Victory or so it seems!

Looks like we won this round against the threat to the web.

From what I heard from one of my reviewers in Grim Tales: World of Z

As that was the story she reviewed the answer too I will work on it first

I would have done this sooner but between clubs, moving across town, some college prep classes, and starting a student run organization I have not been having much free time and the time I did have was time I spent with my little brother. Hell I'm still moving just remembered I need to write this message just to let the others know what I know.

However this may or may not be true so any info you can find and post on one of my stories or PM me with I will thank who ever did this.

Probably won't be able to post until next Sunday so I'll work on as many stories as I can during this time including some challenges I would like to take up.

The only for sure story I'm working on for the week is Grim Tales: World of Z as thanks to the reviewer who gave me this information.

I just hope you all like it.

And finally props to all the new reviews, favs, and followers.

You guys rock! Long live fanfiction!