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Me: Hello everyone!

Lilo: So did you do to us exactly?

Stitch: Yeah?

Naruto: I wouldn't know Hitomi won't tell me.

Hitomi/Me: Later.

Everyone: -groan-

-Lilo's POV-

I woke up after I was constricted by that weird fox tail and felt a warm feeling pass over me then everything went black. To be honest...it felt great, I fell great, I feel as if I could reach the heavens and sock angels! (Adventure time reference)

I took a look around me to see that I was standing on a beach with that smell of ocean in the how I love that smell. Anyway there seemed to be palm trees every where and they had marking. the one I was looking at said ...door? I was about to touch it when a red paw grabbed my wrist. My head snapped to to see the same dog/fox hybrid experiment from before.

"Sugar I understand this may be your mindscape but this little tree is off-limits." She said calmly.

"Mindscape?" I blurted out intelligently. The bipedal fox sigh at this. "A Mindscape is a representation of your mind and what from I can see, your mind is pretty stable."

From what I just heard I can assume that this is like my own little world...that Is so cool! I wonder...

With a wave of a hand there was a table with Ice cream sundae. I quickly sat down and scarfed it down as if it were going to disappear.

-no ones POV-

Hitomi just sweatdropped at that. 'Yup just like Naruto. They really are family.' She thought.

Lilo soon realized what she was doing and stopped. She looked embarrassed with a light blush on her face.

"Sorry about that." She said sheepishly;Hitomi just laughed.

"~Anyway~~ down to business. You know that feeling you got when I wrapped one of my tails around you?" The vixen asked.

"Yeah! I feel great!"Lilo exclaimed with a fist pump in the air.

"Yeah well that happens when you activate your Charka. but be warned you will change your tune when you run out, you will fell like utter shit." Lilo grimace at what she said. 'I can run out of what was it... Chakra?' She thought not liking the idea of running out of what ever she was feeling.

"See Chakra is a combination of psychical and spiritual energy. With Chakra you humans can do incredible feats like breathe fire or walk on water." Hitomi explain in a know it all way.

Lilo's eyes bulged. "So that's how you walked on water and trapped me in that bubble of water!"she said surprised.

"Actually it's suppose to be solid ball of water but I was timing your ~boyfriend~~." She said with a lecherous grin on her face. And got the reaction she wanted. Lilo was flustered and blush that would make Hinata proud.

"S..stitch is not my b..boyfriend!" Lilo

Stuttered. Pulling off a Hinata patent finger poking.


A girl with lavender eyes sneezed.

"I don't know why but I have the feeling that someone stole my gimmick." She paused. "And I have the sudden urge to Punch a bitch in a flower dress"

-back here-

"You do know this is a representation of your mind and right over there is a tree with a heart and a carving of dog boy and another female thing of said dog boy? Do we have a little bisexual in are mitts?" Hitomi teased. Lilo was going to argue but was cut off. "I'm just teasing sugar. By the way Naruto is going to train you and stitch whether he likes it or not. Oh! and ...wake up. "She whispered the last part in her ear.

-with stitch-

Stitch woke up feeling like a bus hit him and driver apologizes just to run him over in reverse. This happened to him once; he doesn't like to talk about it. REPRESSED MEMORIES HOOOOO!

Stitch tried to stand but only got as far as one knee before the pain of what ever that fox bitch did to him when he got wrapped in one of her damn tails. It felt like acid being poured through his veins while his whole body felt sore all over. He coughing up a little blood. He was soon brought out of his pain only for a little bit when he heard and, oh so familiar voice.

"Daaaammmnn you look like shit dog breath" she laughed and continued. "Heh don't worry the pain is worth it. Like they always say no pain no game! Also by the way -SURPRISE NUT SHOT!" She rambled before nutting stitch.

Needless to say stitch fainted again from the pain of acid in his veins and the nut shot...mostly the nut shot.

-5mins later-

He woke up again after the nut shot five minutes later to find him self feeling great except the faint pain from his crotch.

"See I told you it be worth it, of course developing a Chakra system is painful as fuck!" She said with a care free grin. Stitch scowled.

Stitch growled at her branding his claws "Meega nala QUEESTA!" Stitch screamed. Before charging her. Hitomi just side step and pinch a nerve on stitch and he fell on his face still conscious.

Hitomi sighed "look I understand not liking me but I think we got off on the wrong foot. Okay my name is Hitomi what is your name?" She asked pinching the nerve again so he could move.

Stitch got up and patted his fur. "Meega name Isa Stitch. " holding his hand out begrudgingly and she took it a shook hands.

"Now lets talk about Chakra..."

(Same as Lilo's explanation and her telling Naruto would train them)

"Let me tell you this stitch the reason you were in so much pain was because you were literally growing a new organ system. With that said it is time for you to wake up."

-outside mindscapes-

Naruto woke up earlier then Lilo and stitch and was told by Hitomi what she did while he was out. 'So you are telling me you beat the crap out of my brother,imprisoned my new sister, and gave them the ability to use Chakra, top it all off I need to train them how to use it or I don't get to sleep tonight is that it!?' Mentally shouted.

'Yeah basically' she said calmly. Naruto was about to flip before he heard two groans and seeing his new Ohana wake up. Currently Naruto was leaning against the door Frame waiting for them.

Lilo was the first to wake up and to say the least she looked so energetic when she saw him and Lilo literally hugged him and holding him like a teddy bear and went on about Naruto teaching her how to walk on water.

"A-air...need...slowly...dying..." Naruto rasped with one claw trying to reach the heavens in hope for some air. He got his wish when he was unceremoniously dropped on his face. And Lilo looked sheepish.

"Heh sorry about that."

"It's okay just never ever do that again." Naruto shrugged it off flippantly. "EVER!"

Before he knew it he was tackled by a big blue fur ball. Needless to say Stitch was happy to have his little brother back and not that red furred bitch. His little brother had 6 tails not 9 and had orange and black fur.

"Meega misa happy that stitch has little brother back and not mean girl!" He said excited as he swung him back and forth like a teddy bear just like Lilo just because Naruto was smaller than him and that kinda tick Naruto off. But he couldn't dwell on it because he was soon after asking for air.

Naruto and friends walked into the living room were they sat and started talking.

Lilo deciding to break the ice said " why don't we start fresh before that whole you busting out of are window thing."

Naruto looks over at the shatter the window and cringes. " oh… um… ill replace that. "

Jumba decides to make himself known. "Yes 629. Jumba would also like to know how you be cloning himself. Jumba did not program cloning and knowledge of perfect earth English?" Raising his brow.

"Naga now father." Stitch said deadpan trying not to reveal anything to do with chakra. Jumba just grumbled sitting down saying something about disrespectful experiments.

"Lets start with introduction."lilo said and quickly continued" my name is Lilo Pelekai. I like my Ohana, the beach and Elvis. I don't like people that are Arrogant and mean to others." She finished with a smile then looked to stitch.

Megga name isa Stitch aloha! I like my Ohana, coffee cake (thank you reviewer telling me it wasn't coconut cake) megga naga like arrogant or mean people. He says then pull out a piece of coffee cake starts eating. Everyone sweat drops at that.

"Well my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze I like ramen, my friends, and...I suppose my new Ohana" trying the new word that everyone else loved to use. "My dislike are the same as you guys."

Jumba becoming impatient said "this is all good and fine but Jumba like to know how 629 can do what 629 do!" Crossing his arm.

Naruto sighed "You may have made this body but you mess up somewhere and opened another dimension." He said with closed eyes and one of his tails scratching behind his ears non chelantly

Jumba was wide eyes at this including Lilo an Stitch. And to them it made sense I mean who can breath fire and walk on water?

"I'm actually glad you did, I hate that place it is a never-ending cycle of hate and death. Because of that world I never had a family. Only one I had was Hitomi she was the reason I didn't go insane and the reason I didn't kill everyone then an extent myself. He said somberly but continue in a cheery voice "but now I have you guys, you are my family, my Ohana" he gave them all a foxy grin.

Everyone gave him a sad look and stitch tackled naruto and naruto being smaller than stitch (and stitch is bigger than cannon cause of age) was lifted off his feet into a teary hug.

"Stitch promise megga be best big brother! Youga megga and all the coffee cake we can eat!" Raise one arm and moving it in a slow arching way across the stars to make a point. He also had tears streaming down his face much like Gai which slightly unnerved Naruto.

'Why am I the short one.' Naruto mentally cried.

All in all it was a funny image stitch holding his little brother with one arm and the other out stretched in a whimsical fashion. While Naruto was dangling all his tails were drooped to the floor while a little soul with fox ears coming out of his mouth. He also had white wide eyes.


Yup...this is something to get use too...

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