'Arghh my head hurts right now' as are most lovable knuckle headed ninja thinks as he remains in fetal position in a pod of some sorts

"We're are we?" Ask the blond.

'I don't know Naruto ... Last thing I remember was that we were fighting orchi -pedo and we killed him but not before he casted a untested justu
And we were sucked into a blue vortex.' The almighty 9tails demon fox briefly recounts what happen before everything went black.

Naruto's brain starts to process what he just heard and remembers the fight with the snake sannin and ended when The Nine Tails giving Naruto a 6 tailed cloak and pericing the Teme through the heart with one of his tails. Naruto was brought out of his musing by muffled voice coming from outside of his prison.

"Ahhh,…629 Is coming along very nicely. Little girl will be most happy to hear that Jumba has made her a new friend." (I can't do Jumba very well so bear with me and, if you can correct it an pm me it I will edit the story to fix said dialogue.)

Soon after another voice that was very whiny and high pitched came in to ear shot "Jumba why are you making another experiment and on Lilo's birthday. We don't need another Leroy incident. " even though it sounded sincere an not in a naggy know it all voice it still sounded annoying.

'I want to kill what ever is making that noise' naruto thought soon after the fox also gave its two cents 'can I get first shot at it' the fox growled in annoyment.

The deeper of the two voices began to argue that 629 will not be created evil It will already come with good in its heart.

But, Naruto never heard the rest of the conversation as he started to dose off into uncocinousness .

'who are Lilo, Jumba and this 629' he began to wonder as he fell a sleep.

( I was going to cut it off here but I want to introduce naruto to his new Ohana :3 )

"Oh little girl I have a surprise for you"

"Really" a girl who had long hair and had on a simple dress with flowers on it playing with a blue dog like... Thing named 'Stitch' ... Alright how the f*** does that look like a dog that is obviously a kola thing. ... What do you mean I'm breaking the forth wall ... You know what I'm done being a fanfiction narrator for a two bit author, narrator out. I DO WHAT I WANT SON ,N**GA IM OUT! -door slam-(1)

"Coming Jumba, c'mon Stitch lets go see what he got me "

"Ih, meega wanna come"


"So little girl you wanna see what's in the box?"

"Yeah, of course!" Soon the little girl tears into the box reviling a capsule wrapped in a bow that had 629 on it. Lilo had a face of surprise.

"Little girl like it? I made this especially in mind for stitch as well."

"Gabba" the blue dog asked?

"You see I made this one to be genetically closer to stitch than any one else, in a sense he is 626 brother. "


"Cool c'mon stitch lets wake up your lil' bro"

-one rummage through a kitchen later-

"Little girl. Jumba should tell you what makes 629 special he can summon creature to help him fight and standard experiment stuff that would make him like you. super strength , dense Skeleton , extreme flexibility , but he can't retract a second pair of arms ... But he can with his tails.

The two eyes widen in shock. And were really excited about meeting their new friend/brother.

They pour the water on the pod and it starts to glow...

Meanwhile with 629



Then there was a flash of light, next thing Naruto knew he was on his butt staring at a girl ,a dog thing ,(KOLA! I thought you left!) and a heavy set man with an Hawaiian shirt.

'Naruto be on your guard '

And so he did he quickly made two clones with handless seals and they quickly kitsune transformed into two kunais that he caught in reverse grip in front of him. And fell into fighting stance.

There was a Erie silence as stitch quickly step in front of Lilo.

Naruto was the one to break the silence. "Who are you and where am I !?" Lilo tried to calm him down. " calm Down 629 we are friends and here is stitch" pointing to the blue dog "and this is jumba. Now we need to name you we can't keep calling you 629"

"Whoa wait a minute here I'm not some pet I'm a human being and I already have a name it is Naruto Uzumaki. "

Jumba blurts out "what the kragsnarg how does 629 know how to speak perfect English I didn't program him like that and I most certainly did not give him the ability to clone and transform said clones and and... He gave him self a name !" Jumba responded almost hysterically.

Stitch pipes up " maybe Isa a glitch. Maybe youga need to test brother to fix him. "


'Tests... Naruto get out of there!' Hitomi said

Naruto does just that and breaks through the window. There was a long pause and everyone sweatdroped

" why Ohana always break window" stitch said under his breath with a deadpanned face.

"C'mon lets go get him stitch who know what he can do out there" Lilo quickly states while running to the door and stitch quickly follows.


Naruto was tree hopping at high speeds trough the foliage of the rain forest, Trying to get away and find out we're that vortex sent him. He quickly comes to a clearing with a good body of water near by.

'Uh...ruto-kun I was doing a check list on your body (metaphorical) and it seems different I don't know how to explain it quickly go do a quick check over that body of water.'

Naruto doesn't see the harm in it since he was going pretty fast they would be here in 30 mins. He quickly runs over to the river that connect to a pond and went to take off his clothes but to his surprise he grab a fist full of orange-y fur. He was further bewildered by the fact that he had paws with claws. He started to hyperventilate he feverishly keeled down to see his reflection and what he saw did nothing to relief his stress. There in the pond was a creature that looked like that blue dog from earlier except it had eyes that were still blue as sky but much wider; his body was cover in an orange-y yellow color while his nose was a yellow color and looked like Stitch's. His ears looked like Stitch's except it was more fox like and still had a notch; his body shape was like Stitch, except his whisker marks became real. The front of his body still had his seal there, in red in a yellow circle on his stomach, his paws and feet paws were black with sharp retractable claws And To top all off had had six fox tails that were longer than he was tall and they were swaying back and forth.

'Oh my kami! What did they do to me ! '

'Naruto I know this may not be the best time but, I don't remember you ever being so attractive then you are right now.' she said with a suductive purr.

Naruto blushed so hard you could see it through his bright fur "H..Hitomi-chan I love you but right now is not the time. "

Mental image flashes through his mind it was Hitomi pouting cutely. He shake it out before any more of her suggestion get through.

'Fine I guess you don't want to know what I found out about are predicament.'

This caught Naruto attention. He sighed if he didn't apologize and promise a 'physical favor' she wouldn't tell him a thing " Hitomi I'm sorry I'm just a big jerk and you are the almighty beautiful kyubbi"


"I promise you a 'psychical favor' "

'Thats my mate knowing how to please a demoness' she said in a sing song voice.

'Okay since you have such a silver tongue I'll tell you' Naruto groaned 'okay now this is serious I think we are in another dimension' the demoness said blankly



'Honey... You know maybe this is a good thing...' Naruto was about to retort 'here me out on this - think about it we were never treated well back in the elemental nation, I was feared while you were beat by civilians and didn't stop till you saved there worthless lives when you saved them from Pein.' Now thinking back to it Naruto was always the scapegoat while everyone got live happy ignorant lives while he had to grow up fast in order to survive. He thought just maybe… he could have a better life here. "Hitomi your right,I mean we have had this stupid war on our shoulders for far to long. they could take care of them selfs maybe for once we could be happy. " he said with a Genuine smile not the fake one he flaunted by in his home world.

'Umm…ruto-kun maybe we have been out here too long they have been watching us from the tree line.'

Moments before

"Stitch your brothers over there by the lake ,… just sitting there" Lilo said happily and progressively going into a confused tone.

Stitch took notice and was about to jump into the clearing but stop when he heard his little brother talk to him self.

"Who isa Hitomi-chan?" Asked the confused blue dog.

"I want to know why 629 talks to him self?" Lilo piped up.

They shut up when 629 turned his head in their direction. "Come out here now" the orange furred dog/fox hybrid said with authority. They walk into the clearing with their hands up. 629 made shurikens made of ... Wind?

629 was across from the two of them holding 4 stars in between his black paws ready to be sent flying.

"we just want to talk please, come back to your Ohana we just want to make sure your okay" the little girl said calmly. "I don't even know you people. One moment I'm fighting then I get sent to a new dimension and what the fuck does Ohana even mean?" The experiment said with suspicion.

626 decided to start talking "Ohana means family - and nobody gets left behind " the dog said with warmth and conviction. There was silence after that.

Naruto was surprised he never expected that as an answer 'Family… I never had a family' the ninja thought in a depressed way.

'Ruto-kun let them in… I know you try to block every one to stop them from hurting you but this world is different from the shinobi world they seem innocent they haven't taken a life and I doubt they ever will. ...understand that in this world I can feel it in the Charka in the air and there is no malice what so ever'

This was enough for Naruto to let his wind shurikens drop to floor and dissipate. Right there he fell to his knees and broke down crying into his claws.

Lilo and stitch just watch as 629 did a one-eighty from being ready to fight to crying his heart out.

Lilo walked up to the orange-ish creature and tried to calm him down by rubbing his back and speaking in a calming voice"shush shush its okay you are with family we won't hurt you." Then stitch decided to walk up to his brother and spoke in a soft tone " it's okay meega here naga going to hurt youga. Youga are meega little brother and meega protect youga." Stitch went to place an arm around him and he stop crying looking at him with tears in his eyes.

Naruto was in deep thought 'I've never had a family. Nor for someone to protect me it was always me who protected every one else. Did he say little brother,I have a big brother...I have a family?' The thought brought more tears out and he suddenly latched on to his supposed brother and cried more. He was sightly smaller than stitch in height ,width and weight. His arms wrapped around his neck and broke into another sobbing fit.

"I've never (sniff) had a (sniff) brother before" he said softly into stitches chest and pass out emotionally exhausted. Lilo and stitch notice this and stitch quickly wrapped his arms around him and carried bridal style. Naruto's arms close to his chest and his fur tear stained and looked peaceful.

"Stitch c'mon lets get him home" lilo said and stitch replied "Ih"

They quickly got to the house and place him in the guest room and covered him in a blanket.

"We'll he looks peaceful." Lilo said. Then 629 started muttering in his sleep.

"...I have a family... I don't have to... Be alone anymore."

"Why does brother talk like he had another life? He was only born today? Stitch ask confused.

Lilo told him she didn't know. Suddenly Naruto woke slowly but his eyes were...red? And suddenly his body became feminine and grew antennas like Angels, his fur turned red and stood up staring at them with a calculating eye.


"So you are Naruto's new family ?" Stitches brother/sister said with suspicion and a feminine voice.

They could only nod dumbly.

"Listen here and listen good. If you hurt my Naruto-kun in anyway I will not hesitate to break you ...dog thing... , he is too trusting of people. I don't care if this isn't the backstabbing world we were in. I need to know we're you stand in life show me...show me your view of the world your nindo." She said with conviction.

She continued "meet me in the clearing you found your brother and I will see if your worthy to be any were near Naruto." Then she put her hands together and body flickered to the clearing leaving a stupefy Lilo and stitch.

"Stitch why is your brother so confusing ?" Not really expecting an answer.

"Meega naga know." He said just as confused.

Chapter end

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