyed at getting involved in one of Moose's plans before finishing her meal, and concerned of her future brother-in-law.

"I don't know how but that idiot boy has recovered a mirror of space and time. When thrown and picked up the mirror divides the targets soul into fragments and sucks them into alternative universes through out space and time." said the wise old woman

"Oh my." Take a guess who said this...

"How did we get here and more importantly how do we get Rachan back." said Ukyo

"The reason why we are here is to see the worlds Ranma is in and turned out while gathering the pieces of son-in-law's soul and only than will we get back to out own world."

"Sounds easy enough." said Akane confidant they can save Ranma.

"But we can not all interfere in the worlds until we get all of Ranma's souls together and only a random groups or single people will be able to gain a body that will best fit into the worlds we are going into."

"How do we gather these soul's" asks Nabiki

"Ranma's others will have to that is for them to complete their part in the world that they go to."

"That sounds too easy..." says Genma

"Once Ranma's souls are gathered and we are back in our world he will be rebuilt and have the memories of all his other versions but this can mess a person up if they are done incorrectly." said Cologne

"How do you know all of this?" asked Nabiki

"How do you think someone becomes as screwed up as Happy did he was thrown a mirror by musk warrior but he had no help getting back together so the one noble man turned...well into Happosai, heck Happosai before the mirror was a lot like son-in-law just more perverted but it was still minor back than." stated Cologne this freaked everyone out at the thought of Ranma becoming anything like Happosai. "But with our help everything should be alright...I think."

************************************************(C hapter end)**********************************************

I will accept ideas for different era's Ranma could end up in I just need a time, place, or a story, TV show, Manga, or Anime. I may edit it out to make it more interested and there will be death just to warn you.

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